One Less Glass Ceiling

On this day in 2000, Hillary Clinton became the first First Lady elected to the Senate (or any higher office). Having since been appointed Secretary of State (after becoming the first serious female ... read more

Don’t Freak Over Finances!

If you're feeling financially stressed, you're not alone! No matter how dire your funds, it's within your power to prevent your bottom line from bringing you down. While you might not be able to inflate ... read more

Fate and Your Finances

Have you ever asked a psychic to pick lottery numbers for you, choose the right horse to bet on or name the winning team for a football pool? Ones with integrity generally won't answer those types of ... read more

The Key To Abundance

Money, like energy, flows around us. If we develop positive attitudes and learn to work with our loot on a spiritual and emotional level, more will come our way. Here's why. read more
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