Manifest Your Goals: A Supermoon Ritual

Manifest Your Goals: A Supermoon Ritual | California Psychics

Connecting with the Supermoon

If you’d like to live a life that’s more in harmony with the rhythms of nature, there are many ways to achieve that. One option is to work with the cycles of the moon. While every phase of the moon has its own power, Full Moons are some of the most powerful. Have you ever done a Full Moon ritual?

The Power of the Supermoon

The New Moon is the best time to set your goals and intentions, while the Full Moon signifies the culmination of those goals and intentions. Full Moons also illuminate what’s hidden and bring emotions to the forefront. So, when a Supermoon occurs, all of those hidden or buried feelings are dragged to the surface and amplified to 11. It will also give you extra energy to complete those projects and goals that the Full Moon always highlights.

A Sense of Balance and Clarity

For some, the energy of the Full Supermoon may feel a bit too overpowering. Performing a Full Moon ritual on the night of the Full Supermoon can help to center you. This, in turn, will help purge negative and unproductive energy, and allow more room for the manifestation of better things in the future.

If you’d like to perform a Full Moon ritual, consider this step-by-step guide. It’s uplifting and easy to do. Performing this beginner’s Full Moon ritual will give you a sense of balance and clarity as you release stress and stagnation.

Gather These Objects

  • A fire pit or metal bowl to safely burn things in.
  • Sticks, twigs, and/or paper to fuel your fire.
  • Matches or something to light the fire.
  • Paper and pen to write down what you’re letting go of.
  • A sage stick and/or incense for clearing energy too.

 In addition, consider these optional items:

  • Candles: Always start with a white candle and add more colors as you are led.
  • Crystals: Crystals and gemstones will enhance the energy and provide protection.
  • Oracle cards or Tarot cards: Use these during your ritual when seeking guidance.
  • Music: If you feel more soulful when you listen to music, this will help you get tuned in.

The Full Moon Ritual for Beginners

  1. Set up your sacred space. This is where you’ll be performing your ritual. Then gather all the items mentioned above.
  2. Light a fire in your burn bowl or fire pit.
  3. Burn sage or incense to clear the energy in and around your sacred space. Then smudge yourself, wafting the smoke over your body from head to toe.
  4. Take a moment to ground your energy. Sitting or standing, place your feet on the ground and connect with the earth’s energy. Just as trees clean the air we breathe, the earth can cleanse our bodies by absorbing bad energy. Once you feel rooted to the earth, bring that energy back up through the chakras of your body all the way up to the Crown chakra and connect to the white light of the Universe. Allow that white light into your Crown chakra and allow it to flow throughout your body from head to toe.
  5. Invite your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. Ask them for guidance and support in purging what is no longer serving your highest good.
  6. On a piece of paper, write down the things you no longer wish to hold on to. For example, you’ll want to release any jealousy, hatred, and/or any unproductive connections and negative emotions that are holding you back.
  7. When your list is complete, burn the paper in the fire. You are releasing that which no longer serves you—releasing yourself of their burden.
  8. Thank your guides, angels, and whomever you’ve invited for assistance. Thank the moon, the Universe, and all the elements (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water).

Please note that these are general instructions. Just as there are no “mistakes” when creating art, there is really no wrong or right way to perform a ritual as long as your intentions are good. If you feel lighter and better after the ritual, you’ve certainly done it correctly.

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