The Boyfriend and Girlfriend Checklist

Know What You’re Shopping For!

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what we’re looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend, but we often overlook certain things to maintain a positive mindset. While it is always good to concentrate on the best parts of a relationship, it is also important to make sure you’re receiving at least 80 percent of what you need from your partner. Take advantage of this checklist to help gauge how close to this percentage you are. The more of these you check off, the more potential your relationship has.

1. Physically Attractive (at least to you). Being physically attracted to your partner is important for intimacy, romance, and it also makes the cuddle time so much more fun!

2. Generous. A partner who is generous, does not hesitate to give of themselves in a relationship when you are in need. Whether you need a hand in the kitchen, a quart of milk at the store, or a hug after a long day, a relationship is only as good as what each person puts into it.

3. Compassionate. Compassion is a trait that relies on your partner to work to understand and empathize with how you feel. Compassionate partners make it easy to be yourself, because you know at the end of the day, they will accept you for who you are.

4. Open. A partner who is open, is willing to share their feelings and goals without a struggle. Relationships can be challenging to succeed at, but with a partner who is stingy with their own emotions, they can be downright impossible.

5. Passionate. Passion gives us the daily drive to learn about each other. This trait is essential to intimacy. However, an overly passionate partner may suffocate your dependence.

6. Attentive. Being attentive, means taking the time to make sure your partner feels loved and cared for. We are born needing love and attention from others, but the true test of humanity is when we know how to give it.

7. Humorous. In every relationship it is important to make each other laugh. When times are at their worst, humor can bring comfort. Laughter is one of the fundamental ways we connect with each other.

8. Dependable/Loyal. We depend on our partner to be a lot of things, but dependability is what holds all these traits together. We all have our good and bad days, but if your partner isn’t consistent with how they treat and respect you. you’ll never enjoy the security and comfort of a true romance.

9. Self-Controlled. Having control of yourself allows you to stay faithful, and resist the temptations that may otherwise hurt your partner (drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.). “I love you” only goes so far. A partner must have the self-control to remain consistent.

10. Honest. Everybody lies on occasion to save face or avoid hurting our partner’s feelings, but where honesty is essential, is telling each other what we need.

11. Trustworthy. You can’t fully give yourself to anyone you can’t trust. If your gut instinct is inhibiting you from trusting your partner, either your past is keeping you from experiencing a more fulfilling relationship, or your partner has not earned it (and may never, depending on what’s causing the wedge.)

12. Motivated/Follows Through. A worthy partner must be motivated to make us happy, which means following through with their promises. A partner who doesn’t have the energy to improve on their own life, probably won’t have the motivation to foster a worthwhile relationship, either.

13. Creative. When we allow ourselves to be creative, we create interest and excitement in each other.

14. Patient. Having patience allows time to express ourselves, understand each other, work out misunderstandings, and avoid the pitfall of credit card debt. Never delay what you can do today, unless it will prove more fruitful if you wait until tomorrow.

15. Positive Attitude. Nobody wants to hang out with a Debbie (or Dave) Downer. We are constantly breathing the energy of our partner, and if it’s poison, we end up intoxicating our own life.

16. Confident. Confidence allows our partner to take action when we need them. However, as with passion, too much of a good thing (arrogance) can be bad.

17. Conscientious. When we are conscious of our partner’s feelings, we are more likely to correct our behavior after a mistake, which is essential to creating equality in a relationship.

Love isn’t enough to keep anyone around. You need to have at least 14 (80 percent) of these essential ingredients to create the kind of intimacy and companionship worthy of your time, attention, and commitment!

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15 thoughts on “The Boyfriend and Girlfriend Checklist

  1. lady

    I think i do all the above but my friend fall short on most of things on the list.I think I am mean time friend to him,he drives my car keep all day sometime i walk home from work. Did I say he don’t help me with anything but sex.

  2. chandra

    I luv this article,I’m giving all of this in my relationship
    but not recieving it.This article will make up pay close attention
    to what your are giving or recieving

  3. Helen Garrett

    I always had a problem experiance my feeling to myself and to men. I want love, but I dont want to be hurt any more like I was before. And that was in my past. This information lets me know how to appreicate a man and how to give love now that I know how to give it. Thank you for this reading, maybe me and others will learn from this.

  4. Brandon

    There are so many good points here. This list made me take a good long look at the relationship I have now, and made me face so many things I am not getting. I think it is time to re-evaluate my 90% vs their 10%.

  5. Kathy

    WOW! My Healer has been trying to get me to make a list of qualities I want in a man so I can begin manifesting him into my life. Thanks for the list. This makes a great start. I already knew I wanted some of these, but now I also have Why those qualities are needed.

  6. Josie

    For once I have most of this check list in the relationship I am currently in. Because of that, many of my friends have made sure to let me know NOT to let him go, and so far we are talking about things and how they will go…lol.


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