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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope: 2018

The Year Ahead

Your Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope already has some planets in place that begin to shape your year ahead. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, moved into your twelfth house of secrets and behind-the-scenes actions in October 2017. While Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it has also slowed down a bit in this house and that will allow you to explore your subconscious mind. This slowdown will help you form many important decisions throughout the coming year.

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While you’re usually spontaneous and ready to leap, Jupiter here will cause you to explore all options before making a move. This will actually help you make some needed decisions that result in intelligent and informed changes. In November of 2018, Jupiter will move into your first house and that’s when the magic begins. Most of the time it’s in your twelfth house and will just be a prelude to what’s to come next year which could be quite exciting.

Mars will set up shop in Aquarius, your third house of communications, for no less than five months altogether in 2018, according to your Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope. Look to the period between mid-May through mid-August and again from September 10 through November 15. Also, you’ll experience two eclipses in this same house—the first is a solar eclipse on February 15 and then a lunar eclipse on July 27. There is heavy emphasis on your third house (communication) and ninth house (peer groups and philosophies) this year, especially through eclipses, and each will affect you in different ways, however it all ties together.

Love and Relationships

Jupiter in your twelfth house will help you heal old wounds and grudges with people, or you may decide that a relationship just isn’t worth saving and you will say goodbye. However, in this house, some of you may also be tempted to carry on a behind-the-scenes relationship. If this is the case, take advantage of Jupiter’s slowdown to think it through before taking action. There may be complications and consequences you’re not fully seeing at first.

If you’re single, then look to the fourth eclipse of 2018, particularly a lunar eclipse in your third house of communication. There is a very good chance that on or near July 27 you may encounter something that could change the face of your love life and your life forever.

Money and Career

One major focus for your Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope will be getting your finances in order. Saturn moved into Capricorn in December 2017 where it will set up house for the next two-and-a-half years in your second house of cash and possessions. Cutting unnecessary expenses and streamlining your financial picture will free you up to accomplish many things throughout 2018. Saturn can be a serious, no-nonsense planet, especially in organized Capricorn. This year will be more about letting go of “things” rather than big possessions, meaning, instead of selling your house, you’ll probably focus on the contents that no longer serve you.

From Spender to Planner

Mars will spend a long period in your third house this year—approximately five months altogether. However, in the last two weeks of August, it will touch on your second house of cash-on-hand. Usually a spender, here you are more likely a planner focused on your financial future and setting in motion an idea that you can enact between September and mid-November.

It is wise to remember that you have had Pluto in your second house since 2008. Since you are still the spender you always were and have not lived long with the idea of a budget, now is the time to do so. Saturn will help you with Pluto in managing the budget and downsizing to a comfortable position you can live with for a while—that is until your big dreams come true.

You and the Universe

During the February 15 solar eclipse in Aquarius (reflecting on your third house of communications), it is very likely that you’ll run into a time of great mind expansion and soul-searching. Some subject or topic may grab your interest and this may change the way you write or communicate with others going forward.

You will notice a similar, yet unique experience during the August 11 solar eclipse which highlights your ninth house which includes friends, peers, groups, and philosophies. As you are the philosophical sign of the zodiac, you may very well experience a life change in this area. After all, that’s what eclipses do—they prompt change. Perhaps a trip to a foreign destination is the catalyst for this change in how you follow spiritual and religious beliefs in your own way. This is a year of shifts in beliefs, opinions, and philosophies around money, love, and life in general.

Now that you have the GPS coordinates for 2018, you can use your free will to choose what roads you’ll take.

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