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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope: 2024

What You Have To Look Forward To

  • Archer, you’ll get a glorious jolt of energy from the April 8 eclipse in your fifth house of fun. You’ll feel this mostly in who, where, and how you date. Relationships take on a playful tone, and artistic and creative work is highlighted.
  • Mid-April, mid-July, and late October bring on fun and games, especially with partners. The New Moon eclipse in Libra sextiles your sun on October 2, which could start something big with someone you thought was just a friend!

What You Should Watch Out For

  • The doldrums might descend during the last week of June and first week of July, causing you to linger on past regrets. Admit what you could have done better, then forgive yourself and everyone else.
  • If a similar mood hits you again during September and October, simply let it go. You’ll resume your stride from November 5 through the end of 2024, especially if you revise your approach to work, other people, and projects.

Astrology Predictions for Your Career in 2024

During the final two months of 2024, Mercury transits your sign and retrogrades. It could bring back chances or opportunities that might have otherwise been lost! You tend to see the big picture. However, be sure to attend to any details and pursue self-improvement.

Astrology Predictions for Your Love Life in 2024

The entire second half of 2024 highlights romance for Sagittarius due to Jupiter in your seventh house of partners. Expect abundance and luck!

Important Dates for Sagittarius in 2024

April 8: There is a solar eclipse in Aries and your fifth house of fun and romance.

May 26: Jupiter enters your seventh house of intimate partners and remains there through the end of 2024. There will be lots of opportunities for love and partnership.

October 2: The New Moon eclipse in Libra could transform a friendship into something more romantic!

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