Look Forward Into the New Year With Psychic Nadya

In the video Looking Forward to 2011, Psychic Nadya ext. 5347 predicts that this year will be much easier for many. Early this year, take some time to evaluate which relationships are working for you and which are not. Also, take a look at your career to see if you’re on track with your goals and aspirations. Perhaps it’s time to move forward on your dream career. By taking some time now to reevaluate your current position in life and letting go of things that you don’t want or need, you’re clearing away the negative clutter physically, mentally and emotionally. This allows new positive space to be opened and new possibilities to enter into your life.

Are you using your gifts and talents? This year is a time to explore how to use your talents in new ways which can further expand your success and happiness. Psychic Yemaya ext. 5143 explains in the video Unlocking Your Artistic Passion how to use your talents in new and different ways. Get ready to reconnect to your artistic side, and perhaps turn it into a new career.

If you’re having trouble figuring out where you’re suppose to be, watch the video with Psychic Giovanna ext. 5214 called Finding Your Inner Calm. She explains that when we don’t have a definitive idea of where we want to go and the plans to make it happen, we can get caught in a never ending loop that can create stagnation in our lives. We might find ourselves in relationships that aren’t nurturing our soul or in jobs that don’t encourage growth. Now is the time to take a step back from your life, regroup and focus on what it is you do want.

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