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Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Pisces and Scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio are a spiritual, magical, intuitive pair. If there’s such a thing as soulmates, it would be this couple. One thing they should be aware of is just how very alike they are. Not only are Pisces and Scorpio born in the same element (water), they are also very secretive and have the uncanny ability to live double lives; this protects them from being vulnerable. That duplicity may work in other relationships, but if Pisces and Scorpio are going to make it long-term, they’ll have to be honest with one another. However, these two can build a trusting relationship, probably quicker than any other pairing, so there will be no need for secrets.

When it comes to making love, their connection transcends the barriers of physical sex and becomes an out-of-body experience. These two enjoy a heavenly connection that is physical, spiritual and emotional. Together they can create a home that’s comfortable and cozy to all who enter their private sanctuary.

Love by Element:  Water and Water

When Water and Water make a love match, they’ve both found a partner who intuitively understands them. Home, family, and close friends mean everything to Water signs. Home is the sanctuary these two seek to enjoy private moments and intimate gatherings that take them far from the outside world. As Water signs, they’ll give each other the proper balance of space and togetherness. Behind closed doors, this relationship is a blissful, emotion-filled, out-of-body experience that only two Water signs could attain. Of course with all of this emotion, things could be rough when these two don’t agree. If it’s just a tiff, they’ll just need to give one another space, but not for too long. Pisces knows how to get Scorpio out of that cave.

The Good Side of Pisces and Scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio make quite a pair. Both from the Water element, they share an understanding of each other’s deep feelings and emotions. These two also value privacy. Also, Scorpios are full of confidence, and they can help Pisces to be more confident as well. Scorpio can also bring their financial skills to the table, another area where Pisces could use some assistance. Once they’ve slept together, the attraction between these two could quickly turn to obsession, and that’s when the drama comes into play. Usually, both are all-in or all-out when it comes to relationships, but this intriguing pair can both be as secretive as they are connected. It’s an exciting, and sometimes scary ride that neither seems to be able to step away from.

The Bad Side of Pisces and Scorpio

While both Pisces and Scorpio are busy building a lovely home together, they could be hiding behind all that busy work to avoid facing some issues. It’s the secret side of life that creates the intrigue and intensity that first attracted Pisces and Scorpio to one another. If this relationship is to bloom and grow into the magical match-up it could be, these two should be completely open with one another. Once they get all their secrets out it in the open, they’ll be able to dive even deeper into the ocean of emotion and soar high enough to reach the stars. Their intuitive connection will grow, and so will their love.

Keys to a Successful Union

Pisces and Scorpio are four signs apart on the zodiac wheel. This means that they are born from the same element, in this case, Water, and they share an intuitive, almost psychic connection. This is a unique best friends who are at-peace together kind of relationship. Their connection is magnetic—they’re drawn together by their inner yearning for an intimate, soul-deep connection.

Here’s the key to success: Easy connections can make us almost too at ease. Bring out the naughty side in each other, plan weekly date nights (no cell phones), and make sure to socialize with less-watery friends. Make the most of time together, but remember you both need your space as well.

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2 thoughts on “Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

  1. Atravis Myers

    11:42 pm
    Thanks for the info I want to know I am a Pisces woman and my son father a scorpio man i want to know will we get married and try to work it out

  2. Atravis Myers

    Thanks for the info I want to know I am a Pisces woman and my son father a scorpio man i want to know will we get married and try to work it out


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