Runes and Their Meaning

Runes and Their Meaning | California Psychics

What are Runes?

The word “rune” means mystery or secret. Runes are an ancient form of divination, using ancient Germanic and Anglo-Saxon alphabets printed on small tokens that allow the user to ask questions and find answers to problems they may be struggling with. Runes have been in use as far back as the 3rd century, probably longer. They can be made out of wood, clay, stone, crystal, glass, or metal, and are usually inscribed with the Elder Futhark, a Germanic alphabet made up of 24 characters. Each character of the Elder Futhark symbolizes something, which is what makes the runes such a powerful divination tool. When the runes are cast, the meaning of each one will provide needed guidance.

How Do Runes Work?

Runes do not tell the future and they will not give you an exact answer. Their power lies in providing guidance on issues and questions you have and helping you make informed decisions. This is where psychic abilities come in handy. If you need further interpretation or deeper instruction, it is always helpful to get clarity from someone with strong, intuitive abilities. A psychic who uses runes in a reading can utilize their connection to Spirit to read the messages offered by the runes more deeply, offering further insight into any situation you may be asking the runes about.

Making Your Own Runes

While you can easily get a reading from a Rune Psychic or even buy a set of runes to help learn divination with, many experts agree that you will form a greater bond with your rune set if you make your own instead. Wood, clay, or stone are the easiest to work with to create the runes themselves, and the symbols can be etched, carved, painted, or even burned on. At the end of the project, you should have 24 runes (or 25 if you include a blank one that is sometimes recommended) that can fit into the palm of your hand for when you’re ready to cast. Watch the video below to learn how to make your own runes:

How to Use Runes

Once you’ve made the runes, you’re ready to cast them with a few simple steps:

  1. First, consecrate or cleanse your runes if this is your first time using them or you feel like you want to clear any negative or stagnant energy around them. To do this, light sage, palo santo, rosemary, incense, or any other form of smudge stick and pass the bag of runes through the smoke.
  2. Place all the runes in a bag.
  3. Clear your thoughts and only focus on the specific question you want help with.
  4. Hold the bag with your non-dominate hand.
  5. Either cast all of the runes from the bag onto a plain, soft cloth and choose the rune that jumps out at you as you meditate on your question, or pull one rune from the bag with your dominant hand. This rune represents both your attitude toward the question, and the outcome.

Meanings of the Runes

Runes | California Psychics

FEHU: A sign of abundance and a hope for better things. Success and happiness.

URUZ: Strength, tenacity, wisdom, courage, and energy.

THURISAZ: You tend to lean towards change and progress.

ANSUZ: Using communication to inspire yourself and those around you.

RAIDHO: A change of location or a journey. Personal evolution.

KENAZ: Creativity, vision, knowledge, and revelation.

GEBO: This is a gift, but whether one given out of generosity or sacrifice is yet to be seen.

WUNJU: Prosperity, joy, comfort, and pleasure.

HAGALAZ: This is a call to action. If you can’t avoid a battle, your best option is to finish it.

NAUDIZ: Endurance and determination to finish what you’ve started.

ISA: Look within for calm and grounding to help you through a difficult or frustrating time.

JARA: All of your hard work is about to pay off.

EIHWAZ: Strength, trustworthiness, and reliability.

PERTHU: You may not have control over everything in your life, but you do have control over how you react and where you go next.

ALGIZ: Protection from danger. A shield against evil.

SOWULO: You have the power to bring positive change to your life right now.

TEIWAZ: Courage, honor, justice, and leadership.

BERKANA: A promise of new beginnings.

EHWAZ: Trust, loyalty, and changes for the better.

MANNAZ: Creativity, intelligence, and skill.

LAGUZ: Imagination and psychic abilities. Renewal and organic growth.

INGWAZ: Home, family love, and simple pleasures.

DAGAZ: A breakthrough or an awakening.

OTHALA: An increase of abundance, or a place of safety.

The Blank Rune

While the traditional set of runes will have 24 runes, many sets will have 25, with the extra one left blank. This blank rune is called the “Wyrd rune” or “Odin’s rune.” Wyrd is the Norse word for “Fate”, fitting, since Odin is said to be the Norse God that first discovered runes and gave them meaning. The first known mention of the blank rune is from Ralph Blum’s 1983 book, Book of Runes. There is a lot of debate about whether or not the blank rune should be used in rune casting, and many people refuse to acknowledge its legitimacy. For those that do use it, it can have different meanings. Some think it is a good omen, while others think it is a bad omen. Others simply believe that it signifies that the question asked was not clear or that the answer is unknown at the time. Another interesting take on the blank rune is that it represents a change that will take place soon. Pull another rune to learn what that change may be. Whether you use the blank rune or not is completely up to you. Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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