Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Sagittarius and Cancer

When Sagittarius and Cancer come together, there’s plenty to share. This relationship is an exciting and playful match who enjoys fun, food and friends, not to mention hours of laughs and long conversations. Although they have so much in common, the core of who they are can be entirely different. Sagittarius is a free spirit, who comes and goes on a spontaneous whim. Cancer is the homebody, who’d prefer Netflix nights instead of nights out. In bed, the sex may be wild and exciting, but for Cancer, it will be missing the emotional, tender side to love-making that Cancer needs to connect fully. However, there are always ways these two can help each other connect deeply.

Sagittarius and Cancer are five signs apart, which may indicate a past-life connection. Alternatively, these two have come together to learn the art of “adjustment” in relationships. Sagittarius can show Cancer the advantages of looking towards the future instead of the past. Cancer can help Sagittarius see sex as more of a spiritual connection rather than just a physical exercise in fun.

Love by Element:  Fire and Water

What draws adventurous Sagittarius and homebody Cancer to one another can only be described as the sheer excitement of trying something that defies logic. Fire under water may create steam, but water over a fire will quickly douse it out. Sagittarius won’t wait for Cancer when they’re indecisive, and Cancer may resent that Sagittarius isn’t spending more time at home. Water can become more powerful when it’s heated, but fire has nothing to gain from water except possible extinction. Still, fire likes to feel powerful, and defying the odds is a potent aphrodisiac for both. A Water and Fire match, especially Sagittarius and Cancer, may not be the zodiac’s most likely pair for romance, but that fact only makes it harder for them both to resist.

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