The Ultimate Desire of True Bliss

Many have written on the topic of what heaven looks like, what it denotes, and even where it is. Some believe it to be a mythical place entirely, while others assert it exists because they have seen it. Heaven is different for everyone. It’s actually an individualized experience. There are infinite universes within infinite dimensions. We are all unique divine emanations of pure spirit. We are spirits with a body, not the other way around.

I’ve been to three different “heavens” as I died thrice. There are infinite overtones within each dimensional plane with infinite universes, as well as infinite parallel universes. We all have a choice of where we want to go. Essentially, heaven is your place of true divine comfort. What I do know from experience is that there’s no time-space continuum, or ego, or “I.”

To me, the term itself — “heaven” — is an easy word. I don’t like calling something a name beyond what humans can conjure. Since we create our own reality and our own heaven even here on earth, it exists for us as we see it.

Or as we choose to see it. As Jesus once said, “The kingdom of heaven is on earth, not between four walls. It is within you and all around you. Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift a stone, and you will find me.” I am not a religious person, I’m a spiritual one. But this passage speaks to me. The dimensions of heaven and hell are not separate, either. They are all connected. Sometimes we simply don’t see it that way. It’s a matter of perspective and perception.

However, one common thread between all three dimensions I’ve seen and experienced — is
the absence of time, ego, and separation. If you’ve watched the movie Avatar, to me, it’s the closest vision of the dimension of heaven that I can describe.

In my experience of heaven, the floating jellyfish-like beings who flit and flutter about from the tree of source (in the film) appeared as fairies from the enchanted realm. Nothing else was more beautiful. In my personal experience, I returned to my source, my ultimate bliss — a world of mythical creatures from another dimension.

My experience is not yours. Your bliss may be something else entirely, for it’s your own and you create it. If we’ve fulfilled our karmic debt, we can choose to reincarnate or not. The choice lies with people on the other side — where they choose to go once they have crossed over. Karma is like a bank account — you make withdrawals or deposits. Some make more withdrawals. Karma isn’t instant all the time.  Sometimes, it does not equate to manifestation in this lifetime.

Once we cross over, we become disembodied spirits who connect fully with Source, a strong, illuminating and pure white light. There’s no molecular structure on the other side, people morph into every sentient being they encounter, it’s all ethereal. There’s no separation between anyone.

Perhaps this version of bliss is something we can attempt to mimic on earth, in our daily lives, until we become full-fledged spirits. If we continue to live as separate beings, and create divisions, we have no chance of creating true happiness. Mother earth will destruct from the pain. So the next time you decide to label or judge, or cause division, think about the effect and aspire to reverse your actions. Create healing and unity instead.

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Desire of True Bliss

  1. Camy

    I do love the manner in which you have fermad this specific situation plus it does indeed offer us some fodder for consideration. On the other hand, coming from everything that I have experienced, I basically trust when other remarks pile on that people today continue to be on issue and in no way start upon a soap box involving some other news du jour. Still, thank you for this outstanding point and though I do not concur with this in totality, I respect your standpoint.

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  4. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thank you, Samadi for such a lovely and detailed picture of Heaven. I so agree with you on the “divisional” stuff. A lot of people do not realize just how harmful creating “division” can be.

    Besides, there is a period when the “division” will not work anymore, anyway…Many of the people who have been victims of “division” will pray for unity…Live and let live!

    Miss Krystal


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