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With so many Americans out of work and still more dissatisfied with the jobs they’ve got, it seems like everybody is in the market for a change. If you’re looking for a way to figure out your next move or to make your resume stand out, why not harness the power of astrology? Be sure to read your Sun Sign — and your Ascendant — to make the most of your planetary possibilities.

Aries: Activate!
Direct to the point of bluntness, Aries isn’t afraid to say what they want, or to go after it, which makes them great at finding work. On that note, rather than sit behind a desk surfing job sites, Rams will do well to literally pound the pavement. Do the research at home for companies you’re interested in (with or without current openings in your area) and hand-deliver your resume. While you’re at it, make sure to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. Your face will not be forgotten — and neither will your confidence.

Taurus: Work Smarter, not Harder
The Bull is a habitual creature. As such, the sheer freedom of unemployed life can be overwhelming for Taurus. That’s why, even more than most, Taureans need to resist the urge to succumb to day-long stretches of online applications and search engines. Instead, create some stability of schedule in a more rounded (and productive) fashion. Get up, exercise, clear your mind, and set aside a particular window each day (say two to four hours) for the job hunt. Within that time frame, have a strategy. For instance, if your work involves a set of computer skills, why not brush up once a week instead of reviewing the same vacancies? You’ll make more progress and feel better in the process.

Gemini: The Talking Ticket
Known for their gift of gab, even the most experienced Gemini will not necessarily stand out on paper. However, given the chance to get their chat on, the Twins will make an instant impression. Whenever a prospective position includes contact information (and doesn’t specifically say, “no calls”), pick up the phone and speak to the hiring manager. Meanwhile, take every chance you get to network. Your social skills may just be your route to a rewarding role.

Cancer: The Road Less Traveled
Crabs — like the crustaceans they’re symbolized by — have the tendency to move sideways. Translation? The path to Cancer’s desired end may not be the most direct or expected one. Cancers have a way of circumventing the conventional. Armed with this knowledge, Crabs would be wise to consider alternative routes to their ultimate career destinations. Might it be worthwhile to apply for a position you’re overqualified for at a larger, more prominent company? Or perhaps you may consider taking a step up earlier than planned somewhere smaller? The point is, don’t look at other people’s paths — forge your own. Cancer has the emotional acumen to know what will (and what won’t) work.

Leo: Widen Your Circle
With a knack for inspiring others, Leos make fantastic leaders. Apply these qualities to your job quest by starting an out-of-work support group or professional organization in your area. It may seem like a waste of time, but by taking the initiative to connect other people in similar situations, you’ll put yourself in the center of a group of professionals, increasing your reach exponentially, courtesy of forging face-to-face connections. It’s been proven that people hire people they like. And for natural charmers like the Lion, that means the more people that know you, the better.

Virgo: Loosen up a Little
Perfection and precision have near art-form status for the Virgin, which is why the footloose and (not so) fancy-free state of being out of work will drive Virgo even crazier than most. After all, this wasn’t part of the plan you laid out oh-so-many moons ago, and deviations from plan are simply unacceptable. If, however, you can learn to roll with the punches and grow from this experience — relinquishing control, focusing on the positive and accepting that this too shall pass, odds are it’ll pass sooner. Does that mean you shouldn’t hustle? Absolutely not. But you need to look on the bright side … maybe it was time for a career change, anyway.

Libra: Make Some Waves
Notorious for their desire to keep the peace, Librans are not the sort to make demands. In fact, it is your given gift to compromise in favor of the greater good. Trouble is, you often compromise yourself, refusing to stand up for yourself or go after what you want. Librans, more than other, more self-centered signs, need to become proactive on their own behalf in order to pack a professional punch in these troubled times. When applying or interviewing, nix the urge to have it both ways, and the fear of saying the wrong thing in favor of making an honest impression. After all, by simply saying what you think someone wants to hear, you’ll risk coming off as wishy-washy. Whereas, if you honestly assess your strengths, and apply them to positions you’re actually interested in, you’ll have the chance to do yourself some much-deserved justice for once.

Scorpio: Intuition Is Everything
Well known for their shadowy side (you know, the one that stings), Scorpio actually has an often-overlooked higher nature. This is one of the most courageous and powerful signs around. Scorpios also possess an uncanny ability to read a situation, sitting back and waiting for the right moment to pounce. Implore that skill to your job search, and the world can be yours. Translation? Lay the groundwork. Set your goals, beef up your skills, network, and expand your worldview. Commit to the process (which involves self-care, as much as it does pavement pounding), and above all else, trust your gut. You’ll know when the timing (and position) is right for the long haul. Granted, you may have to take some short-term work along the way to make ends meet, but keep your eyes (and intention) on the prize.

Sagittarius: A Different Kind of Fire
With a natural love of freedom and unparalleled spirit of adventure, Sagittarius will do better than most with the unorthodoxy of unemployment. Add to this an idealistic nature and endless optimism, and the Archer might even be hard to be around if you’re another sign also out of a job. Sag offers a valuable lesson in living in the moment. The moment, on the other hand, doesn’t pay the bills. In order to survive in this job market, Sag needs to put their escapism in check and set specific goals and a concrete schedule. In addition to actual job-searching, that also means knowing who the leaders are in your (desired) field and keeping track of must-attend industry events. If you can reframe this commitment as taking care of yourself, instead of adhering to convention, you may find it ignites a fire within, giving you a glow that makes you stand out.

Capricorn: Beyond Practicality
The Goat is the master of getting things done, and as a success-inspired, driven Earth Sign, Capricorn will be a master of navigating the job market. As such, the only and best advice is simply to avoid letting yourself get too obsessed with what is and isn’t worthwhile. Value can be found in all sorts of unexpected places — even in seemingly unproductive unemployment. Instead of digging your feet in, dig a little deeper into your emotional and spiritual sides. You may find a new purpose, as well as a new position.

Aquarius: Find Value in Convention
The Water Bearer holds within the very spirit of unconventionality. That said, Aquarius also has a tendency to poo-poo the establishment. Don’t let your desire to be different prevent you from taking realistic, everyday steps to find work. Likewise, try to see the value in a good day’s work, even if it’s not advancing your higher ideals. Sometimes, the best way to make progress is to put yourself in a less-stressful position, literally and figuratively. Meanwhile, if you have a hard time making sense of a common Aquarian problem (a varied resume), seek the help of a career coach in your desired field.

Pisces: Two Fish as One
Like the symbol that represents them, Pisces often feel the urge to swim in two opposing directions. On the job hunt, this can lead to too many half-baked, fruitless efforts instead of one, singular (and successful) focus. For the best results, resist the urge to branch out into multiple directions, applying willy-nilly for various positions in various fields. Instead, select a singular type of job, and when submitting your resume and/or interviewing, play up your adaptability. After all, you can easily slip in and out of all kinds of roles, and have the innate ability to understand others and their needs. The end result will be a position where you where multiple hats — which is just the way you like it.

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