Red Responds: Future Career Opportunities

Victoria in Roswell writes:

My position was eliminated over a year ago and with the economy as it is, I have had a difficult time transitioning into a new full time position. Do you see any career opportunities in my very near future?

Dear Victoria,

Things are definitely challenging in the work arena, but your period of frustration will be coming to an end. Even though it certainly isn’t as soon as you’d hoped, I do see you back on the career track in February of 2010.

You do very well dealing with people, and you have the kind of presence that makes you stand out (in a good way) from the crowd. These qualities will serve you quite well when it comes to building your career path. Don’t let the dead-end opportunities that you’ve been finding fool you, because you will find a position that is rewarding, challenging and glowing with advancement potential.

While I’m not certain exactly what your title will be initially, you will soar through the ranks of the company quickly. The backbone of the company is strong in the realms of finance and education, but your position will have you negotiating terms and focusing on expansion projects, rather than educating clients or crunching numbers. Even though our economy is hurting, the company you will be working for is not. This job presents as a pretty golden opportunity — one that shines brightly enough that it entices you to give it a shot.

Ultimately, with your skills and experience, and the education and accomplishments you will acquire through this next leg of your career journey, you are instinctually grooming yourself for entrepreneurship. While that is still a ways down the road, incredible success in business surrounds you.

Good luck!
Ext. 9226

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