Connect with Your Spirit Guides Tarot Spread

Connect with Your Spiritual Guides Tarot Spread | California Psychics

What is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is any being, living in this realm or another, who takes an interest in your happiness, safety, and spiritual growth. They probably influence us more than we know, and if they are a true guide, not just a random spirit visitor, their influence is always loving and positive. They guide and direct our decisions, and inspire our thoughts and emotions. It’s not that we don’t have “free will.” Of course, we all do. But, if we listen and want to learn what they have to tell us, they make themselves known in both subtle and dramatic ways.

Family Connection

Fairly often they are an ancestor or a relative, though guides are not exclusively deceased family members. When people transition to the spirit world at the point that we describe as “death,” they rest and are encouraged by their guides and angels who’ve been waiting and watching for them on the other side. After a time, “assignments” are created for them, with their cooperation and willingness, of course. Some of those duties will be to watch over, instruct, and nurture those of us who are still living on Earth.

What About Guardian Angels?

Angels are a separate category. They are spiritual beings of light and unconditional love. They work for the loving forces in the Universe to protect, foster our spiritual growth, and comfort us while we are on Earth. They have never lived lives as humans, but some spiritual texts talk about how they visit Earth and interact with humanity, taking on human garb and showing up in ordinary settings for specific reasons. Guardian angels are always with us, and “occasional” angels show up at the request of our guardian for particular needs we have at a given moment.

Not All Guides are Deceased

Occasionally, a guide will appear in the flesh. Counselors, teachers, spiritual leaders, benevolent mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, bosses, and co-workers all help us to learn spiritually. They especially teach by actions and behavior, more than just with theory and words. They can model spiritual growth, what it is, and how to do it, for us.

Guides from the Animal Kingdom

And then there are our guides of the fur/feathered/scaled/etc. variety. Not every pet we’ve had will qualify as a spirit guide, but people reporting Near-Death Experiences say that often their animal friends run to greet them when they cross over. Usually, this is along with those who knew them closely on Earth, and other more elevated spiritual beings.

Guides Beyond this World

When we really think about how huge the Universe is, it would be difficult to imagine that some of our guides wouldn’t be ETs. We’ve all met people, who had something just a little eerily “higher frequency” about them. A little more light in the eye, or a perceptive brilliance that’s really unusual. These are clues to possible past existences in more advanced places and civilizations.

Connect with Spiritual Guides

The best way to start connecting with spiritual guides is to look in, out, and up. In other words, look inside of yourself by using a favorite meditation technique. Look out to others because they could either be spiritual guides or could give you tips to connect. And look up to Higher Power and the positive forces in the Universe because they are always willing to love, help, and guide us when we do so.

Tarot Can Help Us Connect

Below is a five-point Tarot spread in a star shape that is a pathway to connecting with your guides. Begin at the top with Card One, then work left to right, top to bottom. Shuffle and ask your guides, both known and unknown to you, to surround you now. Ask them to come through with the information that you most need to have at this point in your life.

Often, guides will be felt behind, and slightly above, where we are sitting or standing. To explore your questions more intricately, try to sense how many guides are present with you. Do the spread for each of the guides that you sense with you right now.

Connecting with My Spirit Guides Tarot Spread

Ask each guide, individually, one by one:

Card 1-  Who are you and what are you here to help me with?

Card 2- What message do you have for me at this moment?

Card 3- What is in the message that I’m afraid to hear?

Card 4- How can I be more open to your guidance in the future?

Card 5- How will this contribute to my overall spiritual growth?

It’s not as important to get a guide’s name as it is to sense and feel their energy and what the heart connection is between you. Sometimes you will see their appearance, hear them within your mind, smell flowers, cologne, or even tobacco, if they feel it will help you connect to them. Colors are given off by guides, as well as sounds, scenes, smells, and sometimes memories. The more you work with your guides, the more they work with you, and you can develop your own symbol system together.

A Thank You Goes a Long Way

It is always best to thank the guides for coming and for their insights before you close your psychic energy and go into ordinary consciousness. A prayer, song, poem, and maybe a yoga stretch or two, helps to signal to the guides that your session has concluded. It is good to let Spirit lead the connection, but you’re in control and can sense when you have completed your work.

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  1. Stephanie

    I am a tarot newbie, I put the 1 in the center as it states two times above, had to giggle when first card was the devil (2 knight pentacle, 3rd 9 wands, 4th page pentacle, 4th page of swords)

  2. Rachel

    Thank you! Because of sites like this, we’re able to learn the basics and practice them correctly. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Kliff

    Thank you ,I’m learning to listen to my intuition and receive messages from my guides through meditation and tarot . This helped me alot ❤️


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