Releasing Our Money Attachment

In a struggling economy, we are more likely to focus on and attach ourselves to money. When we are emotionally attached to things outside of ourselves, we often disconnect from our higher spiritual purpose. When we equate self-fulfillment with acquiring material wealth, three things occur: we lose touch with our higher selves, we forget what is really valuable in life, and we become overly attached to material possessions.

Money lends itself to physical attachment because the perceived lack of it easily triggers our survival instincts. Humans have been hardwired to do whatever is necessary to stay alive, and in this century, that means having money to buy the things we need to live and thrive.

If we feel we don’t have enough money, which can create a panicked state of mind, our decision-making becomes fear-based — no positive outcomes are made from this emotional state. Consequently, when we function from self-esteem instead of our soul-esteem, we feel compelled to buy the things society and our peers deem necessary for acceptance and respect.

It’s a Relationship
Most of us would agree that we have a relationship with money. It makes the world go round, it buys us the things we feel we need to live life fully. Unfortunately, few of us are truly aware of the ‘status’ of this relationship. Is it healthy and balanced or destructive and excessive? We might have money issues we have learned from our parents, as well as our own personal experiences, which we have attached to spending, earning, and saving money. Perhaps we associate guilt with spending money, or experience temporary elation when we purchase something we think will enhance our lives or complete us somehow. Perhaps we feel in control of our lives if we hoard all the money we can get our hands on, which is an illusion, since money as a physical object existing outside of ourselves is transient.

It’s Emotional
When we are overly attached to something physical, we feel emotional about it — the more emotional we are about something, the less control we have over it. Given an unhealthy material attachment, it is necessary to disconnect from the object and trust that the universe will provide everything we need. In doing so, we allow ourselves to be completely receptive to our environment, attracting the opportunities we need to achieve our desires and goals. Detachment doesn’t mean feeling indifferent towards something, but rather it suggests that by trusting our true heart’s will and intent, we will be rewarded. This might be one of the reasons that the rich get richer — there is no feeling of desperation attached to their money, and in feeling secure within the universe, they attract more abundance.

When we are in touch with our true higher selves, and take action from this place inside us, we transform attachment to our desires — in this way, we can vibrate and attract what we want. This is where the familiar theory of the Law of Attraction comes in. When we focus on what we don’t want, we pull that very thing into our lives. When we can operate from a place of peace inside of ourselves, where we trust that the universe will provide everything that we need, our actions and thoughts will vibrate and attract the very things we so intently desire.

We can only be happy and healthy when we are balanced in mind, body, and spirit. When we focus too much on any one thing, especially something material, we lose that balance. We need money to survive and to buy the things we desire. More importantly, we need love, peace, and spiritual fulfillment. Focus on the latter and the money will follow — it’s just about keeping it all in proper perspective.

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