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What are Runes?

The word Rune means “something hidden” or “secret,” and in fact these ancient symbols used as divinatory tools remained relatively unknown until around the 1980s except to the most esoteric of practicing mystics. Rune stones symbols themselves come from an ancient language predating Latin, which was once used to write various Germanic languages. They evolved to express more of a symbolic nature with specialty use as we see them today. Usually in the form of glass or wooden beads or tiles, Runes have symbols on each associated with a particular meaning and message from Spirit that can be translated by Runes Psychics

What are Runes Psychics?

A Runes Psychic possesses expertise in consulting Rune stones for divinatory purposes in psychic readings. Runes help the psychic gain insight into a situation, act as an intermediary to clarify messages from Spirit guides, or to converse with the Universe in order to make future predictions. A psychic who uses Runes in a reading will enhance their connection to Source information by intuitively interpreting the messages offered by the Runes, usually in combination with their specific psychic modality.

How are Runes used in a Runes stone reading?

The caller, or querent, will come to the reading with either a specific question in mind or ask for a general reading if they are simply curious to see what comes through from Spirit. Similar to Tarot, the beads or tiles are placed in a spread and then read and interpreted.

What questions can a Runes stones reading answer?

You may consult the Runes for anything you need clarity in. If you are having a problem making a decision or to confidently choose which way to go, which next step to take, or what the outcome will be after choosing one path over another, a Runes spread will give you a clear-cut picture of what lies before you.

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