Find Peace Through Detachment

What is the true cause of human suffering? It is almost always our attachments – to things, to relationships, and to ideas. Release these, and allow the divine forces to operate. This will allow you to discontinue blocking your destiny.

There is a very deep wisdom in developing a sense of detachment. Atisha (an 11th century Tibetan master) once wrote that “the greatest generosity is detachment.”

Of course, most psychics at understand this concept, since our effectiveness as readers is directly affected by our emotional attachment to what we are “getting” from the caller.

When I first began reading here, there were calls that affected me so deeply, I would hang up the phone and just sob. (My Venus is in Pisces.) Then my phone would ring again, and I would have to turn it off, just like a light switch. Now, the only thing that really moves me into this state is the light that some of my callers carry and the tears are out of gratitude for even having the opportunity to witness their grace.

When we let go, and permit the universe to work its magic, we have the opportunity to get out of our own way. It is the difference between power and force, acceptance vs. denial. It is not about giving up as much as it is about being still. Empty. I often tell my callers, “I view my mind like a bad dog, and my foot is on its neck all the time. If you wish to starve the wolf, do not feed it. Have you ever heard the line, Train your Dalmatian, or your Dalmatian will train you?”

Peace and happiness: “When I have this person, or when I lose this weight, or when I get this or that, then I will be happy.” I usually tell the caller, “No, you have it backward. Be happy now. Right where you are. Everything is perfect right now. So, knowing that, what do you wish to create with the rest of your life?” You are free. Own that power. Own that responsibility. I am not saying that you haven’t painted yourself into a really small corner and movement may be difficult now. There are always consequences for our decisions and the universe has no problem upping the ante until we get the message.

Our attachments are generally the cause of suffering. Need nothing, but want everything. Embrace your prosperity, not as a goal, but as your birthright. Then stand back and allow your holographic image to release those waves of creation. They grow wings and take flight. Worry, over-thinking and fear pulls them back. Sooner or later, we all have to deal with the “faith” issue. Be there now. It is a choice.

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