The Best Self-Care Routine for Aries

Best Self-Care Routine for Aries | California Psychics

What is Aries Self-Care?

Happy Aries season! As the energetic Ram restarts the zodiac wheel, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Aries during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not an Aries, you can use this guide to help your Aires friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Aries season. Check back next month for a new routine to help you through Taurus season.

Aries, the Ram, is bright, ambitious, and constantly full of energy. The first and youngest of the zodiac, they’re not always the best at self-care. In part, it’s because their single-minded focus on their goals can prevent them from noticing that they’re running themselves ragged. The other part is that Aries can lean towards prioritizing certain aspects of their lives over others, not realizing that creating balance would make attaining their goals easier. But what does self-care mean for Aries anyway? It’s adrenaline rushes and completed to-do lists. It’s doing nice things for people, strangers, and loved ones alike, and giving themselves a rare, quiet moment to breathe and reflect before jumping into a competition with friends. For Aries, self-care is connection to people, intense focus on important goals, plenty of exercise, and a little bit of self-indulgence.

What Stresses an Aries Out?

What really stresses Aries out are situations where they have no control at all. They want to be in charge, be their own bosses, and allowed to make decisions (their own, if not decisions for those around them.) This lack of control and decision-making power can lead to them taking their frustration out on those around them, creating a negative atmosphere, and causing a feedback loop of stress. Trying to put some separation between themselves and the negativity will do little to solve the problem either, because isolation is another major stressor for them, being on the more social side of the zodiac spectrum. It’s a sticky situation for them because they always want to be in charge, but no one just gets to start at the top. And while they know this, patience isn’t necessarily their strong suit, and being unable to solve this problem makes them stress more. This is why this personalized self-care routine is so essential for the fiery Ram.

Self-Care for the Mind of an Aries

  • Aries Morning Routine- Aries tend to wake up with too much energy, so it’s best for everyone if they work off a little bit of the excess before they really start the day. The ideal morning routine for any Aries is a quick workout, preferably involving cardio, followed by a shower, and an on-the-go breakfast.
  • Mindfulness Exercises- Aries have quick tempers, especially when they’re stressed out or frustrated. This can cause them to lash out at whoever’s closest, creating problems for them in their work or personal lives. Mindfulness and breathing exercises are easy and fast techniques for Aries to calm themselves before they completely blow up, saving everyone a lot of awkwardness and hurt feelings.
  • Crossing Items Off a To-Do List- Aries is the zodiac sign of action and motivation. They will always choose to do something over doing nothing. And nothing is more soothing to their minds than seeing a to-do list get shorter and shorter. Whether it’s work tasks, weekend chores, or a list of personal dream projects that they want to accomplish, creating to-do lists and having the satisfaction of seeing them shrink gives Aries peace of mind and a true feeling of success.

Self-Care for the Body of an Aries

  • Competitive Sports- Aries have competition in their souls, and when partnered with their boundless energy, competitive sports are a perfect match when Aries need exercise. It will help channel their energy, sharpen their focus, keep their bodies in working order, and possibly even teach them a little about teamwork!
  • Weightlifting- Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. This means that those born under this sign tend to have a protective edge to them, and therefore a need to be ready to defend whenever necessary. Weightlifting allows Aries to physically create the persona and competence to be the defender they want to be, which is great for them on a lot of levels.  
  • Sleep- Aries are often sleep-deprived and can usually be found running on four to five hours of sleep a day because they have it in their heads that they don’t need any more than that. They’re always trying to cram as much activity into a single day as possible, and sleep is more of an imposition for them than anything else. No one will probably be able to convince Aries to get as much sleep as they need, but they should at least try to get six hours of sleep per night. Of course, such matters should always be discussed with a medical professional first and foremost.

Self-Care for the Heart of an Aries

  • Romantic Partners- Aries are intense, passionate lovers. They care a great deal about their partners, but they have an unfortunate habit of getting so caught up in their own feelings that they start missing any and all signals their partners give them. This can lead to misunderstandings, jealousy, and confrontations. Honestly, the best thing Aries can do in any romantic relationship is sit down with their partner every now and then and have a discussion about the state of the relationship, and if any boundaries need to be put in place, be renewed, or removed. It may seem like an uncomfortable or tedious task, but if the relationship is important to both parties, they’ll make it work.
  • Friends- Aries can definitely be called a social butterfly, and they usually enjoy being the center of attention, a trait that most Fire signs share, so it’s not surprising that they have a large social circle full of people with different backgrounds, viewpoints, and interests. The variety of people keeps them grounded in and informed about the world around them. However, Aries aren’t afraid to cut off friends who try to manipulate them or who break their trust which is good for Aries’ self-care needs. Aries are, at their core honest people, and being victims of those sorts of actions hurts their self-esteem. They can’t have people like that in their lives if they’re going to make it to the top.
  • Family- It’s when family is involved that Aries are most likely to be the most physically protective. Even if they don’t have a great relationship with their family, Aries will still do just about anything for their relations. Familial obligations take a lot of precedence for Aries, and they are very generous towards the people they truly care about within their family circle. But family can also stress them out, so it’s important for Aries to learn to say no if they just don’t have the bandwidth. In spite of what they believe, not even Aries can carry the entire world on their shoulders. 

Self-Care for the Spirit of an Aries

  • Volunteer- Aries are usually very focused on their own concerns and goals, but that doesn’t mean they’re unaware of the problems in the world. They also enjoy taking care of people, so when Aries need a bit of a lift from the stress in their own world, volunteering with an organization in their community is the best course for them. Where they volunteer doesn’t matter as long as they feel like they’ve actually made a difference in some way at the end of the day. Volunteering every once in a while, allows Aries to get away from their own concerns for a short time, and it offers them a sense of peace they can’t find anywhere else.
  • Meditation Practice- A compassion meditation is a great way for Aries to focus on the roots of their frustrations and turn them into something productive and healing rather than hurtful. It will go a long way to alleviate a lot of the stress that Aries unwittingly create for themselves.

What Relaxes an Aries?

  • Journaling- Aries aren’t the most introspective of the signs, but their brains are just as active as the rest of them, and they need an outlet. While they can, and often do confide in the people around them, a journal is a great place for Aries to write down their ultimate goals, and begin a roadmap for how they’re going to achieve them. Planning is hardly the most exciting stage of the process, but just like shrinking to-do lists, having a completed plan in place and being able to chart their progress in the same location is a very relaxing activity for the action-oriented ram.
  • Unsubscribing from Email Blasts- Aries have a lot of things to get through in a day and getting through a swath of emails that they were never going to read in the first place is nowhere near the top of the list. Taking an hour to unsubscribe from a bunch of newsletters that they can’t remember ever actually subscribing to in the first place may not feel relaxing at the time, but the first time they open their inbox, only to see emails that they’re actually interested in opening, the dopamine will flow.

Activities Where an Aries Can Let Go

  • Amusement Parks- Aries are adrenaline junkies through and through, and there are few places that offer better opportunities to really experience that than an amusement park. Between the roller coasters, the challenging games, the delicious food, and the sheer number of people you can usually find there, it’s the perfect place for any Aries to let their hair down and go wild. If they have a favorite ride, they’ll probably insist on riding in several times, possibly in a row, no matter how long the wait time. They might seem a bit childish during these times, but it’s hardly to be discouraged since Aries have a bad habit of taking themselves a bit too seriously. Let them have their fun; it’s good for them.
  • Lazy Pajama Days- Everyone needs to slow down from time to time, even Aries though they’re loathe to admit it. And while they’ll never enjoy the idea of spending an entire day in bed, once in a blue moon, Aries will let themselves go. They won’t change out of their pajamas, the couch will become their home, and a tv binge will take the place of whatever chores were on the to-do list. They may even indulge in a bit too much junk food, not that they’d admit it.

Aries True Guilty Pleasure

  • Fast Driving- Aries dream of being the best in all things, and they aren’t afraid to work hard to make it happen. However, that doesn’t mean they enjoy the slog of it all the time and don’t indulge in speeding up the process. Since there’s no such thing as a fast-forward button on life, the best Aries can do is to sometimes hit the gas pedal a little harder than they should and speed past everyone else, imagining that they’re leaving all of their competition in the dust. Of course, the loud music on the car stereo is the soundtrack to their glorious victory and is completely necessary.
  • Expensive Accessories- Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have, as the saying goes. It’s one that Aries takes completely to heart and then some. They’re happy to treat themselves to expensive clothing and accessories that will spruce up their attire at work and at social gatherings (reportedly for networking purposes but actually because they wanted it.) They don’t stop with just clothes though. Aries can often be heard boasting about memberships to the best gyms in town, or about scoring tickets to the hottest new shows or games to show off how successful or well-off they are.

True Stress Management

At the end of the day, stress is Aries’ worst enemy. It slows them down and holds them back, personally and professionally. This last is especially galling for them because on some level they know that much of it is self-imposed and can therefore be prevented. That’s what makes self-care so important for Aries. In the end, it’s just another step on their trip to the top.

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