Meet the New Psychics

When the spiritual world calls you to your destiny as a psychic guide, it’s important to have a strong desire to do good in the world – that’s a big component in the calling! Being a professional psychic is clearly an out-of-the-ordinary career. So it made perfect sense for these five intuitives, who were born with the gift of prophecy, to become the newest additions to California Psychics.

Several of our new psychics were born into families where sharpened psychic senses have been passed down for generations, yet all of them were aware of their unusual abilities, even as very young children. Some were frightened by what they could see and do, while others were fascinated. As they learned to call upon their abilities at will, they each found themselves compelled and passionate about using their abilities to do the thing they enjoy most in life – giving readings that matter.

“I have always known that I am just the messenger,” explains Samadi ext. 5201, about her psychic role in this world as a seventh-generation intuitive. Since the age of four, she felt she was being pushed by spirit to deliver messages. As a child she could already empathically hear what people needed to hear. She would go up to strangers and say something nice. As she got older, if she was hesitant about delivering messages, she began to feel the nudge – and then, a push on her shoulder! “Can you imagine having to tell the police officer standing behind you in line at a coffee shop that he needs to relieve his stress by working on his art project? That officer had no idea how I knew about it, but he did say that he had some stained glass work that had gone unfinished for a long time.”

“I lived in a household where my psychic father would say, ‘Get off the phone – your brother’s in trouble, and he’s trying to call,'” Nevaeh ext. 5203 relates. “My family came to me to find wallets, rings – and even my siblings, when they couldn’t find them.” To this day she can still find rings anywhere. As she grew older she could predict things for her girlfriends, and even finish their sentences. “They were scared of me – and I was scared of me! But my grandmother, my father’s mother, took the time to help me understand the beauty and significance of my gifts.”

For some psychic children, these abilities cause early issues with their parents and other family members. Some young psychics even try to ignore or turn off their talents as much as they can. Some are eventually led spiritually or psychically to a mentor.

Another young person who was driven by the universe to find her teachers and her psychic calling was Sula ext. 5197, who reports that she always lived her life on an intuitive level. “It was just the way I functioned. I never really thought about it, or questioned it. It wasn’t until I was 50 years old and halfway through an apprenticeship with a spiritual teacher that I put a name to the way I lived. One day my teacher said ‘Honey, don’t you know you’re psychic?’ A light went on, and I remember thinking, ‘Oh, so that’s it!'” After that, Sula reports that her intuition increased – as did her connection to her guides, which grew stronger every day. “It became very important to connect to people on a spiritual level, and I have full faith that those I connect to are also drawn by spirit.”

The universe works in mysterious ways, our new psychics remind us. Sometimes, unusual twists led to those turning points that affected their decisions to use the gifts and talents they were given, and become professional psychics.

“I kept trying to do conventional jobs, but I kept getting fired – because I was so busy delivering messages from my guides,” Samadi relates. “And people were always asking for readings. Since working as a psychic full-throttle, I’ve done readings in England, Wales and Canada.”

At the age of 21, having survived a bad accident, Nevaeh found her psychic senses were sharpened by the experience. She had been working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, and by word of mouth celebrities began to ask her for paid readings. “I saw that I had a calling to bring clarity to people. I can see right through the chaos around them. People began to tell me that the things I was able to see for them were magical, and I also love working in the entertainment industry. I have to do both… it brings balance into my life, and I feel that my work helps manifest positive good things.”

And, our new psychics explain, they communicate the messages of the universe with deep satisfaction. Says Sula, “The energy is kind – it is always healing. And the guides are generous.”

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