The Power of Destiny

“Yes, we create our reality but there is no doubt that there are higher powers at work and that there is such a thing as destiny. There are no what ifs,” according to our California Psychics, who have an in-depth knowledge and experience in astrology, numerology, Tarot cards and more.

This is a belief that Pamela (not her real name) would intimately come to know. The 30-year-old mother of two from Cambria, California reached out to one of our psychics for a general reading. The psychic, who uses the Tarot as a foundation before her clairvoyant skills kick in, closed her eyes and could see and feel that this woman was really miserable in her marriage. She wanted a divorce but her husband didn’t allow it. He was controlling and he sometimes even hit her. It was time for Pamela to step into her own power and take control of her life.

The client explained that she had married her husband, who was 15 years older, at a very young age but that she wasn’t in love with him anymore. He was mean and condescending and he wasn’t really present in the upbringing of their children. She wondered whether she would ever be happy again. She had tried to bring up the subject of divorce but he wouldn’t have it. And yet he didn’t want to go to a marriage counselor either.

Pamela also suspected that he’d cheated on her. The psychic confirmed that her husband wasn’t a trustworthy man and according to the spread it was very likely that he had fooled around with other women in the past.

However, there was hope: the psychic had pulled the Death card, which represented a symbolic death and transformation in the midst. Often, the card heralded the end of a mode. The magician card also appeared and she saw Pamela meeting a healer of sorts and falling in love. “I also foresaw her having another child. Of course this seemed too far out for her.”

Then, as the psychic was going through the spread, she heard something. “I told her to write it down because I didn’t have a clue what it meant. I heard the words ‘Something higher than yourself or your husband will determine the outcome of your relationship.'”

The Clairvoyant then suggested that Pamela get counseling and learn how to free herself from co-dependence. And that the message she received would reveal itself in time. “I told her not to worry so much about the divorce that she needed to build herself and her self-esteem up first.”

Six months later, the psychic received another call from Pamela. After their initial conversation, Pamela grew intricately aware of her co-dependence. She began going to Co-Dependents Anonymous meetings and got a part-time job to make some money for herself. She also confided that she had scheduled to undergo acupuncture shortly after the call and had met a holistic herbalist (a magician of sorts) that she was very fond of. Within three months, she gathered the courage to insist on a divorce. Her husband was heading home from work to discuss the matter when he tragically got into a motorcycle accident and died.

She was still in a state of shock and the words the Clairvoyant had told her kept on playing in her head. There is a fixed natural order to the universe and powers greater than herself were indeed at work. The only thing we can do in life is focus on our state of being.

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