Meet Your Destiny!

What is destiny? How do we know what our destiny is? So, often I am asked by callers whether or not a given opportunity or obstacle in our path is a sign about our destiny. The answer is a disconcerting,“Yes and No.”

As creatures of the earth we can sometimes be uncomfortable with uncertainty. We want to know if something is or is not going to happen. All this teetering on the edge of ‘not knowing’ unsettles our sense that there is an order to things and that there is a rhyme and reason to the flow of the universe. This doesn’t mean the universe is just in constant chaos,

it means there is a natural ebb and flow at work in the world and it our job to pay attention and listen to what the universe is showing us or telling us. That is how we find our destiny and that is how our destiny finds us. There is no ‘One’ destiny for any of us. There are a number of possibilities that exist, and while “Destiny” may call our name,” we determine which destiny we will answer to and which we may forgo.

We are constantly interacting, moving and changing within the universe and in response, the universe around us continues to change and fluctuate. So what does all this mean? It means that destiny is a series of opportunities. How we respond to those opportunities directly affects what new opportunities will arise. In the Tarot cards, The Fool represents the beginning of a journey. It implies risk, uncertainty and an absolute leap of faith. When we set out on a new journey we never know if it will bring us our hearts content or plunge us to our doom. All of life’s journeys begin this way and only we can decide if the risk is worth it. Either we walk through the door or we don’t and it is our unique life experiences that determine how we respond.

Meeting your destiny takes faith, strength and courage. Sometimes it means sacrificing what you think you want in order to take advantage of what you are actually being offered. Sometimes it means taking the first step and not being able to see the entire staircase. Life will always toss you into circumstances that may make you feel like you’re fighting a battle. Yet in life, we need those struggles because that’s how we grow and change. How successful we are on the “battlefield” often has less to do with how well we can defend ourselves and more to do with the courage it takes for us to get there. Accepting and recognizing our destiny means we must accept the uncertainty of a given outcome and be willing to take that leap of faith when an opportunity arises.

This is especially true when we keep finding obstacles in the way of our goals. How we approach those obstacles is directly related to what is going to happen. Your destiny lies in whether you can accept what is, and work with it constructively or rail against it by throwing yourself up against a brick wall. You can insist the universe be anyway you want it to be, however, all the insistence in the world won’t “make it so.”

One of my favorite sayings is, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade;,” and when life hands you cherries, eat them while they’re fresh and sweet! When you trust your own inner voice and listen to what the universe tells you, your destiny will find you right where you are and you will recognize your destiny because you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

33 thoughts on “Meet Your Destiny!

  1. Erica

    I had been thinking for months that I really wanted to start my own business. I just did not know exactly “what” type of business. On Valentine’s Day, I met with a co-worker for coffee and she said she wanted to show me something. Lo-and-behold, it was her new business, which I immediately recognized as the opportunity I was looking for- that literally “fell into my lap.” I am surrounded by a great team of people now, who generally support eachother- something I greatly need after having lost my mother, best friend, and brother last year. It is a great stroke of “luck,” so to speak, and since I live an hour away from the business meetings, my friend has opened her hosue to me whenever I want. All I can say is good things come to those who wait, even if the wait seems long. Just know good things are on the way and appreciate what you have right now. Peace. . .

  2. Andrew

    Hello Terri,
    If I may offer some words just words for you to read.
    Each of us have the power within, its as the words somewhere I have read when people ask about god.
    In each of us we have the spark of god and we all have the power within us to be whatever we want and desire.
    As with healing we all have the power within us to heal by just taking a few moments or when you have spare time to sit and quiet your mind I find it best with soothing music and tune in to your inner self and start breathing so you notice the in and out breath and visulise your self in the light and healthy in time you will feel better and believe you will you will be amazed at the results you can achieve to heal yourself.
    click on the link and in the radio search box write in Meditation and there are some lovely stations for soothing mind clearing music.
    Be happy and be very healthy

  3. terri

    I have recently moved from Nevada to Oregon. I am,so to speak, ‘in my element’. I love it here because of the abundant species of birds, wide open spaces and the prospect of preparing a garden for sowing! I am a country girl of Celtic and Cherokee Indian descent. That said,I have the ‘sixth sense’, from my maternal grandmother. I also have premonition dreams involving water mostly. My daughter 23, my son 16 and my son-in-law 30 also moved here. We are looking for jobs but as I am 48 and have type 2 diabetes and am taking medication for that and clinical depression I would prefer to stay home and take care of our pets, 6 cats and 1 puppy! My leap of faith was dropping everything and moving here. I’m still searching, as always, but deep down I am truly happy here! Thanks for your advice, as I have enjoyed reading your articles and horoscopes. Yours terri king

  4. Trina

    I could tell that you have a very loving heart. God bless you and your family. Peace starts with love and calmness.

  5. pia

    I really appreciate your write ups here. i just thought that life will be as stupid as it is. i should be going and never stop. honestly, i dont like to continue the journey and stay forever weak BUT i can not do it. others are in my shoulder, they are my lugagge. i am not happy with my life but what else can i do… thank you Dark Owle…. you brighthens up my darky dim life…

  6. pia

    whatver life it may brings you, still you have to go on and continue the journey so you can reach your destination. Many things that happened to us that sometimes or most of the time, we are not aware of the situations. we only know that this is the way and i must passed on it for me to see the other side. Unfortunately, things got different results, its not the way we used to think about it and it gives us other meaning and we are doom to fail. a sort of frustrations, sadness, depression and stress-out. i may not be a perfect person in my own stand but i tried to be who i am and where should i be going. I failed many times, and still failing. i began to dislike the energy in me and really can not accept the things that happening to me. i dont call it bad luck or negative vibrations, its just that i just dont believe in luck and negative vibrations. its the human error, the human factor that cause us so much pain… i hate my life, i hate everyone closes to me but what else can i do? i need my life, i need everyone and i need too.

  7. Pete

    This is an interesting piece and I couldn’t help but apply it to my own circumstance.
    I left what seemed to be my dream job for another role about 7 months ago. The trouble i I kep looking back wondering if I actually took the right decision.
    I loved the job I left but the conditions of employment were not at all suited to my level of experience and I believe the organisation was not really recognizing my input. Often I felt drained and totally loosing confidence in myself. I guess I wanted to grab my career back and take ownership of the direction it was heading.
    I’m now not so sure if this was a wise move. Have I just toyed with my destiny (career-wise) or did I follow the opportunity the universe was offering? That’s a million dollar question I’d like to get an answer to. So far my current job is good but it’s not something I’d like to do for longer than 2-3 years max because it is not the ultimate but only a means to the ultimate. Perhaps this is why I keep looking back to my old job (which was the ultimate) and wonder.

  8. Ging

    If you could, please do not contemplate about getting back at someone because he hurt you. As Ivana Trump had said, don’t get mad, get even. The best revenge would be to get a hold of yourself, make yourself beautiful inside out, erase all negative thoughts and face the world head up with a beautiful smile and positive thoughts that you and your son deserved a better man. It is his loss, not yours -So focus on doing good, keep busy and God will do the rest. 100% sure, you will find the man of your dreams who will give you the love and security.

  9. Dark Owle

    Dear Amy;
    I, too, have many emotional scars/ hurts/ fears. My life has been hell in alot of ways, Physical/ emotional abuse.
    But, ya know what? I sit down and think about it all- and I come to the conclusion that you’re only as weak as you decide to be. You just have to stop and tell yourself, ” O.K., this is where I am now, but this is not where I have to stay. This is what I want, and this is how I’m going to get it.”
    I truly don’t feel like I was put here to take everybody’s crap- and so I don’t. Reach down into yourself and hear that voice that says, no more. You can say ,”I’ve had enough. This stops here, today.” But it has to come from you, and you have to mean it. Look at all you’ve been through- and realize,” Hey, I’m still here. You threw you’re best ones- but I’m still standing. And that must mean I’m pretty tough- tough enough to go all the way!!!
    You know your weaknesses; now- embrace your stengths!!! Know that if you weren’t tough, you wouldn’t have been chosen for it!
    Let me explain this much- We write our lives while we are still on the other side. And sometimes we get a little over-zealous, thinking we can take it- before reality sinks in. But, no matter what we always have our Angel, spirit guides, and other spirits to help us when it all gets to be too much. Just reach out to them, ask them to be with you, and to help. They will because it’s their job to do so. We are all given angels and spirit guides to help us. Because we are in hell, literally.
    We live many lives in order to learn lessons to enlighten ourselves. Sometimes we have successful lives, sometimes not, and we have to do them over again to learn the lessons we had planned for ourselves.
    I, too, have wondered if this is a do over of my last life, passionately hoping that it’s not.
    All my experiences have left me with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, which means that I’m a fight or flight person. But I choose to fight, because running has never gotten me anywhere I wanted to be, but fighting has. Most of these battles have been with myself, but involve others as well.
    The bottom line is this: You are what you believe. Your life will follow what you think and believe. And that is up to you to decide. Whatever that means for you- believe. Believe with all your heart and soul, because that’s who you have decided to be. Your life is now- what you do right now, what you think right now. And if you don’t like the way things are- you can change it, just by changing what you think. You must think positively, because it attracts positive. Negative works the same way— so don’t be negative!!!!
    You hold your head up and say, “This is who I am, you don’t have to like it, but you do have to deal with it.” Just like you’ve had to deal with everyone else’s. I seek balance in this life. And I have come to realize that, in alot of ways, I am my own balance. It has become my place to reach out to people like you, and give you this message. It is my place to tell it like it is. I have no time or tolerence for the B.S. in this world- and I stamp it out where I can. I can crush illusion just as easily as I can create it.But the use of illusion is a fickle thing- and it can be dangerous, not to be taken lightly.
    Never stop communicating with that voice in your heart- or the ancestors in your head. They will help to guide your path.

    – Dark Owle

  10. vivienne

    how do you enjoy and give it your all?when you know it will only take from you. That desirable fruit.After how do you step away. Would it better to refrain knowing this?

  11. Babette

    I related to this from memories of my own identiical thinking not just once but in every close relationship I entered thus far. The key words that stick out in your message R, Even though I felt a lot of fear because of previous relationships and the abuse I suffered, You went ahead and got involved. Through my exsperiences each and every time I went ahead and got involved was a feeling of here it goes Im jumping as a sky diver does when he makes his plunch out of the plane and into the sky. This is what makes life worth living, Plunging out of the plane and into the blue sky, eccepting what ever comes my way.Surrender to faith, god has your hand, and wont let go inless U choose to let go of his. 🙂

  12. CynMurphy

    wo, living 20 years of what I have thought is my destiny, I am still in full throttle…still not having the result waiting for,but guess time is in the beholder of fate, not our time. Endurance must be the test of faith and a lesson to be learned, whew!! I answered to this destiny,but sometimes wonder when fruition is to come. but I live on the faith this is where I am supposed to be. Always listen to your innervoice as there is a lesson to grow within…..

  13. sabby


    Nice article ,but need to be more sure what i want in life .
    My destiny and what i look forward in 2010 is waiting for a good time when i need to teach a lesson for some one who dump me me and my innocent son like a piece of shit . Ohh the day will come as people use to says ” What goes around will comes around ”
    Wishes me luck


  14. georgia

    we are faced with much and we have to decide much depending on what is decided then my friends you have destiny…..make the right choice do good be good and dont fret if you do bad get back on track…and there is destiny…;)read the bible daily

  15. Amy Buckmaster

    How do you get past your past to move toward your destiny? I mean emotionally more than physically. I am a survivor of many different physical abuses that have left many emotional scars/hurts/fears. How does one get past these things to move forward in life?

  16. Satish Bahadur

    Destiny is what God wills for you.
    But in his unscrutable way HE DOES NOT LET YOU KNOW.
    Therefore my Mantra is that you do your best all the time with all your talent experience integrity
    and ,what is in store for you, call it destiny if you will,will happen.
    satish Bahadur

  17. Sunita

    Hi ! When everything is going GOOD yes, we can easily believe in destiny, angeles. God,positive thoughts,….. but when some bad happenings start day in and day out, you can’t keep your faith, your sanity your cool and start feeling a loser.. how can you pull yourself out from this abyss of …. May god bless all of us. Sunita

  18. mm

    A leap of faith is why I’m dating my girlfriend. Even though I felt a lot of fear because of previous relationships and the abuse I suffered I went ahead and got involved.
    Thanks for the article and the great analogies.

  19. elaine

    very good and apt too! i have been trying to stand up for something at work and it has taken courage and strength and i sometimes wonder if i am completely mad! But…… i feel very strongly that people should show the utmost respect for eachother so its a battle of ideals really.
    i am still fighting! Wish me luck!

  20. kathy erbach

    Hi! I think Estel and Yvonne were right on with their readings! Thanks so much girls, it’s always so much fun to talk to you(especially to you Estel!!wink,wink!)One suggestion to the manager of this site: I think the customer service reps should have their pictures on here too. They are on the frontline,as they are taking the calls,setting us up with the perfect psychic for us. They deserve alot of credit,especially prince William,lol. I’d love to see their pics up here too! Kathy Erbach from Canada(I call every day by the way,just that you know,lol)

  21. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Phillip-Nietzsche would have been one of my favorite philosophers, but he lacked spirituality.
    No matter how brilliant he was, he was missing the potential of the miraculous. The road to Eternity that comforts our soul. He still raised some great points about human behavior. This was a great article and it was very thought provoking. Great point about misery. It’s a trap. We can all fall into it.
    Miss Krystal

  22. Phillip 9485

    Hi Gina Rose. I got it today. It is beautiful. I thought I would just sit down and play it, but it looks like a guitar but it sure does not play like one. I am so glad I am set up to take lessons. I am going to need them. Hugs back sweety. I will bring a mariachi band with me.

  23. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phillip,
    I agree…you & I discussed this just awhile back…. life can be filled with fun & laughter, if we just sit back, and let the energy flow…..the Universe will bring it to us when we are ready.
    Phillip….you are still my sweety !!!! LOL
    When are you going to serenade me on your guitar ????? I LOVE guitar music. ( I promise you that I WON’T sing along in harmony…. I don’t want you going tone deaf) !!!! LOL
    Hugs….Gina Rose ext.9500

  24. Phillip 9485

    Brilliant post Chloe! I believe the universe will smooth the way for us with signs. All we have to do is be open and awake to see them. Often we have such a strong attachment to a future outcome that we “choose” to ignore what our guides are telling us, what the universe is showing us. As soon as we detach and just observe objectively, we can see precisely how the universe pushes back when we are moving in the wrong direction. Yet, I believe that there are no mistakes, only learning, and we choose how quickly we will learn and grow. When we push to force reality to conform to our NEEDS we experience misery, when we detach and relax with “what is” we open the door to new possibilities, planting the seeds for future joy. This is what I believe. Thank you for addressing this issue clearly and with grace. I see your beautiful wisdom. Blessings.


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