Psychic Phillip

Psychic Phillip

What To Expect

Phillipis a natural intuitive who has a female spirit guide. He also uses a deck of 36 picture cards. Ask questions and he will show you new perspectives. He begins his readings with a direct style and adjusts to meet your comfort zone. If you call in distress, he will gently ease you to a more emotionally stable place. He believes that when you know what you must do to be happy and strong, you will do it. He simply wants to point the way. Phillip says, “Metaphorically, we are standing in a hole with a shovel. We dig it deeper and deeper by repeating patterns that do not work. My job is to get you to put down the shovel and create change so you can climb out of the hole.” His objective is to guide you toward accomplishing change as soon as possible. Often it is merely a shift in consciousness, but sometimes it is nothing less than revamping everything! Phillip has been practicing astrology so long that he can immediately see what you need to know! Mark Twain's quote: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” resonates with Phillip. He believes as an intuitive spiritual astrologer, he sheds light on your purpose and path in life. He considers it a privilege to do so!

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Reality and Consciousness

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