This Week in Tarot: December 25 – 31

this week in tarot

This Week the Wisdom of Numerology Has Got You Covered

The Numerology Guidance Cards will close out the last week of the year. I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of This Week in Tarot. It has been an honor and privilege to write these words and share the messages with you all, and I am happy to say there will be more coming in the New Year. Until then, Happy New Year, everyone. Namaste.

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Morning – Compassion #99
Be good to yourself. So often we give more to others and leave ourselves drained of energy. Using compassion as a tool for happiness always brings positive results. Therefore, examine your life condition, and on this Sunday say a prayer or meditate about how you can give yourself the gift of compassion.

I am compassionate towards others and attract the same in return.

Evening – Music #32
When you see the number 32 you will hear musical notes in your mind. It’s time to turn up the volume and rejoice in the magic of music, because music will improve your overall well-being by bringing harmony to your life.

The healing power of music brings me closer to my dreams.


Morning – Patience #2
Living in the moment with positive thoughts will bring you to a place of patience. Waiting is not fun, and while the wait for your heart’s desire might seem like a long journey, it’s important to know that the road getting there can be just as enjoyable as the destination itself.

I patiently trust and surrender the outcome to the universe.

Evening – Forgiveness #96
It’s time to let all the negative energy go, because the past is the past and this is a new and fresh time in your life. Do not harbor old issues with those who are in your life or were in your life, because this is a time of healing and releasing.

I create a happier future as I accept and forgive the past.


Morning – Time-Out #37
Yes, you have been working and working, but now is the time to chill out and assess your gain. You can get back to work afterward, but right now take a look back at all you have accomplished and bask in the joy of your life.

I take time out for myself and rebalance my body and my life.

Evening – Completion #9
Give it up, let it go, free yourself from the old ways of thinking. And while you are doing that go through your closets and drawers and rid yourself of things that no longer serve you. Tie up the loose ends, because a new time in your life is approaching.

It is safe to surrender to the magical future that awaits me.


Morning – Adventure #55
Living in the moment and enjoying life is a gift. It’s easy to understand this concept, and yet not so easy to practice as our minds wander to the future and memories pop up from our past. This card is about the good times (the thrills) so focus on moving forward, and make it adventurous.

I broaden my life experience and therefore expand the growth of my soul.

Evening – Love Partnership #26
Get ready, because you’ve cleared out and now new love is on the way. However, if your relationship is stable it will continue to be so and life in the love lane will be fun and full of happiness.

I don’t know how… I don’t know when… but love is on the way.


Morning – Pride #19
Eating crow is not your style, so let the pride and ego energy go and you will be satisfied with what’s to come. If you want to have a happy life, then be sure to let go of the need to be right. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be right, or do I want to be happy.”

I admit my mistakes and improve my quality of life.

Evening – Spirituality #77
We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and it’s time to connect with your higher power or inner core of happiness. The inner core is your enlightened nature and the brighter it shines the happier life is.

I spend time in nature and align myself with Source.


Morning – Environment #44
This card is about the political energy and the planet we live on, and we’re wondering, how is this going to look and feel in 2017? There are so many changes coming. However, if we collectively pray for world peace and the happiness of all humanity, it would strengthen our little home called Earth.

I show respect for Mother Earth and align myself with the Source.

Evening – Individuality #11
How fitting; the number of enlightenment. In other words, be the best you can be, and take your life and make it grand. Following the crowd is an outdated way of doing things and it’s time to declare your independence.

I embrace my individuality and become my true, authentic self.


Morning – Rebirth #16
We have arrived to the place of newness. In other words, we are entering into a cycle of improvements, we must adjust our surroundings to accommodate our higher level of understanding and knowledge. Therefore, it’s a very exciting time.

Through personal transformation, I reach my greatest potential.

Evening – Happy Ending #93
Even if it seems impossible, a wonderful outcome awaits. It’s the end of a cycle, and as of January 1, 2017 we will be in a One Universal Year. So gather your love and happiness and realize that we are mere moments away from the results we deserve.

I have faith that a happy ending is right around the corner.

6 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: December 25 – 31

  1. Miss. M

    Thank you for your weekLy outlooks on my daily progress. I really look forward to reading what to expect weekly and a daily outlook. It helps me navigate my feelings when Im feeling up and down. When my feelings are on point its satisfying to know there’s growth!! My outlook in love and relationships has taken a drastic turn these last few months. Not really interested in loVe any more!! There’s hope in 2017…this I know, tho I rather not be bothered if its not genuine! Thank you again….Have a safe and Happy New Year!! Look forward to your future outlooks.

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Miss. M –
      May the upcoming year be filled with joy and wisdom, love and dreams that come true and most of all happiness.


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