What Heaven Looks Like

When I crossed over, I was gone for quite some time, and my experience was very extensive. The thing that many have such a difficult time believing — even comprehending — is the fact that all of your senses are very much a part of heaven. You not only see the beautiful flowers, you actually hear the music they are singing. The flowers greet you, and you are a part of them — they are your brothers and sisters. The smells are so unbelievably and euphorically fragrant.

Love is experienced through vision, smell, sound … it is through vibration that everything on the other side is alive — everything! Plants just seem to grow out of nowhere, with no soil needed, and beautiful buildings hover as if they are standing on air. The vibration, through color, love, music and smell, is very much a part of everything that exists on the other side.

I know it is hard to comprehend this, but it’s true. You can’t just look at something, and see it the way you see it. Here, when you look at something, you see it in 3-D. The colors are so much purer, deeper, and richer … You don’t only look at a color of something, you experience it — you experience all that it has to offer.

Everything there has energy, so in return, when you look at something, it knows that you are looking at it, so it responds to you looking at it by sharing with you all the love that it has, as if a ray of light is being thrown at you. Everything there is a part of you. You are all on the same vibration and energy level, so you help them, and they in return give to you.

Heaven is a place of trees, flowers, streams, and rivers flowing everywhere. There is so much space that there is no crowding – it’s not like here, where you can walk across the street to get to another place. There, you simply think where you want to go, and you are there. It’s like every building or place has its own city, and there are no crowds, no schedules, just pure peace and joy. You are able to be with loved ones, relive past experiences, as well as share what you want to do next.

Heaven is such a beautiful place. It is full of loving love, no anger, no harsh thoughts — just utter complete bliss. It is a place that feeds the soul.

20 thoughts on “What Heaven Looks Like

  1. Elizabeth

    I’ve had many paranormal/spiritual experiences since my 19 yr. old son was in a fatal vehicle accident. After praying almost an hour in agony and tears from losing him I had a vision of seeing him go through the tunnel into the light and right after that my spirit was lifted up into the most beautiful white light and the love I felt from it just saturated my soul. I felt part of that loving light and I knew that my son, Tony was alright. I saw plush rolling green hills and beautiful leaves on trees. I long to feel that love again and I miss it so much. A few weeks later I woke up one morning and my son was standing at the foot of my bed surrounded by a glowing white light. He was more handsome and radiant looking than I had ever seen him. He smiled the most beautiful smile and stretched out his arms to me like I’d always done for him whenever I wanted a hug and kiss. He has communicated with me many times through the years and I know he still listens to his mama.
    He still makes certain lights come on by them self letting me know when he’s around. There is no death, we are only here to learn to love each other and help this world become a better place. We are all light beings but unfortunately, many of us have forgotten why we came here and do horrible things to one another and because of that we will have many lessons to learn over and over again. When it is my time I have no doubt my wonderful son will come to take his mama’s hand and guide me home. I have many beloved pets that are waiting for me there too. The world is getting to be a scary place so it is very important to let our light shine as bright as possible to attract God’s angels to watch over us. No matter what, love never dies, we can never truly be separated from those we love.

  2. pat

    I totally believe my Mom is in heaven and my other relatives and others. I can’t wait to be with her I talk to her everyday and read every book and everything on the internet about where my Mom is,I love her so much, more than anyone,I wonder why there are only 17 posts here,there should be a lot more.

  3. Deb

    There are animals in Heaven. Our dogs that have passed over have often come back to visit us. When my Mother was passing over she could not speak, only write. She seemed desperate to tell us something and wrote Princess came and poked me on the arm. Princess was our beloved beagle who had passed over about a year before my Mom did. Princess came to get her to say come on Grandma, come with me. My Mom passed over shortly after this. It gave her so much peace to have seen Princess.

  4. chaula gundavda

    i read your article it is so true just wanted to relate my own experience when my mother passed away she had gods prayers on her lips she started coming in to my dreams and was telling me some future events going to happen in my life one she told me about earthquake in Bombay India and it happened in two days after she was gone i was in India Bombay then she showed me other world with many souls there and warned me if you don’t want to be born on earth like all these people again and again do as much prayers to god as you can
    she is now also very much connected after many years
    and other side she showed is really much more beautiful then here you are absolutely right Jacqueline about your own experience

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  6. PauDuman

    Thank you very much for this post! This post makes me feel not alone in this. Reading the comments also reinforces the fact that there are people all over this place that experience the things that I experience. 🙂 That I am not crazy!
    I find solace in knowing that I am not alone. 🙂 I am happy to know that there are people who can also remember things that happened to them when they were still very very young. In my case, I can remember things that happened when I was 5 months old. 🙂 And remembered my past lives when I was 6 years old and started to see spirits after that. Love this website!

  7. audrey

    i have no children just dogs that have passed away i loved then all so much did you see any familar animals greet you?

  8. Joyce

    In 1989, I had the wonderful experience to “cross over” to visit my father just 4 days after he was buried. I was lying on my bed crying and thinking that I just couldn’t live without him. Suddenly, my fiance who died in 1975 was standing with his hand reaching toward me (I am a medium, psychic) and said, “Come on I will take you to see him.” I had “crossed over” before and wasn’t afraid and just smiled and the next thing, instantly. I was standing in the most beautiful place of marble buildings, streets, trees, flowers and my father was standing beside a huge tree, so green that it hurt my eyes with its beauty. I was shocked that my father looked as I remembered him when I was 3-4 years old and he was 27 years “young”. He had been very ill for several years and bedridden and died from lung cancer, heart attack. He said to me by thought message, “You were right and I was wrong.” I laughed and said, “I knew I was because I have been here before but in a different area.” I had visited a beautiful meadow with small brooks and foot bridges, etc. and have been there 2 times since. He was a Baptist minister and did not believe in psychics, mediums, etc. I have been very strong (psychically) since I was about 22 months of age because I can remember the day my brother was born like it was yesterday and I am 22 months older than him. I can remember playing in my playhouse and serving tea to a lady and talking to her and my mother would tell me to stop talking to myself. When I was about 7 years of age, I saw a picture of a woman and recognized her clothes, I’d never did see her face. I said to my mother, “That’s her, that’s who I used to play with.” She got mad and said, “You didn’t see her because that is my mother and she died when I was 5 years old.” I didn’t say anymore because I had learned that they didn’t understand me and my gift because I was always predicting things. I learned to just not say a lot. I didn’t even know about psychics until I was 18 years old and married my husband who was also a psychic and medium. “People come into your life for a reason or season” is a true statement. I saw him when I was 14 years old and told my aunt that I was going to marry him. I had never seen him before but he was so handsome. I never saw him or thought about him again until about 3 days after I graduated from high school in 1959. A friend of mine (graduated together) ask me to play a prank on his friend from another school that he had grown up with. I called him as a prank and about a week later “our” friend said that he wanted to meet me. I said, “OK”. I almost fainted when he stepped out of the car. He was my “prediction” 4 years earlier. We got married 3 months later, had 4 beautiful children (psychics). He taught me that “my weirdness” that my family said I was going to hell for because it was evil was a great gift. I began learning and cultivating it and love my precious gift and have helped a lot of people over the years. He was sent to me to teach me and it was the “reason” but for a “season” not a lifetime. We divorced after 9 years and he is on the “OTHER SIDE” but we are still connected.
    My parents are both on the “OTHER SIDE” now . I’ve lived in their home for 16 months now and they visit at least 3-4 times a week and know that they can do everything that I had told them all these years. I LOVE THEIR VISITS. I always acknowledge them a talk to them all the time as well as my Angels and Guide.
    I love reading others experiences. I love this site. I’ve learned from all you wonderful people. Life is always a learning experience.

  9. Faith - 9608

    Lovely article Jacqueline. I only know of what you speak from a dream I had a few years back. My mother who passed on over 25 years ago, came to me playing the most incredible, peaceful, harmonious music I have ever heard. I could not identify all of the musical instruments I was hearing even though she was sitting at a piano. Nothing on this earth compares to what I was hearing in that dream. It certainly was from a glorious place!

    Thank you for reminding me of that beautiful experience.

    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  10. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Jacqueline-I am not sure if this will post twice, I got booted off the first time. Not sure if it went through.. Thanks for your wonderful description of Heaven. I can for sure relate to the way you have described the flowers. I have noticed that there is a lot of shimmer, sprakle and glisten to things…The smell is similar to the spring mornings…Very refreshing. . I hope this next time God let’s me into his Kingdom. I told my grandfather, on the other side, that I am ready this time, please don’t make me come back. Hopefully, this will be the last life here for me. My grandfather comes to me sometimes, in my dreams, on a train. We hug each other goodbye as he gets back on the train. The train heads up into big high mountains, with shimmer and glisten. He says to me, before he gets on the train, “You can’t get on the train just yet.” Sometimes, also in my dreams, my grandfather will go hiking with me but, when we get to the top of the mountain, the train comes, as he never walks back down with me….I see myself walking back down the mountain, but so happy I got to see him. Faith is the key. And the glory will come. Thank you for sharing your Heavenly life. I hope others do share, too, on here. God Bless, Miss Krystal

  11. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I am sorry I am having tech issues with the blog. Been getting booted this morning on it and somehow my post for this ended up in the “how do you know your guy is bi” blog.
    I do apologize not sure how that happened.
    Miss Krystal

  12. believerBeliever

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Wow! I can’t wait to go to heaven!!

    What a beautiful beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience.

  13. Diane

    Some call that the 4th Dimensio, as I understand it. Every once in awhile, I experience it. It is SOOOOO Peacefl!

    – Diane


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