Love Worth Waiting For

Have you ever been in a romantic situation that inspires the well meaning people around you to continuously moan, “Give up,” “You’re wasting your time,” or “They’re just not into you!” Yet a voice deep within your otherwise-sensibly beating heart tells you that someday, against all odds, you will be together – at least for a while.

Ginger ext. 9344 knew that Sean (not his real name) – a yoga and meditation instructor who longed to make his mark in the world of fine art – believed that fate would again connect him to a young woman he had once loved deeply. Dahlia (not her real name) had been teaching at a private university in Europe, and was now back at home in Chicago working as a political activist. A mutual friend had filled Sean in on the details, after the pair had unexpectedly locked eyes across a crowded city street, just weeks before. She had merely nodded at him, and then turned away.

“It’s me!” Sean announced to Ginger, as he began his regular monthly call to the Clairvoyant in his usual enthusiastic manner. He began this particular call with a question unlike his usual job and art inquiries.

“Where is Dahlia on her life path? Where am I?” he asked, determined to hear whatever the truth might be.

Ginger closed her eyes to watch the images that came to her as answers to her caller’s questions. In a vision that played in her third eye like a movie, Sean and Dahlia came into her view as a remarkably beautiful couple, dressed festively in velvets and lace. The colors she saw were dramatic and vivid, and she noted that Dahlia, though she stood on Sean’s life path, was on a more worldly plane, filled with intellectual friendships – she came from a family that valued the larger luxuries in life. Sean, on the other hand, the psychic interpreted from her vision, was living a life grounded on the earth. He was content with his work, passionate about his art, and no stranger to struggle and perseverance, the intuitive relayed.

“I saw him working his way through the brambles between them on their cobblestone path, which means they have shared past lives,” she revealed. “When he reached her, he scooped her up, carried her through rushing water, and then put her down on pink sand. There they stood side by side, hand in hand, watching the crashing waves and the sunset.”

“That sounds perfect…” he told Ginger in response to her visions. “It almost mirrors one of my paintings. But what does that mean? There isn’t any pink sand around here,” Sean laughed.

Ginger told Sean that their Karmic draw was strong, but he would have to battle the brambles before Dahlia would come to the conclusion that she should follow her heart. “Others didn’t approve of your love in the past, but the situation between the two of you appears to be profoundly beautiful, and out-of-the-ordinary and lasting.”

“Since I ran into Dahlia I’ve sent her several emails with photos of my paintings. She hasn’t responded. My friends tell me that it could be perceived as a bit stalkerish, since she hasn’t responded… but Dahlia always loved to gaze at my work. I’m hoping that eventually she’ll respond.” Then Sean ended the call, with his usual, simple “thank you.”

Months later, Sean asked Ginger his life path question, again. This time Dahlia appeared in Ginger’s vibrant vision with her back turned to Sean.

“That makes sense – she’s asked me not to email her anymore.”

“Generally when a person gets that kind of sign, I suggest they move on… but I can’t tell you to give up completely. There is a future for you together, but it will be a struggle.”

“I can wait. I know from my yoga and meditation not to force anything. I live a full life, and I date. Yet I’ve never met anyone like her. Her birthday is next month. I’m sending a card.”

“If I didn’t believe in the power of love, especially with your friends telling you that you’re delusional, I’d tell you to give up,” Ginger told him sincerely. “But Dahlia’s attachment to the judgment others have of you as a couple are not her true feelings.”

“I hope you’re right. I’m willing to risk more silence from her, because of what we once had together. I meditate on it regularly, and my feelings are aligned with what you see.”

A month later, Sean called Ginger with the news that Dahlia had responded to the birthday card he had made for her. “We went out for a glass of wine, and ended up holding hands on the grass near the lake – though the sand wasn’t pink,” he laughed. “She’s admitted that she’s giving in to her heart by seeing me again. We’ve had dinner several times. Whatever happens in the future, every moment I spend with her makes me happy. “

Clairvoyantly, Ginger once again saw Sean in his velvets, but this time he was smiling directly at her.

Since that call Ginger reports, “I don’t hear from Sean as often. He’s in his bliss with Dahlia. He says he’s happy, regardless of how things end up… and never asks about their future. He just wants to enjoy the moments with her. Sean’s patience and persistence has enlightened him to the idea of taking risks in love – particularly when the outcome appears to be magical.”

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