Six of Vessels Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Vessels Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Six of Vessels Keywords

Reunion, childhood, innocence, nostalgia, memories, and the past.

Vessels Suit Meaning

Vessels are most associated with emotions, feelings (positive and negative), and romance. Vessels represent Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water signs are generally led by their emotions and rely heavily on their “feelings” surrounding a given situation. When they allow themselves to be ruled solely by emotion, however, they can appear moody and difficult for others to understand. Depending on the deck, this suit could also be called Cups, Chalices, Goblets, Cauldrons, or Hearts, to name a few.

General Meaning for the Six of Vessels

The Six of Vessels can represent a journey “back home,” either physically or in the mind. While this card is a wonderful reminder of the past, it can also be a reminder to live in the present. Don’t spend too much time being melancholy for a time gone by; however, looking back isn’t necessarily a negative thing. Remembering a more joyous and inspiring time can help by summoning feelings of happiness. It may also help you to remember tough times you have gone through, reminding you that you survived and came through it okay. When the Six of Vessels shows up in reading, it suggests that you take a minute to breathe and reflect, knowing that whatever trials are before you, you can get through them as well. However “homesick” you may feel, you will always have your memories while you also have the future to enjoy and create more good times.

Six of Vessels in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

Having the Six of Vessels in the past position of a reading is a reminder not to hold yourself captive in time, to a certain age, or situation you may consider “the best days of your life.”  Your best days may be in front of you, but you’ll never know if you’re focused on longing for the past. Alternatively, the Six of Vessels may indicate that you had a lovely childhood, or a time a time in the past when your thoughts were fueled by creativity and you envisioned unique solutions to problems. It’s all still inside of you.

Six of Vessels in the Present/Today Meaning

Some say all we have is the present moment, and that well may be true, because it’s just another way of saying “don’t dwell too long in the past,” and “imagine what the future may hold.” The Six of Vessels in the present position of a reading reminds us that our answers are all found through the perspective of living in the moment.

Six of Vessels in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

Without change, life would be boring and repetitive. Having the Six of Vessels in a future reading reminds us that we can always recreate the past in a future fashion, style, or idea, just as long as you keep looking forward. Use past experiences as an example for the future. What you have accomplished to this point may be great, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best you could do. Don’t stop creating, reach beyond what you’ve already accomplished. Who knows how large life can be unless you try?

Love and Relationship Meaning for the Six of Vessels


When the Six of Vessels appears in a love reading, it can mean many things. For instance, if you’re single, there’s a good possibility that someone from your past (friend or lover) could make an appearance on the scene; however, it’s likely the relationship would play out differently this time around. Rarely do relationships pick up where they left off, as so much “life” has happened in between.


If you’re in an established relationship, the Six of Vessels may signal that it’s time to recall the beginning of your current connection in order to recapture that spark you experienced when you first met. If, however, there’s trouble in paradise, it’s wise to see the relationship for what it is at the moment, and not hold on too tightly to what it was in the past. You may want to reevaluate the situation. In this scenario the Six of Vessels may also indicate that children are involved, which makes your decision making all the more difficult.

Career Meaning for the Six of Vessels

In matters of career, the Six of Vessels may indicate a stagnant work situation or one that could use a change. If this is the case, revisit a childhood place or hobby that brought out that creative side in you and recharge. This goes for anyone, but especially if you’re an entrepreneur. Alternatively, the Six of Vessels may indicate that you need to take a step away from work occasionally and explore your creative side. Taking a much needed break can help to inspire your creative side. Also, the Six of Vessels can point to a vocation that involves working with children; maybe this is what you need.

Financial Meaning for the Six of Vessels

Financially speaking, the Six of Vessels could indicate that you may soon be the beneficiary of a sum of money or receive a gift from someone from your past. This could be one-time gift, an inheritance, or simply money owed to you from someone in the past that now gets repaid. The Six of Vessels can also be a reminder that not all that glitters is gold. In other words, just because something has a big price tag, doesn’t always mean it’s a better product. Think in simple terms and get what is best for what you need.

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