Entrepreneurship by Sign

Good news! Your soul was born with all the talents, skills and interests you need to build a successful career. If you’re professionally unhappy, it’s likely that you’ve chosen a line of work that’s mismatched with your interests. Luckily, you can take a new direction, and astrology can help you figure out what, exactly, that is.

Using your natural inclinations to help inform your professional choices leads to a more fun and exciting existence. Because everyone’s personality is different, naturally there are some jobs that are going to be a better fit for you than others. It’s a learning process to find a niche compatible with your soul’s desire, but if you have an enterprising personality, these checklists offer great brainstorming ideas for starting your business from home. Imagine the joy of getting up to go to work in your own home office, choosing your own hours and working around your private obligations.

Be sure and check your Sun, Moon and 10th house placements for a more complete picture.

Step 1: Know your best personality traits

Aries: Fun, cheeky and enthusiastic, you feel attraction to multiple business opportunities and can handle multi-tasking.

Taurus: Dependable, thorough and in possession of a good grasp of business principles, you need to make good money.

Gemini: Crafty with excellent communication skills, you have a keen mind for breaking complicated ideas down into simple terms.

Cancer: You are homey, historical and nurturing with a shrewd, cautious sense of business, especially as it relates to family.

Leo: Entertaining, funny and generous to a fault, you have the desire to find a platform (like center stage) to show off your creative skills.

Virgo: Careful and organized with a very keen intellect, you can easily discern the useful from the useless. You also love to be of service to others.

Libra: Harmonizing, sociable and beauty-oriented, you are gifted with the ability to lovingly bring aesthetic pleasure to others.

Scorpio: Healing, passionate and private you possess incredible amounts of long lasting energy, which enables you to get a lot done.

Sagittarius: Internationally inclined and interesting, you have a vibrant, upbeat personality and are well liked.

Capricorn: You are tireless and dedicated, happiest owning or managing a successful business or two.

Aquarius: Colorful and kind, quirky and friendly, you are the idea kings and queens of the zodiac.

Pisces: Sweet, helpful and caring, with a desire to help others (especially the underdogs), you also have an artistic streak.

Step 2: Select the stay-at-home business that matches your interests

Aries: Party planner, bungee jumping business, personal shopper, stylist for hair, wigs and hats.

Taurus: Landscape designer, musician, coin laundry business, coin collector, interior decorating.

Gemini: Writer, arts & crafts, book seller, limousine business, answering service.

Cancer: Day care, catering, antiques, carpet cleaning, house sitter, genealogist.

Leo: Karaoke DJ, personal chef, candle making, theater performer, greeting card business.

Virgo: Home or office organizer, cleaning service, personal assistant, medical billing, home sewing, exercise trainer.

Libra: Wedding planner, bed & breakfast, gift baskets, business event planner, real estate home stager.

Scorpio: Massage therapist, personal coach, tutoring, survey taker, mystery shopper.

Sagittarius: Writer for magazines, novels and websites, pet sitter, translation business, import/export.

Capricorn: Investment counselor, elder care, resume writer, business plan writer, grant writer.

Aquarius: Political grass roots movement leader, computer geek, newsletter publisher, sign language teacher, self publishing books.

Pisces: Aquarium maintenance, pool maintenance, ghost hunter, non denominational minister, photographer.

Do any of these cosmic careers appeal to you? See how the stars (and our psychics) can guide you to professional perfection!

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