Astrology and Your Boss

You can help improve your relationship with your boss just by studying their astrological sun sign. Get insight into their work mode — more importantly, find out what they expect from you on the job.

Aquarius: Exception to the Rules
They may be eccentric and come across as absent-minded or forgetful, but Aquarian bosses still expect the very best from you. Your nonconformist supervisor hired you because they recognized an independent, creative thinker with an unconventional streak — qualities they respect, and need to get things done. When working for a water-bearer, it’s key to stay up-to-date on all things technical. They love computers, and will expect you to be as much of a whiz on your PC as they are. Just don’t let them catch you goofing around on the Internet on company time. They may be unorthodox, but they do expect you to earn every penny. Study them as they wind their way to success through networking and friendships — they have a knack for mixing business with pleasure that generally works.

Pisces: Artistic License
This creative visionary really hates the responsibilities of being the boss. They make promises they can’t keep — and have lots of ideas swimming around in their heads that never make it to paper — because they lack the focus it takes to nail down an idea. But worry not, employee — this is where you come in. Piscean supervisors appreciate a hard worker with imagination. In fact, their own creativity can be downright inspiring. Just be forewarned. Because of their own feelings of job instability, these bosses can be manipulative, forgetful and moody. Keep your distance, and work through their bad times — and you’ll find their gratitude rewarding.

Aries: Bossy Big Shot
You need to be on your toes at all times with this impetuous manager. They have a powerful ego, and they demand quick action — don’t keep your Aries boss waiting. Explain your ideas in short, strong and direct memos and conversation. While you’re talking, make sure you sound enthusiastic about your ideas. You can probably get away with coasting in a bit late and leaving early — but in return, when an Aries needs help to get a big job done, be prepared to drop your evening or weekend plans at a moment’s notice.

Taurus: The Controller
The key to being a good employee to a Taurus boss is to conform to their routines and deadlines, without asking too many questions. They need to feel like everything is running smoothly — their way. If you want to get ahead with a Taurus manager, keep them in the know about the projects you’re working on, with quick updates on how they’re moving along. Don’t take advantage of this employer’s easygoing nature. They will only be patient up to a point. If they see you getting lazy, repeating the same mistakes, or becoming argumentative, you could be looking at a pink slip.

Gemini: More Wishy, Less Washy
Expect to feel a little unstable about your career and your future with a Gemini manager. It’s just the way it’s going to be, because this boss is totally unpredictable. Don’t expect to pin them down on anything. One day you can come back from lunch late, and they won’t even notice. Then, out of the blue the next day, dragging your feet while you come in from a break could turn into a major issue. Make an impression with a Gemini boss by helping them make their great big ideas a reality — without you, they might not finish the job. They appreciate hard work and support, but don’t expect lavish rewards.

Cancer: Cautious Leader
Your Cancer boss is ready to do anything to be successful. They are very protective of their jobs, and will turn their back on your own success if you do anything to make them feel insecure. Help make the office a relaxed, smooth working environment. In return, you’ll have a wonderful, nurturing boss who will teach you the tricks of your trade and guide you along with plenty of emotional support. Some honest personal attention, like asking them if you can bring them something back from lunch, or inviting them to ride along with you to a work event, will help you to gain their trust.

Leo: The Delegator
Outshine this boss and you’ll be moved to another department — or sent packing. Leo leaders are pushy employers who can appear to be doing nothing, while they’ve delegated the most difficult duties on their list. Sure they work you above and beyond your job description — and, yes — they may steal an idea or two. But what’s important to your success is to stay in their good graces. The future of your department depends on their ability to organize and farm out projects to the people who will get the job done right. Compliment their good work, and you’ll fit right in.

Virgo: Efficiency Experts
A Virgo boss is easy to work for if you keep in mind that their ability to fix any mess is the key to their success. If you bring more turmoil into their environment, it makes work harder for this organized perfectionist. Neatness in all things counts with them — so a messy desk, project folders brought to meetings with papers spilling out of them, sloppy mistakes and constant complaints won’t put you at the top of their ‘good employee’ list. Go directly to your Virgo employer with a simple, honest assessment of your problems, and they will help you out. Account for your time, and offer to work late with your workaholic boss on occasion. When review time comes around, you’ll be happy with the report.

Libra: Busy Body
These powerful executive types will be more than fair if you’re ambitious and productive. Always busy juggling several projects at once, the Libran boss demands a harmonious, well-appointed environment where they can ponder the pros and cons of their decisions and strategies with comfortable, calm perseverance. More often than not, they’ll come to you for an opinion, but don’t be surprised if you don’t have any effect on their conclusions. Finally, beware of mistaking their open-door policy, friendly smile and people-pleasing manner as an opportunity to gossip or get personal. This relationship is strictly professional.

Scorpio: Team Captain
The Scorpion manager has the ability to attract loyal, devoted employees who work well under their control. If you’re willing to do everything you can to make their team successful, you’re in. On the other hand, if you even think a bad thought about this employer — much less dare to express it — they’ll pick up on it before your little rant has a chance to make it to the water cooler. The Scorpio boss has an uncanny ability to know what’s going on in your head, without even picking your brain. If they sense even the slightest reason to distrust you, they’ll quietly shun you.

Sagittarius: Absentee Boss
You’ve got to be steady and understanding, with solid self-esteem to work for this blunt, impulsive, and often absentee boss. Sagittarians are always on-the-go. As bosses, they need to know they can trust you enough to leave you in charge. So take good care of things while they’re out and about doing business. Report back regularly by phone or email, and don’t ask them to explain themselves when what they say doesn’t seem to make sense. Though you’ll have to figure things out for yourself, if you succeed, a job well-done will earn you public praise. Conversely, a job undone will lead to public scrutiny. Don’t take it too hard — it’s just the way they are.

Capricorn: Parent Trap
Goats are usually the behind-the-scenes big shots, running business in a stern and formal way. Think of this traditionalist as a strict parent — while they expect you to play by the rules and be dedicated to the corporate family, they also want to see you grow and succeed. For one thing, your ambition will earn their respect. You just have to keep them in the loop. Don’t leave a Capricorn boss guessing about the details of your projects — make sure your reports are clear and comprehensive. And while they can be intimidating at first, keep in mind that they’re fair, and maybe even a bit soft on the inside — once you get to know them. As with a good parent, when you’re in need they are always there to help.

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