Accept Your Karmic Burden

There are some things we can change in our lives, but others are inexorable. Wisdom lies in recognizing the difference. The patterns that continue to recur require new responses in order to create fresh patterns in life. The will, and the needs of the ego, are often at odds with the spiritual destiny of the individual. This is the equivalent of the ego pushing against the universe – applying force.

When the universe pushes back, as it often does, Karmic Law is the reason. At that point, no amount of pressure applied to a stressful situation will fix it. In fact, force generally makes our circumstances worse! The harder we push, the harder the universe pushes back.

On a subconscious level, we know that we are painting ourselves into a smaller corner that way. It is truly a process of learning – not to be viewed as a mistake. When we are ready, we change. It is the change that we both fear growth and are required to grow, as in Buddhist thought. The game is fixed, on a highly spiritual level, and we are in full agreement with the pre-set course. Yet we choose to remain “asleep.” Why? It is because awareness brings responsibility. Knowing the truth of the self – and failing to act on it – carries a further karmic burden. From a spiritual perspective, one can only feign ignorance for so long. Misfortune in life is designed to wake us up. Tragedy is there to show an easier way to live. We do not have to experience misery, though, in order to grow.

More than a year ago, I went through my second Saturn return. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I found myself experiencing fundamental emotional pain, which left me feeling alone and broken. The sadness was so deep that I sporadically wept over a four-day period. The last day, out of desperation, I pulled my Bible out and opened it to a random page. The page was in the Old Testament – I can’t remember which book it was in.

The paragraph my eyes focused on presented to me this idea: “You made a promise to God, and now you must keep it.” That snapped me out of my funk. I got the message! We don’t use Spirit. Spirit uses us. Sooner or later, we will all surrender, and be brought to our knees. Our choice lies in how we get there. Misery is only one way. It is not the only way, and it is not the best way. It seems to be the easy way. This is the illusion – it truly is the most difficult way.

The universe insists on spiritual growth. We can protest all we want – it changes not a thing. We must commit consciously. Many of us ride the fence, staying in this world when it is safe and comfortable, and only jumping into the spiritual realm when things get difficult. The truth is that things would not get difficult if we operated in a continuous state of grace, which is nothing more than a high vibration level.

This is the point at which we become true co-creators, beginning with our own egocentric illusions. Karmic energy then falls by the wayside, and our checkered pasts becomes less and less influential in our present lives. We do not decide when this takes place: the universe will show us. All we can do is rush to meet the truth halfway. We will be met and welcomed once we commit to keeping our side of the bargain.

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