Psychic Kelli: Reading the Heart

Psychic Kelli ext. 5130 is a no-tools, intuitive psychic reader who has been helping people professionally for over fifty years. With the assistance of her spirit guide, she relays the information necessary to make changes, and can also connect to those on the other side. Kelli also holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and Philosophy. We caught up with her over tea:

“I’ve been giving readings since 1959,” Psychic Kelli ext. 5130 told us. “It began inadvertently in childhood. I was told by my mother when I was two that my baby brother was profoundly deaf. This devastated my parents. My mother said that we wouldn’t be able to hear him. She said, ‘You must listen to him with your heart,’ so I began communicating telepathically with my brother. Then my guardian angel began to speak, and the guardian angels of others began to speak whenever I was around anybody, and if there was pertinent info that they needed to know, I would speak it.

“I felt no distinction between those on this side and those on the other side. People started coming to me for readings, and starting in about 1960, for two days a week people would gather for afternoon tea and to ask questions. When I hear people’s voices, I tap in to the human element of their voice, because I’m empathic and human. I listen to their guardian angel speaking to my guardian angel, and we look a little further down the road, so that they can use their own free will at forks in the road, and make informed decisions based on different outcomes.”

What has the process been like of giving readings for the last fifty years?

“In fifty years, the human condition hasn’t changed. Our technology has evolved into things that are magical and unbelievable to me, but human beings haven’t evolved—not their joys, their fears or their sorrows. The speed of technology and accessibility to info has changed, but the human heart is the same. The mystical is still the mystical, and the mystical has been here since the beginning. It’s still here. We’ve just grown so accustomed to it that we don’t pay attention to it anymore, but it’s there.

“I find that my clients are the most mystic, wonderful people… they’re all my favorite clients. When we read together, that’s the only human being for me in the whole world, and I feel exactly the way I did when I was a little girl looking at my baby brother.

“I read in my garden room,” she shares. “There’s a tray with the same pot of tea that I’ve always had in my readings. I pour one for myself and one for my client. I see into my clients’ hearts, and that’s where the answers come from. The future resides in our hearts. I help my clients have the courage to follow what’s in their hearts. When we make that bold decision to follow our dreams and follow our heart, mighty forces come to our aid. When we’re in fear, there’s no help. There’s no angel anywhere that will help us stay in fear and confusion. Their only function is to lead us out and into the light. When my client is too fearful to see, I ask for them, on their behalf, and by the end of the reading they can see the clear path. I’m little more than a switchboard to pass this message through.

“Fate gives us our beginning, but we can choose the stars to navigate by, because the stars are there for all of us, all of them. The depth to which you will sink in horror, sadness and pain is the height to which you reach… When we feel we can’t bear this sadness, remember that not far ahead is the exact opposite in joy. We should see our baggage and lessons learned as wisdom and strength, and walk, run, fly and dance into the future, open armed. That’s how we let it flow to us. If we’re struggling, we’re not going in the right direction. Just say that you’re ready for blessings, life, happiness and abundance, and the angels will carry you there, illuminating your path the entire way.

“I’m just a cheerleader,” Psychic Kelli ext. 5130 shares. “We choose the destination together.”

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Kelli: Reading the Heart

  1. Melanie

    Hi, Kelli- I haven’t had a chance to speak with you in awhile but would love to get in touch soon. I was hoping you had more blogs or a website with more writings and a way to set up an appointment with you. A great article! What was it like to communicate with your brother like that?

    Much love,

  2. misskrystal

    I hope this is okay to say…..
    1959??? Kelli you look so young!!! It is obvious you love what you do…You have a good memory!
    🙂 ….beautiful article.. Congrats on all the years…I would love to meet you one day…Hope it happens sooner than later!
    Miss Krystal


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