Exploring Psychic Abilities: Clairsentience

Exploring Psychic Abilities: Clairsentience

Clear Sensing, Clear Feeling

Of all the “clairs” clairsentience is probably the most misunderstood form of psychic intuition. A person who is clairsentient has the ability to tune into the emotions of people, places, and things—including animals and spiritual energy. Clairsentience is the highest form of empathy. This means that when someone describes themselves as an empathic psychic, it’s likely they’re clairsentient.

Want to know what someone else is feeling? Read with a clairsentient psychic and find out!

There is energy in everything, and clairsentient psychics have the ability to tap into that energy in a unique and intuitive way. Feelings, attitudes, emotions, physical energy, and spiritual energy are only a fraction of what a clairsentient psychic can “feel.” They experience the energy as if were their own.

Being Clairsentient

While being clairsentient is an ability that comes naturally to a psychic, learning to manage it can be difficult. Clairsentients can feel things both psychically and physically. They can feel it in their hearts and their bodies. Imagine walking into a crowded place and feeling all of the emotions and physical ailments of everyone present. It can be intense and if you’re not prepared, overwhelming. Even when a psychic masters their abilities, they are not immune to these feelings. Some not-so-great feelings include:

  • Stress and tension
  • Heartache and heartbreak
  • Anger and hurt

Of course, clairsentient psychics can also feel good things like joy, love, happiness, accomplishment, and more.

Containing Clairsentient Energy

Clairsentience is an energy that must be contained. Clairsentients can do this through measures of self-protection. After all, clairsentients are feeling someone else’s feelings, not their own. They not only have to differentiate between the two, they also have to learn how to let go of what isn’t theirs. Many practice meditation, yoga or other healthy forms of release. These activities help the clairsentient feel things as a filter rather than as a sponge. This is not easy to master.

The “Clairs”

There are four popular “clairs” when it comes to psychic readings: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), and clairsentience (clear feeling). While your psychic may excel at one ability, chances are they also have at least one or two of the other “clairs” as well. That can only enhance your reading.

Reading With a Clairsentient Psychic

Having a reading with a clairsentient psychic can be beneficial in many ways. If you want to know how someone is feeling, a clairsentient can tap into the feelings and emotions surrounding those circumstances. They can also put themselves in another place. This allows them to see or feel what’s happening miles and miles away and even in another time (past, present or future).

Here are just a few examples of questions you might ask a clairsentient psychic during a reading:

  • How does my boyfriend/girlfriend feel about commitment?
  • How will I do on my next job interview?
  • Are there spirits living in my new home?
  • Why does my pet hide when I have company?
  • How will my roommate feel about me moving out?
  • I just met someone. How do they feel about me?

The list is endless …

Also, speaking to a clairsentient psychic who can sense your guides and angels can help you form a deeper relationship with them. Clairsentients can get guidance and information from even the subtlest of energies. So, wouldn’t it be great to understand the energy surrounding an important person, place or event? All you have to do is be open to the possibilities.

Now that you know more about clairsentience, will your next reading be with a clairsentient psychic?

Clairsentient psychics have the ability to tune into the emotions of people, places, and things. if you’ve ever wondered what someone else is feeling, you can find out during a clairsentient psychic reading.

Find a clairsentient psychic or learn more about clairsentient psychic readings.

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