Psychic Jacqueline

Psychic Jacqueline

What To Expect

Jacquelineimmediately receives messages from your guides when you begin speaking. She can even get tons of information from just knowing a simple name! Reading professionally for over 10 years, Jacqueline says, “There is always so much more going on than what meets the eye! Too often people only see surface issues, but there are layers upon layers of information out there. I break down those layers to go deeper.” Jacqueline sees and shares authentic meaning hidden in underlying issues. Her goal is to reveal the root causes and blocks. For example, with couples, Jacqueline can see the real reason why a partner behaves a certain way. She will then provide you with methods and tools to carve out the life you desire. She guides many professionals and other highly stressed individuals through their struggles. She can confirm accuracy using the remote muscle test technique. When reading with Jacqueline you know there is always hope for better times just around the corner!

Free Will Explained

Everyone who is a part of your life, either on a small scale or a large one - teachers, co-workers, bosses, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends and friends... has an agreement with you. These agreements you ... read more
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Quarter Moon Collisions

It's a Quarter Moon today - which means Moon in Cancer is colliding with Sun in Libra. This influence can aggravate emotional issues, by causing a conflict between instincts (Cancer) and reason (Libra). ... read more
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