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Psychic Dreamers and Their Incredible Insight

I am Reba, and I am a psychic dream clairvoyant. Words like “dream prophecy,” “remote dreamers” or “psychic dreamer” fill our psychic blogs these days because we no longer fear talking about supernatural experiences. Thank goodness for our 21st century technology because we can chat and talk about all kinds of psychic topics, and that in itself reduces fears. Today’s psychics with 10 years of doing readings will become the new teachers of tomorrow in the psychic world. Most psychic teachers started out by being the client getting readings. They loved their psychic experiences and had some of their own psychic dreams and then advanced to the next level of reading metaphysical books, seeking out classes on Tarot, astrology, numerology or maybe took the path of paranormal investigation, while some studied it all.

I want to share with you three dream stories that may help you learn more about your own dream experiences. I meet people in my dreams and within weeks I meet them in person in my awakened state. Because I have noticed a growing number of callers asking me about similar dream experiences I thought I would share my own experiences.

Dream One

Over 20 years ago I dreamed I was going to meet my husband very soon. I saw this man in my dream. I woke the next morning and I followed my instincts. (By instincts I mean thoughts popped into my mind and I followed them.)

I went to a metaphysical book store that I often visited, but the owner had not yet arrived. I walked across the courtyard of shops to a chapel and wondered if it was open. I tried to open the door but someone was also trying to open the door from the other side.

The door pushed open and I stepped back, and there was the man from my dream.

We were both surprised and we started talking. I asked him if this was the church chapel and he told me it was the wedding chapel. We connected and talked for the next hour.

He had just lost his wife who was learning to read Tarot cards prior to her passing. He asked me to go to lunch the next day and that was the beginning. Three years later we were married.

I have to admit that no matter how often this happens to me I am always amazed by the connections to the other worlds that exist.

Dream Two

I dreamed that I was on a airplane. I saw a lady walking towards me. Her face and hair were in detail. I knew in the dream she was an editor. I woke from the dream and shared the information with my husband who said, “Yes honey,” rolled over and went back to sleep.

A week later my daughter called from Kauai. She wanted me to join her there for a week.

Within a few days I was boarding a plane to Kauai. I took my seat by the window. I started reading over material that I needed to have edited. I looked up and I saw people looking for their seats and the lady from my dream was walking down the isle towards me. I thought to myself, “This is insane. If she sits by me this has to be her.” She made her way to my area and she looked at me and smiled and took the isle seat leaving the seat between us empty. The plane was packed full. At that point I thought it was best to wait until we were in the air before I mention I had seen her in my dreams, and that I knew she was an editor. I did not want to be removed from the plane or worse!

I waited until we were in the air for about 30 minutes. I knew I was taking a risk with my dream person. We were the only ones on the plane with a seat between us. I leaned across the seat and asked her if she was an editor. She looked at me over the top of her glasses and said, “Yes.” I introduced myself, telling her I was a psychic dreamer and I dreamed about her walking down the isle to this seat. She told me she did editing and she had been doing metaphysical editing for a psychic author for years. There was never even a blink of doubt! She understood my experiences because she worked with someone who wrote about the chakras and she often traveled in the company of known speakers on metaphysical topics dating back to the 80s.

We talked and had lunch together and exchanged emails. We reconnected once we were back home. She did some editing for me and we work on projects together for the fun of it. We are now the best of friends and she flies out to spend Christmas week with us each year. It is a unique feeling to sit down with my husband (who I saw in my dream) and my friend (who I also saw in a dream), eat Mexican food, laugh and talk. We are the real dream team!

Dream Three

This dream could have saved a man’s life! I moved into a new home in the early 90s. Before I made the move, I dreamed about a man who was in a bed, and his head was swollen. I saw myself sitting next to him on the bed. He said, “I’m going to die.” I woke from the dream.

I had not been settled long in my new home, before one morning there was a knock at my door and a man next door asked me for some help. He said his friend had come to his house and he had been hurt. He tried to get him to get help but he would not listen. The man needed me to look in on his friend while he was at work. I agreed to look in on him, but first I had to take my daughter to school.

I followed my new neighbor’s instructions, opened his door and went up the staircase to the bedroom and pushed the door open to find the man in my dream laying there in bed. I walked over and sat on the bed and I knew I was reliving the dream. There was dry blood on his face, his teeth were knocked out on one side and his head was swollen like a basketball. He was in bad shape. He opened his eyes and looked at me and said “I’m going to die.”

The dream I had about this man prompted me to take swift action, and I called 911 for help. On the way to the hospital he stopped breathing. He had a near-death experience.

Later the medics said it was a good thing I had gone to check on him and called 911, because he might not have lived. He was in the hospital a week.

Later he contacted me and thanked me. He also shared his story about how he had been in a motorcycle accident and he saw an angel that told him to he had to go back to his body.

18 thoughts on “Interpret Psychic Dreams

  1. Tracey Flaherty

    I know thing’s before they happen,I know without a shadow of a doubt when people lie.I have gut feeling’s that my new husband has cheated on me and played around with drug’s,all while deny,deny,denying it.My gut doesn’t lie.

  2. trula

    i had a dream my husband cheated on me he came to me in 2 dreams told me he had cheated we had been married 47 years when he died

  3. Tutt

    I sometimes dream about the people closest to me and the deams are always predictors of what’s to come or already occurred and when I check my dream is right. I dreamed the man I loved was getting married to someone else – and it was true. Several years ago I dreamed I went to visit my mom and walked in and immediately to the right of her front door is a hallway and at the end of the hallway is a bathroom – the bathroom door was open and I saw bended legs in the tub that were not moving and I knew it was my mom in the tub. My grandfather who had passed away was wih me and we both knew something was wrong so ran outside to wait for the fire department though we hadn’t made a call in the dream. Across the street was a railroad track and I looked and saw an old-fashioned push-car slowly rolling down the tracks that looked like a rescue cart and the man on it just looked at me and kept rolling down the tracks. The next day my youngest sister called and said mom was in the hospital and I immediately drove to the hospital. I was looking for a parking space and saw the same sister and her daughters also arriving. I rollled down my window to ask my sister what happened and she said mom had collapsed in the bathtub.

  4. kim

    I day dream all the time. So much so that they almost feel real. Is it true , that if you visualize enough that you can make your dreams your reality?

  5. lazina

    I have lots of unanswered dreams but i try my best to take one day at a time, i dream and try to think what i did or have done and think of a solution . your dream explanation has help me to understand a lot.

    Thanks. keep up the good work

  6. Cho- Zen 1

    The only dreams i would have that i can remember is bad ones mostly violence or falling or have to fighting my way out of were im at. It bothered me the next day when i thought about it. My girl friend at the time would wake up when i have my dreams she would tell me that i would be speaking in a language she havent heard of and i would chant in another language. As i grew older and still today i havent had any dreams that i can remember its been a blank for years. But what i have notice as i grew through the years that when i was awake my ability to read people got stronger and i would be right on 95% of the time i also can see their future? I dont know what all of it means and i have been searching for an answer for whats happening to me and i havent found it. Can anybody help me understand what is going on with me?

  7. phyllis

    I am a singer/songwriter that has been with a major label before quite a few years ago…
    I have quite a few songs that are not released to a professional publishing or recording company that I still try to get people of influence to hear…I dream all of the time that I am auditioning a capella or ready to give my cd to shania twain or anne murray…right there…and then I wake up…I opened a lighting store over 13 years ago…so I have not performed or done much writing…but I still have the dream to meet these women and give them a sample of my music…and see if they can use it …or somehow help it to get published…or my voice heard…have the dreams all of the time…going to see elton john in february and have a real good seat…wonder if I will get the chance to hand him my cd…wow wouldn’t that be so wonderful….dont know if I will die and noone will ever know how I can sing and songwrite….phyllis

  8. marialaloca77Marieee

    All is well though disturbing dreams can ruin a night or two in a row. Honestly they go away & awaiting to creating thinking.

  9. Terri

    I haven’t remembered dreaming in a very long time, but my Son tells me I talk out loud when sleeping in another language that he’s never heard. He says I’m happy and waiving my arm in the air as if I knew the secrets of the life. When I’m waking up in the twilight state I do recall babbling out sounds and answering my Son with this babble. His friend has heard me do this too. I find it strange and I don’t know who can help me since I can’t remember any of it.

  10. marios

    I WRITE DOWN ALL MY DREAMS IN DETAIL and i m trying to find out what they teach me and wether i can start a teaching school/college ! its mostly about sales , running business and mistakes done by people running theese business ! many times i ask my dream angel to help me remember my dreams !many times i program myself on sertain subjects or i visualise a board of councilors and i ask questions to get answers or i do quantum jumping into another universe so to meet my twinself and get inspiration and his/hersgood vibrations by merging with ! yes many famous people got inspired to invent or start or create smh new for humanity ! so i sugest write down your dreams and try to find answers or solutions to some problems love mario

  11. jo delia

    i have dreams that sometimes come true, however, they are disaster kind of dreams.. never , or rarely nice ones…. usually about my only nephew.. .who seems to always be in trouble,, we are not close by.. he resides in n.c. i try to call , but rarely any answer… i want to Keep warning him of his actions… he is lost… was lost in drugs.. and thefts… i warned him of things before. with no information of his ways… and said how did i know all that…. He is my only nephew.. i have no children…. never married…. and very sensitive…. how can i reach him?

  12. Karen

    My dreams have been changing a lot over the past few months like I was in this dream there was a man standing in a field of knee high grass dressed in 1800’s clothes I was standing on the sidelines so to speak like idol so often watching my dream like a movie I was starting to wake up andleave the dream and the man seemed like he could tell I was about to leave and turned to stare at me untill I woke up but before I totally woke up I had to go threw a very windy like tunnel before I woke up that has never happen before. I also have a dreams while in a dream already. And the newest thing is I can feel taste and smell in my dreams that is pretty wild it’s. A first for me. Could use some advise about these dreams.

  13. Robin Bednarczyk

    I often have very disturbing dreams, however, they are always about whatever crisis I’m going through. The problem IS, I never remember them in their entirety, only bits and peices, leaving me wondering what they meant. They’re very bothersome though.

  14. mary ann VALLA

    I use to dream vividly and it would help me work on my art projects and creative writing and have clairyovant dreams over 8 years. Took a class on dreamworks from local college. however, i went of sleep pils LUNESTA and don’t have dreams anymore. Can you help incubate a creative dream to help me paint or creat again. I just won’t sketch or paint.I’m stuck. My dreams would connect with love ones from the past and predict events . HELP. Though-all is well. AMEN.


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