Psychic Helps Caller Rearrange and Re-Sort Her Relationship

Psychic Helps Caller

Relationship Issues and Your Higher Self

My approach to helping clients with relationship issues is to tune into the Higher Self of each party (including the children, if any) in order to give voice to all the perspectives on the situation that are available. A reading can provide useful options to the client, especially when what’s in the foreground and background of the client’s awareness can be re-sorted so they can rearrange their approach to a current challenge.

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A Potential Affair

Suzanne (not her real name) hoped that beginning her first affair would offer her the excitement missing in her 20-year marriage. My reading revealed (much to Suzanne’s dismay) that her husband, who was on the road for his sales job, had remained faithful to her and did not have a girlfriend as Suzanne had hoped. She was hoping to use this information to justify an affair of her own .

Her Negative Outlook

Suzanne’s extended time apart from her husband, in addition to her job, could have been filled with meaningful activities such as exercise, a hobby or evening classes at the community college. But Suzanne’s negative outlook on life had her see her husband’s absences as something that was taking away from her quality of life.

An Unrequited Love

Suzanne’s fixation on having this potential affair centered on an unrequited love from high school—a boy that all the girls had been interested in. With her 20th high school reunion around the corner, and her archenemy sure to attend, Suzanne also wanted this affair for bragging rights.

The Dry Times

Like many couples, Suzanne and her husband were apparently great as a couple in the beginning when everything was new, but they had few skills during the inevitable “dry times” of their relationship, so they had long ago retreated to their separate corners of the relationship. Similar to many couples experiencing a lack of marital satisfaction, Suzanne’s tendency was to scout the terrain and contemplate an affair.

Giving Her Marriage a Real Chance

She also realized that she and her husband each had a history of “scanning the room” and neither of them felt “chosen for keeps” by the other. She had never given her marriage a full chance by keeping one fantasy foot out the door. Her teenage daughter was just starting to date and Suzanne realized that only by fully committing to being “all in” would she be able to look her daughter in the eye. She wanted to teach her a lesson about commitment.

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

The reading also revealed that when Suzanne was six, her mother had an affair that resulted in divorce from her father. As a child, she remembered the divorce as double the usual birthday and Christmas gifts. But my reading helped shift Suzanne’s perception and she started to view her possible divorce through the mindset of an awakened adult. Therefore, divorce was an event she had the power to prevent for the sake of herself and her two children. After speaking with me she realized she had one last chance to try and save her marriage, provided she followed the steps I suggested, including ending the affair before it began.

Renewing Their Vows

Months later, I received a call from Suzanne. She and her husband had renewed their vows. One of the pivotal vows they made was “May the next twenty be so much better.” I have faith that they will be now that Suzanne has experienced relationship awareness.

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6 thoughts on “Psychic Helps Caller Rearrange and Re-Sort Her Relationship

  1. SHOSHANA,6497

    Interesting, and very refreshing take on a frequent subject that comes thru my beloved clients.
    Thank you for the gift of patience, and prescience gift to clear out the debris, and
    Direct their lives, in the right direction, BRAVO. Their timing and choice was directed to
    A gifted psychic.

  2. GEMINI6

    Hi! Seymour, thank u for your article. I am not in a relationship but, I know that communication is very important in a relationship. Can u write an article for singles and relationships? Would like to hear your in sight on singles who just can’t find there life partners
    (just stuck and burned out).

  3. Chrissi

    our marriage is 25 years this year, we do most things apart as we don’t really share the same interests any more- I came to this relationship from an abusive relationship where I had to leave the home I had built with my first husband- who had returned to his mother, or put up with both physical, and mental abuse including abuse of my two cats, I had got to the stage I did not wish to return to the flat as I was afraid of what I might find, so I used to pop into the pub he worked in to get a little Dutch courage to return, and we had got chatting, when I finally escaped it was to his and his mother’s home as by then the abusive guy had lost me another job so I couldn’t really get myself out- after a year of living together – and being happy too he proposed to me and did so seven times because I didn’t believe the first six- I was happy for the first few years of marriage but when we had our son things changed I’d got a job as a caretaker ( to get away from his mother) which was unpaid full-time and involved being live in on the premises which meant I didn’t pay much attention to him as I still had to run our home as well because he was working to earn the money to pay out portion of the bills – when my son was three months old he had an affair with one of the other staff where I was, which, eventually resulted both in a child and my being asked to leave the caretaking job because of the effect the affair was having on me- so I had no option but to return to living at his mother’s – who said she will accept the child as her grandchild, so you can imagine the atmosphere- he returned to the family when my son was 1 but still saw the other woman for a while until he decided he would stay with me as I had told him to do the thing which would make him happiest because being in the middle was no good for anyone- we then puttered along getting through him having cancer and the treatment too till my son went to uni when our marriage began to resemble the way it was when we first married however his mother passed on and although we inherited the house we then began spending more and more time apart as he had his room and I mine- we still sleep in the same bed but now the only times we have much of a conversation is when we are out- and because of various things that isn’t as often as it might be- but I would never have an affair even though things aren’t perfect because things could turn for the better at any time- astrologically we’re both air signs he’s a libra 15/10/60 and I’m aquarius 14/02/58, and according to astrology it should work

  4. libby 5288

    Love your Article Seymour, very well said, wishing u Lots of Continued Success, this article just tells me that we are all very blessed with our spirituality in helping so many other beautiful souls.


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