The Best Crystals to Help with Holiday Stress

The Best Crystals to Help with Holiday Stress | California Psychics

Crystals for the Holidays

Holidays are meant to be a time of joy and happiness, when loved ones gather from near and far, with families and friends getting together to celebrate love by sharing meals and giving gifts to one another. But in all the preparation for these gatherings, a lot of stress can build up. One way to ease those stresses, even before they start, is to have certain crystals around you to help you relax and enjoy all the things you need to do and the events you may experience during the holidays.

Programming Your Crystals

If you can carve out some quiet time to meditate with your crystals each day, even if only for a few minutes, it will go a long way toward helping you feel calm, centered, and peaceful in the midst of what can be a highly stressful time. Listen for each crystal to call you, pick it up and hold it, and as you tune into it, fill it with your intention. Repeat this process with as many crystals as you feel drawn to. Breathe in healing, peace, and lovingkindness as you breathe out pain, heartache, and confusion. Your crystals will hold your intentions for you and radiate out the wonderful energies you put into them. You can direct wherever you want these crystal energies to go just by imbuing them with your heart’s desires.

The Best Crystals for You

Many crystals are known to help release and even prevent stress, as well as create calm that keeps you grounded, serene, and balanced, all while empowering you with positive energy as you focus on the important things during this holiday season. Here are some of the best crystals for holiday stress.

Blue Lace Agate – If your mind is racing with over-thinking and high anxiety, this pretty, pale blue gemstone is seen as a wonderful antidote. It is associated with the Throat chakra and is thought to help soothe stress and create tranquility. If your nerves are jumping, this crystal is said to bring the calm you so crave. It is believed to be perfect for bringing you peace of mind and solace to your spirit.

Sunstone – Like the sun for which it is named, this gemstone is known to bring radiant, shining, and joyful happiness to your soul. It is thought to be uplifting, healing, and a great stress reliever. This bright orange crystal aligns with the Sacral chakra and is said to alleviate the blues and uplift you with optimism and positive energy. It is thought to banish dark nights of the soul the way the glowing sun transforms cold nights into warm days.

Lepidolite – This lovely lilac or rose-colored gemstone is aligned with your Crown chakra and contains lithium, an element known to help create calm. It is believed to be among the most effective crystals for bringing balance, harmony, and serenity to your soul. It is thought to help stabilize moods and bring peaceful, soothing energy to frazzled feelings, and help you have sweet sleep.

Black Tourmaline – This ebony-colored crystal is considered to be protective, as it blocks negative energies. It is believed to assist you in connecting your Root chakra with the center of the Earth to help you feel grounded, centered, and stabilized. Sometimes you may encounter angry people who “throw” their energy like lightning bolts, and they may have no idea they are doing it. This gemstone is thought to shield you from psychic attack and repel any dark energy thrown your way, in addition to helping you release any of your own negative energy, thoughts, and feelings. It is also seen as a crystal that helps transform, purify, and release pain.

Citrine – This bright yellow-orange-gold gemstone is called the “Light Maker” and the “Success Stone.” Its high frequency vibrations align with your Solar Plexus chakra and is thought to obliterate dark energies and transform them to joy, happiness, and light. Anytime you need cheering, this is the crystal for you to meditate upon. It is said to help you attain success and financial blessings as well.

Fluorite – This colorful crystal filled with purples and greens, and sometimes blues and yellows, carries its own inner rainbow and is thought to help create blissful calm as it clears away toxic thoughts and crippling confusion. It stimulates your Third Eye chakra and is said to give you clarity about your divine purpose even as it helps release chaos from your mind and heart.

The Best Crystals to Help with Holiday Stress infographic | California Psychics

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