Wisdom of the Oracle: December 30 – January 5

Wisdom of the Oracle: December 30 - January 5

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This week, I’ll be using a new-to-me deck, Wisdom of the Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid. She includes elements of the I-Ching, Norse runes, and other Oracles in this deck. For each card, she gives an essential meaning, the Oracle’s message, a relationship message, a prosperity message, and a protection message. This is a lot of information, I know, so I’m going to rotate those messages with each card this week for brevity’s sake. Happy New Year to everyone!

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Day (#32 Here and Now): Essential Meanings: Being fully present in the moment; living one day at a time. Oracle’s Message: Everything happens in the now—in the present. Only this moment counts. You have what it takes to handle anything today if you let go of the need to look into the future or reflect upon the past. Therefore, be present and notice what is going on right now. This very moment has the potential for you to create miracles in your life, according to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

Evening (#39 New Life): Essential Meanings: Birth of new ideas; growth; opportunities; a breath of fresh air and life renewing itself. Relationship Message: New energy infuses old relationships, and new relationships are bursting with the sweetness and vibrancy only encountered when winter gives way to spring. This is a time to connect with others and share excitement, passion, and hearts full of joy. This card is a very auspicious sign with respect to love and partnerships in all forms too.

Monday (New Year’s Eve)

Day (#9 Treasure Island): Essential Meanings: The Law of Attraction brings dreams into fruition; the results of positive thinking made manifest; abundance appearing as if from nowhere; financial gains, and the sharing of good fortune. Prosperity Message: At this time, you can be confident that success is yours. Your ideas are certainly hitting the mark, and you’re in a true manifestation period when you will see evidence of the seeds of prosperity you’ve planted in the past. This card indicates that your dreams and aspirations are in alignment. However, it’s also important that you share your wealth with others, too. Generosity and gratitude should lead you now, according to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

Evening (#27Exchanging Gifts): Essential Meanings: The Law of Giving and Receiving; currency; trade-offs; weighing costs and determining value too. Protection Message: Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it … and then realize you don’t want to pay the price for it. You may find yourself in a situation that you’ve always desired but know you’ll have to walk away from because you can’t or won’t pay the dues it asks of you. Being aware of the need for both give and take is the first step to your true destiny. It’s all good, and it’s certainly getting better.

Tuesday (New Year’s Day)

Day (#34 – A Leg Up): Essential Meanings: Receiving help; delegating authority; and interdependence. Oracle’s Message: You’ve come to a point where going it alone is no longer optimal for you. Life has a way of presenting you with the perfect people to align with who can give you a leg up during this next phase of your journey. Help comes to you in all areas of your life where you need a boost. When you embrace interdependence, allowing teamwork and independence to commingle, miracles happen.

EVENING (#48 Poised): Essential Meanings: Being ready; bringing something to light; being at your best; and confidence. Relationship Message: When you’re confident and happy in your own skin, you’re ready for deeper, more intimate relationships. You have nothing to prove right now either. You’re completely yourself and can certainly handle anything. Love, friendships, and harmonious new connections are all coming in. You’re ready to give and receive from the heart too, and this is a beautiful place to be, according to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck.


Day (#2 Yin): Essential Meanings: The feminine principle of receptivity; letting someone else make the first move; gathering information and taking in cues; and the art of conscious allowing. Prosperity Message: This is a time when the most effective action is to allow others to show you the way forward. Therefore, observe their behavior and follow their lead. Let others come to you. Yin is the sign of essence. This card indicates that things may go more smoothly than you expect, according to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

Evening (#18 Serendipity): Essential Meanings: Luck and good fortune appear as signs and symbols; a magical alignment of events. Protection Message: Perhaps you felt certain that serendipitous events were meant to lead to something better, yet it all fell apart! Consider this: Sometimes things come together to lead you directly into difficulties in order to deliver an important lesson you need to learn before you hit the jackpot. Don’t get caught up in the drama of disappointment! There really is a silver lining to this cloud. Spirit is certainly still guiding you toward where you are meant to go.


Day (#31 Why?): Essential Meanings: Motives driving intention; the power of knowing the “why.” Oracle Message: There is great power in understanding your motives right now. The Oracle asks you to be very clear about why you’re asking this question, looking for this answer, behaving this way, and, most important, making this choice. Knowing your “why” is the key to fulfillment. When you are clear about it, your intention will certainly be a magnet for miracles, according to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

Evening (#45 Time to Go): Essential Meanings: Endings; completion; walking away from something because there is nothing else to learn or experience. Relationship Message: It’s over, or at the very least, the form this relationship has taken is no longer of service to you or the other person. This is a time of letting go, of knowing that the journey has come to its conclusion. Remember the saying, “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it’s yours. If not, it never was.” Endings are always a sign of new beginnings. Therefore, if you want something deeper, walk away.


Day (#11 By the Book): Essential Meanings: Abiding by social rules; conformity; respecting cultural or family customs, and universal laws. Prosperity Message: At this time, you can expect a return on your investment. Whatever you have pursued, be it a dream, a skill or a service you’re called to, it will come to you if you’re willing to go by the book. Stick with what works, and you certainly will attract abundance, according to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

Evening (#44 The Thinker): Essential Meanings: Strategy, and being analytical and logical. Protection Message: Tonight you might be suffering from “analysis paralysis.” Thinking has its place, but trying to figure everything out logically is not going to work right now. Your conclusions will likely be faulty, and you may act upon false assumptions that will get you in a jam. Give your mind a rest. Do something creative, exercise, or meditate. Soon you will come to your senses, and an aha moment will bring new clarity, according to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck.


Day (#50 No Place Like Home): Essential Meanings: Authenticity; coming home to yourself; feeling at home; attracting a place where you just “fit,” and being comfortable in your own skin. Oracle Message: Today, home feels safe and secure. It’s a comfortable place to rest and create; a place that is known and you can call yours. You certainly know who you are. You hold your head high—yet with neither pride nor humility. Instead, you stand as the observer, seeing through the eyes of your soul. This puts you in a position of power and strength. Authenticity is your home too. You are certainly safe here, in the house of your spirit and Spirit.

Evening (#25 – Round and Round): Essential Meanings: Cycles you are being challenged to break and revisiting a pattern from a new perspective. Relationship Message: Tonight you may be wondering, “How did I get here again?” Does something feel familiar right now in your dynamics with others? Don’t be surprised that you’ve found yourself repeating an old story with the same sort of person! That’s because your relationship is a mix of what is good and what is potentially challenging. You have been drawn to this person through Spirit’s plan for your evolution. You get to do things again, but this time it’s different. You’ve learned something of great value since the last time around.

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