Free Will Explained

When I crossed over, I saw many things – and I remember 99% of them. One of the things I was shown was how a sacred contract works, and who is involved in the signing of them. And I know you’re wondering – if you’ve already committed to everyone who is in your life, how does the mechanism work? And what about free will?

Your signature is an agreement that you will help, assist, and do all you can to help this person through a time of change or difficulty. Usually it is the signature of a different name, one other than the name you use here on this Earth. You use your spiritual name – the one you have gone by for eternities.

But you are still asking, “Don’t I have a choice?”

The answer is yes! You definitely do – at any moment, you can choose to exit someone’s life. You promised to enter into a person’s life to help them, and perhaps pose an option for them to change, but… they have the choice of accepting that offer or not; they also have a choice.

This is where free will comes into play. Remember, the other party has choice too, so if they choose not to participate in the Earth experience – in any way, large or small – it is their decision, and must be respected as such. Sometimes it takes a while for us to accept the idea that they don’t want to participate. At that point we must choose when the best time is to exit, and know we did what we set out to accomplish. This is where truly being connected comes in – it’s important to stay in touch with yourself, so you will know you fulfilled everything you were obligated to in that relationship.

What is the toughest contract you ever fulfilled – or chose to let go of? Read what others are saying about this idea here.

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