How To Meet Your Destiny

We are all sometimes a bit uncomfortable with the uncertainty in life. We want to know whether or not something is going to happen. All this teetering on the edge of not knowing plays with our conviction that there is an order to things – and that there is a rhyme and reason in the flow of the universe.

This doesn’t mean the universe is in constant chaos – it means there is a natural ebb and flow at work in the world, and our job is to pay attention. We must listen to what the universe is showing us or telling us. That is how we find our destiny – and it is how our destiny finds us. There is no one destiny for any of us. There are a number of possibilities that exist, and while “destiny” may call our name, we alone determine which destiny we will answer to – and which we might choose to forgo.

We are constantly interacting – moving and changing within the universe. In response, the universe around us continues to change and fluctuate. What does this all mean? It tells us that destiny is a series of opportunities. How we respond to those opportunities directly affects which new opportunities will arise behind the ones we see now.

In the Tarot cards, The Fool represents the beginning of a journey. It connotes risk, uncertainty – and a sometimes-absolute leap of faith. When we set out on a new journey we never know whether it will bring us our hearts’ contentment, or plunge us to our doom. All of life’s journeys begin this way, and only we can decide whether the risk is worth it. Either we walk through the door – or we don’t. It is our life experiences that will usually determine how we respond.

Meeting your destiny takes faith, strength and courage. Sometimes it means sacrificing what you think you want, in order to take advantage of what you are actually being offered. Sometimes it means taking that first step, without being able to see the entire staircase. Sometimes it has to do with remembering that life will always toss you into circumstances that feel, at times, like a battlefield.

Yet we need those struggles – because they help us to grow and change. How successful we are on the “battlefield” often has less to do with how well we defend ourselves, and more to do with the courage it takes for us to stay there. Accepting and recognizing our destiny means we must accept the uncertainty in a given outcome, and be willing to take that leap of faith when an opportunity arises.

This is especially true when we keep finding obstacles in between us and our cherished goals. How we approach those roadblocks will affect our destinies, since fate lies in whether we accept what is, and work with it constructively, or rail against it, throwing ourselves up against that brick wall of reality. You can insist the universe be anything you want it to be – however, all the insistence in the world won’t “make it so.”

One of my favorite sayings is, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade – but when life hands you cherries, eat them while they’re fresh and sweet!” Once you learn to trust your own inner voice and listen to what the universe tells you, you will find that your destiny will find you right where you’re standing – and you will recognize it at once. Because you will realize that you are, as usual, exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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