A Meditation to Balance Your Root Chakra

A Meditation to Balance Your Root Chakra | California Psychics

Understanding Your Root Chakra

Your Root Chakra is the first of seven chakras, or subtle energy centers, within your body. Here is where your primal instinct and your sense of tribal energy lives. When you meditate on it, it empowers you and helps you attain and/or remain in balance, connects you with Spirit, and creates inner harmony. The Root Chakra is also known as the Base Chakra, and its name in Sanskrit is “Muladhara,” which means “foundation.”

What the Root Chakra Connects

Picture a fiery red ball of warm light at the very bottom of your spine, which is your tailbone. Here is where you experience the energy of survival, physical needs, basic trust, and your grounded attachment to Mother Earth. It is associated with the color red and the musical note of C. The animal associated with it is the elephant. It correlates with the planet Saturn, which rules both Capricorn and Aquarius. It connects to your hips, lower back, and goes all the way down to your feet. It’s where your feelings of stability, safety, and security reside.

This is your Kundalini power base. Think of your Kundalini as a coiled snake of your personal divine feminine, creative power. It lives in both men and women, and it is your life force energy. (Whenever you’re ready, you can do other meditations to uncoil and raise it either on your own or with an experienced teacher.) See it as your rocket fuel and the reservoir of your superpowers.

A Blocked Root Chakra

If this chakra is blocked, it can lead to feeling shaky, nervous, and uneasy. This is when you might be feeling anxious, fearful, scared, and insecure. It can create panic attacks, a sense of insecurity, and negativity you may direct at yourself and others.

The wonderful thing is that you can open up your Root Chakra, and all of your chakras, and bring them back into alignment with meditation. The word “meditation” is enough to fill some folks with anxiety, for fear of doing it wrong. But as you read on, you’ll see there’s nothing to be afraid of; it’s easy! Here is a Root Chakra meditation to balance and ground yourself.

A Meditation for Your Root Chakra

In a meditation based on teachings by Shannon Yrizarry, prepare to go inward by gently stretching your hips, lower back, and legs. Then get into a comfortable cross-legged seated position, perhaps on a mat or pillow. If you prefer to sit in a chair, just keep your feet flat on the floor. Play gentle, calming music if you like, and it can help to keep the lights low or to even use candles. You might choose to have some red-hued crystals nearby to help activate your alignment power, such as red jasper, hematite, red carnelian, garnet, or ruby.

Now bring your spine into an upright position, which allows energy to flow all the way up to your Crown Chakra. Begin breathing deeply for just a few minutes until you feel calm and relaxed.

Try visualizing yourself as a beautiful, tall, sturdy tree with roots that grow down, far into the earth, or see yourself as a mountain, firm, unshakable, and unmovable.

Meditation Questions

When you are ready, ask yourself a question. What do you most need to know right now? What do you want to see your life look like? You may want to know how it would feel to live your life with lovingkindness, with excellent health, or with dreams accomplished, so ask yourself how your life would look if you could live that way. There’s no need to get an answer at this moment. When the time is right, the answer will rise from deep within you. Just hold your question in your mind as you meditate.

The Paths of Your Life

Now picture three shining, golden paths before you. Feel their inviting warmth. See gorgeous flowers, green grass, and trees all around you and on these paths. Hear the gentle chirping song of birds nearby. The left path leads you to your healthy, vibrant, strong, physical body. The middle path represents your powerful mind and positive thoughts that make you feel good. The path on the right guides your wondrous soul into your true happiness, love, and contentment. Now see all these paths merge into one golden path. You are now perfectly balanced within.

As you step onto this path and begin moving forward, feel the loving, healing, grounding energy of the earth rise up into your stomach and all the way up your spine. Feel how loved you are by the Universe. See yourself living the life you always believed you could. Feel lovingkindness move through you and out into the world.

Rebalancing Yourself

Now bring yourself back by taking a gentle, easy breath and let yourself wake up by opening your eyes and moving your fingers and toes. Notice how balanced, grounded, and secure you feel.

As you go forth, know that you can live the life you imagined. You can always tap into this meditation with affirmations such as: I am safe, stable, and secure. I am deeply fulfilled. I am supported by the Universe in all things. I feel grounded, serene, loved, and happy. The Universe provides for me. All my needs are met. I am at peace.

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