Get the Guy: 7 Quick Ways To Tell if He’s Attracted to You

signs he's attracted to you

Is He Attracted to You?

Most people don’t want to take a risk on someone that may not already like them, so they try to make sure they know whether they like them first. Women especially are often unaccustomed to making the first move, so knowing how to read a guy can feel vital. So how do you tell if a guy is interested? Here are seven signs to consider.

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1. Eye Contact
As obvious as it sounds, a guy will make eye contact with you when he finds you attractive. But the key is in the regularity. “He keeps looking at me!” If he find you attractive, he won’t look at you just the once. If you keep looking over your shoulder and catching him looking at you, you’re certainly getting a great first cue. You might be wondering why he looks away when I catch him staring. He’s probably just gathering up the nerve to come say hello!

2. Proximity
Is he finding reasons to drift closer towards you? This is often the first subtle (or not-so-subtle) step men take when they are in the presence of a woman they find attractive. So, next time you are in a bookstore, you might notice him conveniently browsing the books nearest to you. Most guys are simply hoping that by being near to you they are going to end up talking to you (even if they do forget to open their mouths!)

3. He Tells You More Than He Needs To
In conversation, does he offer up information that you hadn’t really asked for? When a guy find you attractive, you’ll often find him talking about his achievements, the last place he went on holiday, or his passions. These are certainly great signs. It’s just his way of looking for your approval. If he’s investing time in telling you about himself and his life, it’s a great sign!

4. He Re-initiates Things
When conversation dies down for a few seconds, is he the one to revive it? If you go to the bathroom, does he come and find you again afterwards, even if you don’t automatically come back to him? Look for signs that he is trying to extend the interaction.

5.  “Pecking”
If you’re in a loud environment, is he the one leaning in to listen to your response? You can usually tell which person is investing the most amount of effort and energy by simply looking at who is leaning in.

6. Touch
By touch I don’t necessarily mean anything sexual. I simply mean that a guy is looking for reasons to break the physical barrier with you. Guys will use any excuse to do this. He might playfully tap you on the arm, touch your back as he walks behind you, or even make an excuse to high-five you! Look for signs of him being tactile with you in a way he isn’t with other people.

7. Smiling
When we’re talking to someone we are attracted to we become much more expressive. Look for someone who smiles frequently at what you say, and someone who laughs consistently at your jokes (even the ones that aren’t funny!)

Remember, don’t wait until you have all of these signs! Just because he isn’t dancing back-to-back with you, or standing next to you at the bar, doesn’t mean he couldn’t be interested. Sometimes you just have to make the leap.

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32 thoughts on “Get the Guy: 7 Quick Ways To Tell if He’s Attracted to You

  1. It's A secrete

    I can relate to all of these….but I still don’t think he likes me because he is a guy who likes his “Independence”. And he asked me if It’s okay if we just be friends. But I can relate to so much of the smiling (Showing teeth when smiling), The staring when not looking but looks away when I look back. He also likes to share his snacks with me. We make eye contact when talking, and once he gave me an example of some guy at my job who would make another worker uncomfortable because he would slowly touch her hand. And he did touch my hand slowly when showing me. We work at the same job and If I ask to go with him on break he always says “Sure”. And recently twice he has asked me to go with him on break. He doesn’t like texting though…….And I’m usually the one asking to hangout……………..

    1. It's A secrete

      Oh! And one more thing! We went to the movies and every time I would say something he would lean in really close because it was loud. But his head would be so close that I could kiss him Lol. No worries I didn’t go in for a kiss, he probably would never want to hangout ever again if I did something like that!

    2. It's A secrete

      Also I took two weeks off from work for vacation. And when I came back from vacation and back to work, on that first day back he came to talk to me and then asked me if I wanted to go with him on break and tell him more about my vacation. But sadly I couldn’t go because I had to clock back in.

  2. I need help

    Hi there’s this boy who is in every single class that I’m in and in almost every class i catch him staring at me although he doesn’t talk to me. I’ve have a crush on him for a while now and I just don’t know whether he likes me or not please help.

    1. Cat

      I know right?! There’s this really cute guy in 1 of my classes and he used to be in my class last year and he used to stare at me and find a way to touch me by making me give him a high-five or bumping into me and saying very jokily “Oops sorry I love you.”??? Now, he sits behind me in class and just the other day (since I have no friends in that class) I started looking on my phone at the end of class and I was standing at my desk and I saw him talking to the teacher near the door while everyone else was crowding there waiting for the bell so they could leave. Then, I noticed he was standing right beside me at my desk and there was a piece of paper half-off my desk and he lightly pushed his finger to put it fully back on my desk and before I could say thanks the bell rang and we all left. I really want to talk to him but I’m reallyyyy shy and I’m afraid it’d look obvious. I know tho, next time he’s around my desk I’m going to look up at him and try to smile & say something like “When’s the bell gonna ring” or something general. Anyways, it sounds like that boy likes you. Just be confident and start with looking at him back and don’t look away until he does, also smile:)

  3. fatima

    I met him while travelling. He was with me in the same bus, hotel and the program. When we were travelling, he kept staring at me. A lot. In the same day, we went to safari so when we were back, we started talking and we got lost together and we kept joking and laughing till we arrived to have dinner. The next day, we went to the yacht and we were going to dive. When the man who was teaching us the signs was talking, I caught him looking at me and when he saw me looking at me he looked away and left. When we were ready to jump to the sea, I was standing annoyed and he was standing in front of me so he glanced around then came to me and asked me what am I doing and why I didn’t swim. And when we were in water, he kept looking at me and told me that i’m a good swimmer. After about 15 minutes, we were on the yacht and he asked me if I could hold his glasses till he jumps and then I can trow it back to him. I really loved how he called my name. Next day, I didn’t see him because I slept all day. Last day, he wasn’t looking at me at all. He was by the door of the bus and I was going up so he looked away when he saw me and when we were in a rest, I was going down and he was coming up the bus so he went down and told me to pass so I kinda ran without looking at him. Later, he kept looking at me in the bus and I looked at him back many times. Then my friend called me and I was joking and teasing her and he was really focused with me. Then, I looked at him and he did the same so I kinda smiled and he did the same and asked me if I was tired so I told him not really and he told me it’s a really long journey and I agreed with him and he looked away so I did the same. And when I was leaving, I wanted to say goodbye but he was asleep. I’m not sure if I will see him again because he is older than me with two years and he is in the last year of high school and it’s really hard. Anyways, I got his Facebook account in a really creepy way and of course I won’t send him a friend request. But I don’t know if he likes me the way I do to him or what. I know I don’t know him but I feel attracted to him and I don’t know if he feels the same or what.

    1. Lizzie

      Do it girl! Add him on Facebook! You never know until you take the risk! He might feel the same for you (sounds like it) … You have nothing to loose

  4. Maddie

    I’m so confused!!! Today I was walking to Orchestra and this guy was walking up the ramp to his next class while i was going down to mine. So I move to my left but after a couple steps he moves to his right and bumps into me. But instead of saying sorry and getting to class, he stands there (We were kind of squished up against a wall. ) and he just looks at me for about a minute. Then says sorry and walks off, looking over his shoulder at me. HELP ME!

  5. help?

    So last week, In Thursday caught this guy staring at me in omega and then looks his head back. He keeps looking at me. In lunch when he passed through my schoolbag he just kept saying how sorry he was but no guy ever does that in my school e.e

    But in Friday in our last period I saw him laughing with his female friend but then he lowered down his laughter when he caught me looking at him and stared at me, Almost his mouth open. I kinda got embarassed so I just turned away for a couple of seconds and turned away.

    In Monday, I caught him staring at me In a few periods he always sit next to me and in Spanish, He asked me if he can have paper out of my notebook and everyone stayed silent and I acted like my heart was going to blow up and he acted normal but lowered his tone (He sounded nice) And asked for my pencil. Usually asks for stuff but After spanish he started sitting next to me alot and I think he knows I like him :c But usually touches my desk whenever he stretches but not going over-board and annoying. I always caught him staring at me and when lunch happened, I didn’t go outside and I realized that he was behind me talking with his friend and he usually goes outside?…

    Anyways whenever he’s with his friends he starts cursing and be humorous around but when he is around me he acts nervous and polite. He even held the door open when I was about leave class.

    I don’t talk to him alot but he sounds friendly 🙂 I only chat with him for a few times but we both get nervous. Also I’m not sure if I should tell him I like him because this other girl, His best friend likes him and everyone knows it tbh. But I think that if I go tell him I might get rejected or if he says he likes me too, People will get pissed at me and her best friend is probably going to smack me :/

    What do I do?.. Does he like me and if he does what do I do with the other problem I have?.. :c

  6. arlene

    ive known this guy for 2yrs almost he makes me feel good in every way u can imagine. everything about him i love he drives me crazy in a good way. what the hell is wrong with this picture, am i coming on to strong or what

  7. Mouse

    A guy I’ve liked for 6 years seemed to be doing all of these and more but when I told him how I felt he said he doesn’t want me to have feelings for him and that he doesn’t know me. I was convinced there was pure attraction and an electrifying connection but obviously it was all in my head.

  8. Clare

    There’s this guy I like that does all but one of these… i gave him my number but he hasn’t texted me….. I don’t know what to do now.

  9. Lauy

    oMg A GUy TElls me that he is 60% deff and his middle name the other guy tells me his tenders getting big and his voice is cracking WTF

  10. Ruthy

    Wow. This guy I know does all of these things. Anytime I walk into a room he is in, a huge smile comes onto his face and I catch him staring at me throughout the day. When I catch him staring, he maintains eye contact for a while and smiles until I look away. He tells me I’m sweet several times a day. When we’re talking, we have the longest most random conversations about our passions and dreams in life. Also, when we’re talking he puts his hand on my shoulder alot. Lately, when he sits beside me his shoulders are turned to face me and his knees are against mine. When he hands me things there’s that moment when his hand brushes up against mine. We’ve known each other for two years. And he’s been single the entire time I’ve know him. He often emails or texts me. When ever we’re hanging out he’s usually leaning in toward me no matter where we are. Also, he’s extremely polite to me. I mean, anytime I do any favor for him- no matter how tiny- he makes sure to thank me and tell me that I’m sweet. Yep, I’m pretty sure he likes me for more than a friend.

  11. Ms.Conservative

    I don’t know if you’re still having your problem, but I read your comment and I have to respond. You cannot do anything with him. Not a thing. Do not flirt with him, don’t share personal stuff; you need to show him that he cannot be acting that way. I’m sorry if you like him, but he has a WIFE. And, almost more importantly, CHILDREN. Don’t mess up these kid’s lives, don’t lure him into betraying his wife. And if for any other reason, he’ll do the same thing to you: once a cheater, always a cheater. I’m sorry, but really. No.

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  14. Rf

    wow I was thinkinEw
    g that one guy was sooo into me and was extremely righhhhht
    He is the hottest guy in the whole world .I am so smart to know it and lucky ,blondyyyy

  15. Michelle

    I have a bit of an issue. The who I think intetested in me is married with two little kids. He was also my professor. There were times I caught him staring at me. He always would tell me personal things about himself, about plays he wad writing and even his kids. When ever I said something he always laughed or smiled. Once I said how bad I was at math and admitted he was bad at math. Never have I ever been so attracted to someone but at the same time I feel guilty because he is married. I just do not know what to do or how to react to him when I see him this upcoming semester. This is hard but I cannot help but have feelings for him.

  16. Tiwandaw Illsleyf

    What’s up everybody, I am sure you will be enjoying here by watching these kinds of hilarious video lessons.

  17. Jasmineflower

    I have this problem (is it a problem) with my neighbor. He talks to me and my friends, but he seems to talk to me differently than them. He smiles to me really sweetly it made my heart leap. Problem 2, I am engaged. My fiance is disrespectful and calls me names. I love him but I get such a rush from the other guy . I’m 26, my fiance is 39, and the other guy is 25. My age basically. His eyes make me melt. Oh G-d I dunno what to do. I’m stuck. I really want to be faithful, but this is so tempting. I think my neightbor has a g/f too. Not sure…

  18. sue

    this is what he did to me..and i really want to know if this is a sign that he attracted with me? last 4 month we had a great conversation and doing an assignment together and sharing day he asked me to search something on my drawing paper that he wrote on it.finally i found was ( i love u ) he ask me go for lunch just with me.before this we know that he is selfish and stingy person,but after i had a final submission i just ask him to buy me some water,he refuse it but after 15 minute later he gave me the water and smile.he spoke softly, kind to me and help me with my task.i told my friends about his kindness but they’re not believe me because he never show it with others.last one- i want to show him something in my hand that need to be in correct..suddenly he held my hand whenever i change my hand position.can you tell me is this a sign that he just comfortable with me as a friend or he actually have a feeling on me?

  19. K

    I hitnthis guy with my car gave him a ride home ,we laughed and talked all night, i hung around out of the fear of being sued. He finally admitted he jumped in front of the car to meet me since he had trouble getting my attention at the club which was odd since i dont recall seeing him there. I thought he was awesome after hanging out but told hi. To F off after i found out he played a game and did not give him my number assuming i would bump into him again and he would say hi and we could start appropriatly.( I just wanna hang out and have fun not like a relationship) . So the first time we bumped into each other he was sitting a this bar and grill i was talking and walking by he was looking then turned all the way around in his seat with his legs in a im the man come hug me pose, i was appaulled he didnt say hello so i continued the eye contact and walked past him and out the door. The next time I walked in a place we made eye contact both of us turned and rapidly said stuff to our buddies, he lingered close behind me in a few spots and spoke to a girl who was a stranger near by me that i had spoke to before him and never said i . Another lingering event occurred still no hello. I do like him but feel a man must say hello, ive said many times i will say hello next time but he acts dumb, my friend says he probably is afraid since i told him off and told him i wasent going to his party the first time when i had hit him with my car. Its quite strange. I feel like if he dose say hello we may go straight to sex so stay away, ive never felt like this before.

  20. Miley

    Okay so i just met this guy, really only this year like i new who he was last year but not enough to talk to him since were in the same class this year he had started to talk to me more, and i started to like him he is always like touching me like poking me and steping on the bottom of my foot just to get my attention and like he knows i like him because we sat beside each other in class and everyone was watching us flirt and so this rumor went around saying oh Miley likes you and everything and then i’ve heard from alot of his friends he likes me but like i dont really know if i should believe it. I also always catch him Looking at me and apperentaly i am hot to him i guess,and he is always puting his arm around me and all this other stuff so yeah thats some of it.

  21. jam

    ok my situation is a little different, ive known this guy since we were twelve, but now were eighteen but the twist is that we both are male but ive always been very feminine and cute, also im transgendered at first i would notice these signs in him that he would do but as time progressed he shows little interest in me but i still really love him, eventhough he never really admitted his feelings for me, i always felt that deep inside he really likes me on that level and its really frustrating becuz i cant just come out and ask him becuz i dont wanna offend him but it has really been bothering me for years….i really love him and i think i could make him happy =(

  22. Courtney

    I also have a problem
    This man I like has gf
    I’ve known him my hole life and when we were 7 I got dared to kiss him so I did he always looks at me when I look back he looks away he talks to me everyday and we chat a lot and tells me secrets but the prob is that he has a gf and I don’t kno wat to do does he like me and we always rate each other and always rates me a 9 and his gf 10 he always puts me second best. I want to be first

  23. Courtney

    I think u shudnt giv him too attention forget about him for a couple of days don’t do anything and c what happens if he comes up to u and starts talking that’s a key he has a thing for u

  24. Ruth

    He may very well like you, but, he is married. With that in mind, I would be trying to figure out what it is with -me- that I’m so attracted to someone who is not available.

  25. echo

    Did he love me????????? When he say something in the office he always look to my side, we are a 5 in the office. he tels me everything in his life, the fight with his wife, I even know that they did not sleep in one room his family everything. he always look and smile at me. one day he hug me. the next moment everything dissapear around me. he left the office without saying a word. the next day, and the next 4 months after this nothing appens, he is only very friendly with me. then one morning, he were about to left for cape town. I gave some papers to him, the next moment he look me in the eyes, and the same happens, Immediately he turn arround, put the papers on the table and left, without saying anything to anyhone, not even bye. he always phone the office, that day he did not, he passed the offroad to the town and drive a long way before he knows it is the wrong way.The next day he also did not phone the office, that Saturday hej phone me and chat (for the first time) about any thing for 10 monutes. After that I can feel he also feel something for me, he spoke softly, and kind to me, make me coffee etc. what must I do. my heart fell intio peaces, it feels I will die. I love him with my everything.

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