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Communication and Wisdom

The ability to communicate and share wisdom is one of the most powerful forces in our history. When a Norse God spears himself through the chest while hanging upside down from a tree for nine days in order to achieve such a gift – that is not something you’d want to squander. In order to achieve knowledge to some of the greatest mysteries of the world, the Norse God, Odin, made this sacrifice and the result was the rune. Well, not just one, but a collection of them. And these runes do more than suggest (and influence) your path in life, they also create history by sorting these rather simple markings into a particular order.

‘Simple’ is an understatement, considering that every rune was born around one single vertical stroke of a chisel, blade, or paint brush. From there, one only needed to add a few quick horizontal slashes (an occasional curved one) to tell a story. A story of love, victory, musings, and tragedy, both past and future. This simplification meant that one could pass on Odin’s gift of knowledge through practically any permanent media, including stone, iron, and wood (to a less permanent extent). But one thing that Odin did not count on is that when a human being is given such a powerful gift, their creative and playful nature can often create a language barrier.

Germanic Runes

Runes have been discovered embedded in the beards of ancient figure drawings and with an inscription, making them appear rather secretive and auspicious. But the experts are slowly decoding these messages and are now realizing these were not secretive as much as they were a tool to teach the language, show off skills, and celebrate the joy in reading and writing. And when it comes to deciphering the meaning of runes in your own life, you may discover that it is not so much about reading the meaning from a script, but interpretation using your own personal history and creativity.

Runes | California Psychics


FEHU: Do you believe in good luck? Fehu suggests a time for abundance, wealth, and fortune.

URUZ: A strong will, the potential for healing, and the ability to endure.

THURISAZ: A thorn bush (or angry giant) should be taken as a caution to danger or a call to action. If you can’t avoid a battle, your best option is to finish it.

ANSUZ: Ansuz suggests an upcoming spiritual gift in the form of guidance or growth.

RAIDHO: Like a turning wheel, Raidho is the force leading to movement, work, and spiritual growth. Ansuz may tell the stories, but Raidho is the invitation to live them.

KAUNAZ: Fire can unveil your path in darkness, but as it requires oxygen to burn, this enlightenment can come at a cost.

GEBO: A simple gift of generosity (or love) is wonderful, but also requires something special is given in return to fully understand the potential of the gift you’ve received.

WUNJU: If you work hard you will be rewarded with happiness. This is also known as “wishing,” and with Wunju, dreams can come true – just makes sure you are working for what you really want.

HAGALAZ: Hail can leave behind destruction and change. It may be time to seek cover or endure the pain if it’s too late because Hagalaz can sometimes contain seeds for spiritual growth.

NAUDIZ: While there could be trouble brewing in its presence, there should also be a degree of hope for a positive outcome.

ISA: Ice is frigid and damaging, but it is also static and quiet, suggesting that tragedy can end from a peaceful beginning.

JARA: It could be a prosperous, bountiful year.

EIHWAZ: Yew (wood) was the chosen material for a strong bow (the kind with arrows). It denotes strength and stability so long as you remain ‘flexible’ to change.

PERTHU: You may not have complete control over everything in life, but you do have control over how you choose to deal with those events.

ALGIZ: Danger could be on the way, but you are within reach of safe refuge so long as you proceed cautiously.

SOWULO: The sun is the source of success and solace, but it may be shadowed by a dark side that can be overcome with honesty and action.

TEIWAZ: Courage, honesty, and truth often lead to victory and honor.

BERKANA: Berkana is the Birch tree associated with Spring, birth, fertility, and growth.

EHWAZ: As a faithful horse, the Ehwaz rune suggests trust, faith, and companionship.

MANNAZ: With reference to “man,” this rune is a sign of accepting failure, learning from it, and planning for better days to come.

LAGUZ: Laguz is a reference to water, and water can be a source of fertility. But beware because it can also create chaos if you are resistant to change.

INGWAZ: There is the potential of fertility, both in the function of sex organs or the beginning of something.

DAGAZ: Seek Dagaz (light, humbleness) and you will avoid danger. This is a time of awakening, hope, and happiness.

OTHALA: Anything of value (inheritance) handed down for safe keeping. This may include a home, native land, culture, or even knowledge.

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