Your Money Forecast for July 2012

Double Your Luck

When it comes to money, knowing where the planets lie is worth its weight in gold. Jupiter and Venus are still in Gemini, doubling your chances for better luck in love and money. Mars enters Libra on July 3, putting the spotlight on money-making ideas borne through partnerships and alliances.

Retrograde Alert!

Mercury will be in retrograde from July 14 through August 8. During the retrograde period it’s okay to continue with plans you’ve made prior, but not a great time to initiate new money ventures. No matter what, it’s never a good time to sign on the dotted line or you may wind up having to renegotiate terms later. If it’s worth it, it will wait. Read your money forecast below for both your Sun and rising signs.


Use the luck of Jupiter in Gemini in your communication sector to communicate ideas and promote yourself professionally. Need help promoting yourself professionally? Call Psychic Julia ext. 9131 and get the tools you need to advance your career.


You have the luck of Jupiter and the blessings of Venus (your ruling planet), in your financial house. Your money forecast says the financial odds are in your favor.


Jupiter, the planet of luck, is just getting warmed up in Gemini. You’ll see life in a larger sense and your exuberance may leave you short on cash at times, but only if you’re frivolous.


Mercury is in your financial house all through July. Working hard has kept you afloat financially. Now you can take care of your obligations.


Jupiter in Gemini brings you luck in all areas including the financial one. In July, Mars brings a work-related opportunity which should help financially. The new Moon on July 19 activates your higher mind.


The biggest money-related news for you this summer is between July 3 and August 23, when Mars occupies your second house. A job, a raise or a promotion with a bonus could all be yours. Again, avoid Mercury retrograde for signing papers.


Mars in your sign from July 3 to the near end of August motivates you. You could turn ideas into cash. Your money forecast says you’re a magnet for success with the energy to match your desires.


On July 3, Mars in the partnership sign Libra, and Jupiter in your shared money sector means you could be using cash to form a new venture or partnership.


Jupiter suggests that money is power for you this month. The way you earn money increases via a raise, promotion or new alliance.


Jupiter is in Gemini from June this year until June next year and this will be keeping you busy. Promotions mean travel or education. You should sit back during Mercury’s retrograde.


At the end of June, Venus and Jupiter moved into your fifth house. Now you will have luck in love and money through creative and innovative ideas. Need help making your creative and innovative ideas happen? Talk to Psychic Skylar ext. 9887 and she’ll help turn your dreams into a reality.


From the beginning of July to August 23 Mars joins Saturn in Libra, your eighth house, affecting your shared resources in a positive way.

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16 thoughts on “Your Money Forecast for July 2012

  1. berserker

    Ya know…for some reason very little of MY forecast ever has any thing to do with my life. On the other hand my friends that use his site are often right on the money. It is not just this site. It is like for some reason my personal forecast is purposly clouded

  2. teri b

    Cancer’s supposed to have stayed afloat financially? I don’t think so. I’m a cancer and sinking fast. There’s no end in sight. I wouldn’t mind talking to one of you, but have no more cash to put into this sort of thing. Why is it some of the online physics tell you your world looks so rosey, but you can’t access it without their guidance? Doesn’t sound right to me to have to pay for access to my world!

  3. Will

    To Rita, I’ve been writing poetry all my life and have even looked into publishing a book, “In All Sincerity”, but I don’t share much with friends. Seems so much easier to send it out there to strangers and get unbiased feedback. I really don’t do much of that either! Would love to chat with U and maybe share some poetry!

  4. Rita

    I am following my intuition/heart by publishing my first book of poetry. It is called “Remember To Dream For Tomorrow Must Come.” The courage to do this came basically from my back being up against the proverbial wall. I had a serious back injury which left me no other option than to retire from a 31 year career in nursing. I am giving my writings out to the Universe without expectation for the outcome. Really, I managed to get myself set set up better than most with 2 disability policies. Which I am extremely grateful for. I have been writing all my life but due to an unfortunate incident in 6TH grade I swore at that time I would never share my writings with anyone; and it took 40 years for me to step out of my writing closet. The encouragement from your site and the 2 phone readings I had done were a large part of the process. THANK-YOU SO MUCH…

  5. Ronald Tenasang

    I’m Ronald currently living in the Netherlands(Rotterdam).
    I must admit I’m very well enjoying reading my daily forecast.
    Ciao from a Libra man/ ancient. Virgo I presume?52.10.06

  6. michele morgan

    i am from a small island in the caribbean call grenada i born 9th feb i would like to know what are my lucky numbers for this week

  7. carmen

    if these are real psychics then why does it say for entertainment purposes only???????????????????? if you can actually give me a real pschic that can guarantee results then i’m in … an i dont mean just talk ,,, i’m talkin a real session an the results should be proven…..

  8. walter sdrenka

    i am out of work for 4 months now and lost e verything will I be findng relief and a new job and start in life

  9. margarita

    I waiting for money in Chile for 5 months is to mach time waiting and waiting.I need to be back to Canada.I worry and I have problem with finance.


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