DreamCast: The Bear is Her Power Animal

(All in a Dream)

I had a very bizarre dream what seemed like all night. I was trying to protect myself from a bear. I was in a girlfriend’s cottage. I haven’t seen or heard from her in 12 years. I went for a jog/walk after awhile. When I came back, the sun was blinding me and I could barely open one eye, and the bear was right in front of me. I sat in the fetal position. He sniffed me and then went to the cabin. I ran to the car though I had no keys. I called 911. I don’t know what happened to my girlfriend Erika.

Ariane in Winnipeg

Hi Ariane,

I believe the bear could be your power animal. As taught by Native American culture, a power animal, which is an otherworldly guide, often appears in dreams. It can even appear threatening. Being blinded by the sun as the bear was right in front of you is a wonderful symbol of enlightenment. Plus, the bear never actually hurt you, so I think he’s a benevolent symbol. Your fear of the bear makes me wonder if you’re afraid of your own power. As for Erika, does she remind you of yourself in some way? She probably symbolizes a characteristic within you. I might also ask what was happening to you 12 years ago, when you were friends with Erika? Was there something disturbing happening to either of you at the time? I think the dream is telling you that you now have the power to handle challenging situations – with your bear as a spiritual guide to help you!

Sweet dreams,


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