We Create Our Destiny

Look around you, right now. Everything began with a thought. Look in the mirror. This includes you. The clouds, the sky, space. There are no exceptions. The creative process flows throughout. We have heard over and over again that we are co-creators. What does that mean to you? Well, to me it means opportunity and responsibility. It means permitting my heart to be open to my joy. Have you ever experienced a time when you were so into what you were doing that you lost yourself in it?

You lost track of time, and it didn’t matter. Isn’t love like that? Total immersion into another. Total immersion into our creation, whatever it is in the moment. These are all Leonian qualities. This is why Leo rules the heart and spine. What comes out of one’s heart and the courage (spine) to openly pursue it. Sooner or later we are all challenged to blossom.

Look at where you are stuck. I am often challenged to review my patterns that keep me from my happiness. I notice how I “accidentally” stumble into “I wish I was doing this, or I regret that I was still doing this.” I recall those moments in my past when I was totally immersed in a realized dream and in my joy. In all honesty, I can also see how I have chosen to resist risking opening myself up again because of the pain of losing that moment, that dream.

Without a dream, a clear heartfelt goal, there is little meaning. The truth is that the dream points us toward our happiness, but it is our responsibility to make that dream manifest. I find myself always pushing through a natural resistance. Thoughts of “I can’t do this” or “I am not good enough” mostly mask fear of the unknown. “The breadth of one’s life is directly proportional to one’s courage.”- Anais Nin

I view life like a highway. We have to make the journey. We choose whether we ride a two lane or an eight lane. The truth is that life presents us with an infinite number of lanes. My vistas are limited only by my biased perception of myself. It is one thing to know your limitations. It is quite another to explore your capabilities. We all have gifts and a purpose. Happiness and peace are worth any risk. I have said this many times to callers, “Need nothing, want everything.”- a seemingly subtle distinction, yet it is the difference between misery and happiness, weakness and strength in the end.

16 thoughts on “We Create Our Destiny

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  5. Charles Michael Morris

    To feel needed and fill a purpose is seemingly a required ingredient for happiness…..though irrisponsibility fits my pistol so good and crossing deserts in search of my true identity is wearing me out…..I’m too stubborn to come off my horse of defiance,I’m not of this world, ego’s the problem….James 3:16, Get up there, Betsy.

  6. Sondi

    Hi Kim,

    I feel the same way. I used to live my life my own way for a short time in my younger years. Then I got all the nag about life should be like this or you need to do this or do that. Eventually I did what people said that should do and persued goals that they thought were important. Like having a family a buying a house. Those things didn’t mean much to me. I lked my life the way it was and became comfortable with the fact that I may be alone the rest of my life dating the man who I loved most in the world. And I never wanted to own a home come to think of it. It was not my idea of the American Dream. Then I met someone through a childhood friend of 43 years, that my family members respected. Everyone thought he would be good to/for me. I dated him but I forsaw some things that would be a problem for me. I ignored it because EVERYONE ELSE liked him and thought he was better than any boyfriend they had ever met. Now 11 years I am not happy with 2 kids and have to be a home because my children need one. I have graduated School with three degress in Liberal arts and Nursing and I am not respecrted by this man like I should be. Now I am liveing my life like HE thinks I should and I am dying inside slowly. He is a good father and provider but not a very good lover, confidant, or and encourager. LIVE YOUR LIFE;IT IS TOO SHORT TO LIVE A LIFE SOMEONE ELSE THINKS YOU SHOULD LIVE. YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE. SO PLEASE YOURSELF. bE RESPECTFUL OF OTHER PEOPLES OPINION. TAKE WHAT YOU NEED FROM THEM AND ADD YOUR OWN BASES TO YOUR REASONINGS OF HOW THINGS ARE GOING TO BE/BENEFIT YOU! Good luck to you my partner in unhappiness.

  7. Kim

    I try by thinking of what it is I would like my life to be and I have taken paths that i thought were leading me there.But it was not what i expected. I always try to put others first and have… how do i put myself first without feeling like i am doing something wrong? Sometimes I find when i do something that makes me happy that others do not agree and then i wind up going back to being unhappy. It seems a circle to me.

  8. k

    Most importantly when manifesting a positive life, you first and foremost must FEEL the way you want it to manifest. So in a sense, you are already there. Think it, feel it, live it. It is really very simple.
    When obstacles present themselves then you have a decision to make. Do you succumb to the negativity or do you remain in your positive feelings. Whether you think about all the wonderful gifts you have or the lovely feelings you have for your gifts or whatever it is that makes you FEEL good about where you are and what you are doing. Many a decision can be made with ease when you remain in your good feeling place.
    I dont know why, but it works for me. Your choice, go down with it or rise about it. Thats all there is to it!

  9. Kolette

    Thank you Phillip!
    I love it when I come along and read something that just completely validates how I feel. You did that for me with this article. I am sooo aware of when I’m not focusing on any goals or dreams. My life starts to feel stagnant, ya know? How’s that saying go? “we are our own worst enemy!” And I know you know what I mean =) Gosh, I think I might’ve spoken with you before. Anyway I also agree with all of your friends above who also commented. Kudos

  10. Sue

    Very captivating article…I believe we create our own fait as well. If your think positive you will live positive and negativity brings negativity. We all control those emotions and if we take the time to create inner peace than there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

  11. Defne

    I realized after taking the time to stop and ask my self how I feel about my life and my ability to manifest my happiness that I was holding on to some misconceptions. I realized that I always though for one reason or another that people who are older who are getting careers or having a families, these non-children needed to be serious, and concerned. Though the thought seemed harmless on it’s own I realized that it’s application in the day to day, made it very difficult for me to experience joy, because joy in mind was not serious and therefore belong to the domain of children. So I was stuck for a very long time between my desire to produce a happy future and my inability to let go of my childlike joys.
    Finally though after acknowledging this limitation which I had somehow made myself believe was fact, I realized I could change it.
    Now in my world I know that it is not only ok to hold to your childlike wonders but that they are acceptable for the adult world.
    So now things aren’t great from an adults point of view, I certainly do not fit the parameters for a successful adult. I work when I want how I want, I don’t have a boyfriend much less a candidate for marriage. But I have joy because I am doing finally what I want to do not what I think I should be doing, such as worrying about career and financial issues, or working on coercing a mate into marriage.
    In this application, in relieving myself of these dark and serious background that I believed must be present in an adults life, in changing this I have opened myself up to being joyous, and magically this acceptance has turned around to work in my favor where now I do things because I want to at that time not because I think it’s time in my life for these things and I must force them regardless of whether I am ready for them or not.
    I was on a career track. A nice track everyone liked for me. I did my work well. But I didn’t feel any joy or satisfaction. But I held stubborn to change for so long, cause I mean who leaves this career track after accomplishing so much?
    But I knew I was living someone else’s life.
    As soon as I accepted that life is not about worry or doing what others thing you should be doing or even doing next, everything changed. I found permission in myself to enjoy the sheer joys of life and get lost in time.
    And no I didn’t end up loosing everything I worked for. I ended up enjoying everything I worked for.

  12. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hello Phillip,
    Thank you for this fantastic article. This stuff is very important. Thank you for opening up the minds of others. I totally agree. Strive!
    Set out to do the things that are important to you. Create a path. This is precious advice.
    Miss Krystal

  13. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    You Rock !!!!! Great article….
    Yes…life is a journey, it’s a big, wondrous world out there…. life is as magickal as one makes it.
    Personally speaking….I feel like an explorer in the world….I’m open to new experiences ( within the boundaries of common sense of course).
    The older I become, the more I’m dazzled by the variety and richness the world has to offer.
    Hugs to you Phillip….
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  14. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Thanks for another very on point and beautiful article.
    We all need to review our willingness to open our hearts and our fear to do so. I believe it is important to trust that we are enough and that we do deserve that which we want without losing sight, of course, of constantly checking ourselves for areas of self-improvement.
    Further, I do believe that we all can achieve happiness-I truly do not believe that any of us are born into a lifetime or cycle of unhappiness.
    Even if we have made poor choices or avoided choices, there is still time to change that and be sufficiently good to ourselves to believe in ourselves enough to make the next choice a good one.
    Thanks again for great thoughts,
    Ext. 9146


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