2021 Spring Equinox Horoscope: Balance and Growth

2021 Spring Equinox Horoscope: Balance and Growth | California Psychics

Welcoming in the Light

The Spring Equinox occurs this year on March 20 at 2:37 a.m. PST and brings with it the magic of night and day, dark and light, winter and spring, all balancing in harmony. Thereafter the days grow longer, the light grows stronger, and spring rolls into town. Whether you’re still buried under snow or already tiptoeing through the tulips, this is a wonderful day, and a powerful time of the year.

There are endings taking place as we close out winter and the previous season’s cold begins to fade away with the return of increasing light. You can feel the lifeforce waking up and beginning to infuse everything and everyone with the energy of new beginnings. Today the sun moves out of gentle, dreamy Pisces and steps into fiery, go-for-it Aries and there’s no mistaking that change is in the air. What seeds will you plant, what new steps will you take as the moon waxes and the equinox infuses your life with the power of new beginnings?


Fire becomes you as that element rules your sign, and the Spring Equinox is indeed filled with light and fiery energy. Consider how you want to use this increased energy and what kind of kindling, wood, or fuel you want to add to help your fire grow. The fire you feed today will nourish and feed you in the months to come.


You are rich with earthy energy that can ground and contain the Fire of the equinox, and you know how to use the ash to enrich the soil in your garden and turn it into loam. You’ve already plowed, tilled, and prepared your soil. Today you can plant the seeds and water your garden. Mother Nature loves your garden design.    


Air and Fire are not just compatible, for without Air, Fire dies and embers can’t stay lit. The fiery equinox energy relies on the oxygen you offer in order to birth great things in your life. Your enthusiasm, curiosity, and delight are exactly what the land and soil most need in order for your garden to grow.


Wash away and clean out everything that no longer serves your highest good. And save some of your water of life for the new seeds you plant in your fertile and well-prepared garden today. By the light of the Full Moon, you’ll be able to see shoots emerge from the soil as your seeds/projects begin to break through into the light of day.  


The steady warmth of your fiery energy warms the soil of your garden and channels the initiating energy of the equinox exactly where you want it to go. Because of your charisma, everything and everyone craves your company. You will need to choose your seeds wisely, cull the weeds, and plant only what you really want to harvest this fall.  


Your earthy and precise attention to detail is exactly what your garden needs most as you pull weeds and plant your seeds today. As a mutable sign you may have trouble making up your mind about your garden design. Don’t overthink it. Tune into the power of the equinox and let that be your guide.


Your eye for beauty and grace guarantees that you’ll plant flowers in and amongst your vegetables because they will nourish your soul. Your airy, light touch may need just a little bit more gardening glove and less white glove. That way you’ll get the most from this powerful equinox energy and your garden of life will thrive.  


There’s no doubt that your watery fertility gives you a very green thumb that channels the equinox energy so that everything you plant in your garden today will flourish. That doesn’t mean you should plant indiscriminately though. Think it through. Will you, or anyone else, actually eat a three-foot bitter cabbage? Probably not. Stick to regular veggies instead.


Slow down oh fiery one, at least enough to plant your seeds in the earth and not fling them randomly hither and yon! The equinox energy will empower whatever you plant, as long as you make sure they have what they need to thrive. Go ahead and till at least one row. It will be worth your effort when harvest time arrives.


While you might be tempted to get your personal assistant to plant your garden for you, you really need to do this yourself. You have just what it takes to channel the fiery energy of the equinox through your vision and earthy power and into the garden at your feet. Only you can decide what you want to eat.


Like the true humanitarian and Air sign you are, you bypassed your personal garden and went straight to the community garden first. Your lofty vision ensures that the equinox energy serves everyone, and that no one goes hungry. It’s okay though to plant a small garden for yourself as well. You don’t have to choose between one or the other.  


Your compassionate heart is ready to water the weeds as well as the seeds, and that will make a good harvest a bit of a challenge. The equinox energy will supercharge the seeds you plant, and they will need the room to grow. Weed sparingly but weed you must. If it flowers though, leave it for the bees and butterflies.

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