Rejecting Rejection

There’s real truth in the saying “There’s no such thing as rejection, only other people’s limitations.” When we experience “rejection,” we seem to immediately take it as a judgment of our own personal value. When our self esteem is low, we can actually start to feel as if someone’s limitations are a validation of that low self worth. Nothing could be further from reality. In my opinion, one of the largest social problems we face today is a general lack of confidence. We can see it in our children and the brutal and sad stories of suicide, bullying, and outbreaks of violence. What can we do to heal this?

If we work to heal ourselves, we set a wonderful example for any and all others we come into contact with. So let’s focus on how we can deal with what we perceive as rejection, and use these situations to be more gentle and loving to our own psyches, and therefore help heal those around us at the same time.

First of all, we assume that the reason for any lack of connection is based on self value. He didn’t like me because… I wasn’t pretty enough, I was too loud, he likes brunettes, etc, etc… We do not know that to be true, yet we choose to focus on our perceived shortcomings as the reason. We are rarely correct in our assumptions. Usually, it IS that person’s limitations that keep them from seeing the potential in the connection. Many, many times I am able to see reasons that were not even spoken of during a reading, and just as many times, words that were said that were not really truth. So even if that person claims that YOU are this or that, it’s just them not wanting to accept the blame for their own fears or inability to connect. I see this time and time again.

Why do we even spend any energy at all on wondering why they were unable to embrace the connection? And when we do, why is it that we tend to take it for a fact that it was our short comings that did it? Maybe because it’s what we saw others doing as we were raised, or perhaps we were in toxic relationships. Either of these could have taught us such poor habits. We must relearn how to process life’s challenges without harming ourselves or teaching our loved ones to do the same!

Stop asking why, accept that it doesn’t matter, and move on. Work on making your life better, doing more to take action on those ideas and desires for things that you CAN control in your own life. While you’re busy working towards a healthier self esteem, you’ll shine that light of confidence and self love. Become the person you want to be, and you WILL attract someone who can and will respect you for who you are.

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5 thoughts on “Rejecting Rejection

  1. imaginethat

    “Become the person you want to be, and you WILL attract someone who can and will respect you for who you are.”

    Purrrfect, Yemaya.

    And the bonus is: you’ll attract someone YOU can and will respect for who he or she is, too.

    Things will proceed wonderfully from that beginning.

  2. maryannex9146maryannex9146


    Thank you for a clear, strong article on self-esteem. So many of our clients ask for help to find a path to overcome the restraints of low self-esteem, particularly those who suffer from lowered self-esteem learned early in childhood due to treatment they received.

    Thanks for reinforcing that someone else’s “opinion” does not require any of our time wondering why they had that opinion and certainly not feeling it was anything about us that caused the opinion. Basically, who cares what they think-what they think was not caused by who we are.

    Wonderful article-thanks again,


    Psychic Maryanne
    Ext. 9146

  3. jessica

    Your article is so beautifully composed, and so perfectly framed, that I just want to say, Thank You, Yemaya.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    I thought this was a lovely and timely article…..

    It starts with yourself…….. working on ones’ self first.

    Look to your own heart and soul for validation, always!!!!!…. instead of trying to validate yourself thru the eyes of others.

    ……I agree with this article 500%. Well done, Yemaya.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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