Better Sex in 60 Seconds

You’re overworked, stressed out, exhausted and for a variety of reasons (above and beyond those three), your sex life is sagging. So, what can you do without exhausting yourself even more to bring the va va va voom back to your bedroom? These sexy secrets will spice things up in 60 seconds or less!

Talk about it
Let’s face it, some of us are shy when it comes to mentioning the unmentionable. But a seductive whisper – even if it’s as simple as, “I want you,” or a passing thought “maybe we should do it on that table” before you bid your sweetie goodbye in the morning, will have their mind reeling all day. There’s no quicker way to inspire passion for when you get home that night.

Write about it
Oh, the power of words! If you can’t bring yourself to say them (or maybe you just want to send a little reminder sometime during a particularly hard day), let technology do the talking. While an email may be tempting, work isn’t always a place for the racy, so send a saucy text message. If it’s particularly daring, it’ll set your lover’s pulse racing, and even something subtle will be sure to give them an afternoon thrill.

Wear it, work it, own it!
Do you have a sexy feature – great legs, nice cleavage, a smoldering gaze – that you know turns your mate on? Emphasize it. Do they like your hair a certain way? Wear it like that. It’s simple, but by putting it out there that you’re trying to please them you’ll find a little effort goes a long way.

Bring it to the table
Eating can be one of the most sensual experiences a couple can share. When you lick your lips – or your finger, or even eat something from your spoon, it can be suggestive. Meet your partner’s gaze when you do it, and it will be suggestive to them. Wipe something from their lips and do the same – and there’ll be no mistaking your intention. Even better, feed them a few bites with your spoon or fork. Yum.

Touch it
Research shows that physical contact releases chemicals that bring couples closer. And while cuddling may take longer than a few seconds, a passing touch – to any part of your partner (which you choose is up to you!) – indicates your affection. Place it well and it can also start a seduction. Let your lips graze their ear, linger just a second longer than usual, or use your entire body to make contact as you move past, and your mate will know that you’ve got sex and possibility on your mind.

Watch it
A well-placed mirror can give the two of you a view when you do the deed. And what’s better than that? If you’re not comfortable putting one in your room by the bed, change up your location to a spot where there will be an opportunity to see yourselves. Leave your self-doubt at the door because confidence is sexy! Simply start with a little make-out session in front of the mirror. Make it one you and your partner won’t soon forget.

Share it
It’s been proven that couples who look at each other when they have sex, connect on a more emotional (intimate) level. So make a point to stare into your lover’s eyes while you’re entwined and the experience will be of a deeper, more passionate kind. The memory of that intensity will stay with you, plus it will inspire more intensity down the road.

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