Should You Stay in Your Relationship?

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

I get many calls about love and relationships, and what is clear to me as the reader isn’t always clear to my clients. It’s very difficult to see the pattern when you’re in it. Here are some things that might show you the right path when it seems very dark in your relationship. Should you stay and work things out with them or should you go?

1. Are you thinking about cheating? If you are considering an affair, part of you has already left the relationship. Being honest and clear about your intentions can only help you see which way to turn.

2. Stability and security are no longer enough. Sometimes stability and security aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. They don’t make up for a lack of love and affection. How long can you be unhappy? Untouched? Unfulfilled? There is living, and then there is just walking through life.

3. You are afraid of being alone. If you can, imagine your fear coming true—being single again. What is the worst thing that can happen? Is any of that worse than being in a loveless, unfulfilled relationship?

4. Outside stress plays a role. If you’ve had a lot of outside stresses—work, family, friends, etc., you might be blaming your partner for the way you feel. Be certain what you’re angry about before you lose your temper.

5. Happiness isn’t something that you should live without. It’s not something that should come to you on special occasions or because the stars align one day. Happiness is a goal; it’s the whole enchilada. It’s something you should fight for, tooth and nail if necessary.

Does your relationship make you happy? If no, why not?

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