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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope: 2019

Expansion, Excitement, and Expression—A Banner Year

Expansive Jupiter, your ruling planet, is a standout star in your 2019 horoscope, making this an overall joyous year. Once it moves into Capricorn in December 2019, it will widen your world of material treasures and life pleasures. You haven’t enjoyed this kind of excitement in your chart since 2007, so expect a lot of new and surprising events and experiences. However, keep January, June, and September on your radar when Jupiter will knock heads with Neptune in Pisces. Those will be short periods where you’ll want to lay low or put yourself in time-out.

In March, Uranus will make its final move away from your fifth house, ending a long reign of unpredictability in your love life. Single or attached, Saturn’s continued tour of your second house will also add a little more stability to your love life as well as help you reap the benefits of making good financial decisions. The same house will also be affected by three out of five eclipses in 2019. Four of this year’s eclipses will cover your money axis and you could be making some real-life changes in your financial landscape for the better. Let’s take a deeper look at your 2019 horoscope.


You start the year off with the power of attraction working for you with Venus in Sagittarius. In late January, a dreamy Venus/Jupiter conjunction acts like an astrological love potion. If you’re single and meet someone in late January, it’s sure to have that “meant to be” feeling. However, take it slow. Remember to honor your independent and adventurous side. Too much of a good thing too fast could cause you to run in the opposite direction, especially during the Mars/Uranus conjunction which just happens to land on Valentine’s Day.

Single or attached, early July provides another chance to renew your passions or find new love. A new moon solar eclipse in Cancer lands in your eighth house of intimacy, bonding, and long-term commitments. Eclipses can be life-changing and this one proves to be quite an exciting experience for you. Your 2019 horoscope encourages you to expect the unexpected.

In December, a Gemini full moon will illuminate your seventh house of relationships, partnerships, and commitments. This full moon marks the culmination of your growth and hard work in a relationship. Another solar eclipse in late December will be the perfect send-off for a new look on love as well as a great introduction to the following year.


In March, Uranus moves into your sixth house representing your day-to-day job, habits, and organization. In other words, you’re not sure what to expect, but that can also be exciting. Being a mutable sign will certainly help you adapt to any changes that come your way. Sometimes even things we are averse to experiencing wind up being the best part of the journey.

That July 2 solar eclipse in your house of shared resources and other people’s money might bring previously unknown solutions to any financial tangles. New moons carry a long tail that can bring new energy to a situation lasting up to six months, and a new moon eclipse is basically a new moon on steroids.

This year you may move for work, mingle funds with someone (which will lighten the load) or possibly create a new side career that could lead to so much more going forward. As a Sagittarian, you like new experiences, and of course, you like calling the shots especially when it comes to how you make our money.

Money & Finances

As you read your career and money forecasts, remember that you have your ruling planet, expansive and beneficent Jupiter, in your sign. A planet is never more powerful than when it’s in its home sector. This should enable you to smooth over any financial surprises and opportunities with very little less stress. Challenges may even prove exciting, according to your 2019 horoscope.

A new moon solar eclipse right at the start of January could send some unexpected expense or news on the financial front. However, if say perhaps your TV decides to quit, you’ll be happier with the replacement than you thought possible.

Most of the year’s financial news comes from how you make money. However, in December of 2019, that big beautiful planet, Jupiter—your planet—will move into your second house of income, possessions, and priorities. Abundance and finance go hand-in-hand. This year’s final eclipse in the same house will set your mind on your financial future and where you’ll take it next.

Best Dates

Your best dates are January 22 and November 24. Keep your eyes on the Venus/Jupiter conjunction, both occurring in the sign of Sagittarius, your house self-expression. After reading your 2019 horoscope you can imagine a year that starts and ends very differently and in the most uplifting way.

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