True Psychic Stories

Where do you draw that line between high-powered intuition and true psychic ability?

We asked our California Psychics team how they knew they had a knack for predicting the future. It’s amazing how similar and riveting their stories were. Many knew they were “different” from a very early age.

As children, most of our psychic had prophetic dreams. “As young as five, I began having these super, vivid, detailed visions in my sleep. One night I dreamed that my friend broke her leg,” tells Joey ext. 9406. “I called her the next day and found out that she had!”

Some felt the passing of loved ones before it happened. “At the age of 16,” remembers another new psychic, “I had a vision that my girlfriend died in a car accident. It upset me terribly, and I tried to put the vision behind me. A few days later, we received a call that she had been lost in a fatal car accident.”

Some of our intuitives suffered traumatic events during their lives that seemed to set off a series of psychic experiences. Many thought that their intuitions, strong senses and communication with spirits were what everyone else experienced – while others understood from relatives that it was a special gift passed down from generation to generation.

Often these events were kept secret, because these children with out-of-the-ordinary abilities feared their parents (or the outside world) would disapprove. “For most of my life, I was a closet psychic. Only recently have I decided to publicly admit I have these abilities. I believe wholeheartedly that this is a gift that can have tremendous healing effects when applied judiciously,” one of our psychics explains.

Here’s what else they said:

Shocking revelations
“I believe I’ve been psychic my whole life,” reports one of our top psychics, “but I ignored it until last May, when it came through in a very, very strong way. A loud voice came into my head which I experience like a radio that is always on. I have talked to several renowned psychics who cannot tell me what this gift is – but I believe it is rare. I hear a second voice, part of my clairaudience, but this voice is constant. I don’t just get bits and pieces of information. I actually have had to learn how to tune it out. I get names, streets, dates… I have found missing children… and I get constant validation from my clients that I am right.”

“I had always received visions, but this one was a turning point in my exploration of this gift,” reveals one of our newer psychics. “I was driving from my rural home to a nearby city to visit friends, wearing a new outfit I had purchased earlier in the day. As I was stopped at a stop sign, I suddenly saw a kind of inner TV screen. On this screen was an image of me in my new clothes – but wearing a large white bandage across my forehead. I tried to shake the image, but it stayed with me whether my eyes were open or closed.”

“It finally dissipated, and I pulled onto the highway – wondering what in the world I had just experienced. Suddenly, I saw a pair of headlights that seemed to be coming toward me on my side of the road. I quickly swerved, but the oncoming car hit me almost head on. Later in the hospital, unaware that I had a serious head injury, a bandage had been placed on my forehead exactly as I had seen it in my vision. Some years later, a palmist showed me a break in my lifeline at that point. I should have died in that accident. I now believe the vision somehow caused me to react a split second sooner… avoiding more severe consequences.”

“I discovered I was genuinely psychic by writing down my premonitions, dreams, feelings and messages in a diary,” says Lucrecia ext. 9326. “At the end of a year, I realized I was making about 20 predictions a week. I would tell family, friends, even neighbors when I saw something I thought they should know, sometimes even doing so anonymously.”

Everyday occurrences
“My mother shared with me that her mother and grandmother were powerfully psychic,” says Maryanne ext. 9146. “She was psychic herself, but fearful of the power and chose not to use it. She didn’t discourage me from enjoying my ability and allowing it to grow. It has been a part of my life through a very conventional college and graduate school education and a corporate career, while working part-time as a psychic. I am now delighted to be a psychic, full-time.”

“I don’t know what it is like to not be psychic,” says Joey. “It is who I am. I have always been drawn to the metaphysical even at times when I’ve tried to ignore my sixth sense. I’m hyper aware. This requires much needed psychic rest and protection… but that may also be a part of my Pisces nature.”

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