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Bryan from Passaic Park asks:

I’ve been pursuing an acting/music career in New York for five years now, and I can say that the only real breakthroughs have come in the area of a new line of work as a real estate agent. I’ve sacrificed everything to overcome my personal obstacles, including women, for about six years now. There are signs, but I’m not 100% sure. Can you tell me if I’m fooling myself?

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

You’re a very unique soul. When people meet you, they feel your sophistication, persuasiveness and ease of expression. They don’t understand what they’re noticing, but they want the opportunity to be in the presence of whatever you possess. After knowing you, the public is unable to figure out what your “magic” is about. They’re even more intrigued with you. You would think this should guarantee your success in an acting/music career.

You’re somewhat aware of people being affected by your spirit, but you’re more focused on separating yourself from their persistent probing and interest. You create boundaries between yourself and others through focusing on your work, new associations or new quests – anything to lose yourself in the crowd that you always seem to accumulate.

How can you achieve career satisfaction and separation from the public’s attempts to bathe in your essence? Since you’re dynamic at problem-solving and understanding the nuances of each person’s personality, you believe that you would have deciphered the complexity of this situation. These qualities add to your mystique but haven’t transmuted into your preferred career success.

Let’s examine why people are affected by your soul. If you deliver what the public wants, you will be more likely to get back what you want in return. People are affected by how you make them feel the tones and textures in their environment. You identify with the romance of the feeling. You know how to blend yourself with whomever you encounter. This feeling you mirror back at people allows them to truly esteem who they are, so they want to remain in your presence. In your work as an actor/musician, you had used your focus to remove yourself from others, rather than give people what they’re most wanting.

You’re more successful in real estate because you’re open to possibilities, instead of self-denial. You can do well with adversity, but concentrating on sacrifice will just bring you more lack, not expansion. The intention you’re putting out as a real estate agent is higher than your intention in acting/music, therefore the success is higher.

Please consider that acting/music is not the ultimate expression of yourself in this life – rather see it as just another option. Seeing it in a lighter way will remove the weight of your burden, and therefore, increase the “breakthroughs” in this career as well.

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