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Accept Your Karmic Burden

The universe insists that we grow spiritually. We can kick and scream as much as we want, but that changes nothing. The answer is - jump on board with read more

How To Meet Your Destiny

What is destiny? How do you know what your destiny is? I am often asked by callers whether or not a given opportunity or obstacle is a sign about their destiny. The answer is often a disconcerting "yes. ... read more

Free Will Explained

Everyone who is a part of your life, either on a small scale or a large one - teachers, co-workers, bosses, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends and friends... has an agreement with you. These agreements you ... read more
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We Create Our Destiny

Look around you, right now. Everything began with a thought. Look in the mirror. This includes you. The clouds, the sky, space. There are no exceptions. The creative process flows throughout. We have heard ... read more

Love Worth Waiting For

Have you ever been in a romantic situation that inspires the well meaning people around you to continuously moan, "Give up," "You're wasting your time," or "They're just not into you!" Yet a voice deep ... read more

Meet the New Psychics

When the spiritual world calls you to your destiny as a psychic guide, it's important to have a strong desire to do good in the world - that's a big component in the calling! Being a professional psychic ... read more

The Power of Destiny

"Yes, we create our reality but there is no doubt that there are higher powers at work and that there is such a thing as destiny. There are no what ifs," according to our California Psychics, who ... read more
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